Gruplar nedir?

Gruplar, kendi kişisel Liderlik Tabelanızı kullanarak, sizin ve arkadaşlarınızın mücadele ettiği yerdir!

  • Heroes web sitesinde kendi eşsiz Grup sayfanıza sahip olun.
  • Grup sayfanızı kendi çiziminizle kişiselleştirebilirsiniz.
  • Özel bir liderlik tabelasıdır. Böylece performansınızı arkadaşlarınızla kolayca kıyaslayabilirsiniz!
  • Grup bağlantısı yollayarak, arkadaşlarınızı Grubunuza katılmaya davet edin!

Grupları Filtreler



Buck Wild - Oceanic Members

Buck Wild is international, multi-gaming clan. We are a fun, awesome clan that is serious when we need to be. We accept members over the age of 15 and all members go on a mandatory trial period of 1-2 weeks. Buck Wild offers a Teamspeak 3 voice server to help with greater communication during gameplay. You don't need a mic as TS3 provides a chat feature to allow you to listen on the server and be apart of the epic moments that tend to happen on our TS3 server. Some of the games we play are: - Battlefield Games (BFH, BC2, B4F etc) - Company of Heroes - League of Legends - Starcraft 2 - Team Fortress 2 - And a bunch of other games like Minecraft, World of Tanks, Vindictus plus many more! :D If you do decide to join then you would have to undergo a 1-2 week trial. This is to determine whether you like the feel of the clan and for the leaders to determine whether you are fit for the Buck Wild clan. To join, just follow these steps: 1) Register to the website here: 2) Fill in the application form here: 3) Check the Join Us forums and check to see a response from clan members here: 4) You will then be accepted to this group if you become a Member of Buck Wild :)


RYHMà ON TÃYNNà Jos et päässyt tähän ryhmään, liity ryhmään Suomi2 Group for everyone from Finland: Ryhmä kaikille suomalaisille.


Only TExG players! :) For everyone who wonders what TExG stands for... TExG is a school class, we are students with Technology focus. The "TE" in the name stands for Technology and the "x" is for our grade(atm 2) and last but not least the "G" which stands for our class. It's maybe hard for people outside our network to understand, but when you know how it works it is quite simple.


A group of people who fight! Like a herr(ing)

CreAtiv Headz

The CreAtiv Headz Gaming Community


Beta Key Club (

Beta Key Club is a friendly, open, community based group. We do our best to maintain a positive, fun, and safe environment for all our players.

Croatian GROup

svi Hrvati su dobrodošli

French company

For all the franch players who want to have fun!!!

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