Grupy - co to takiego?

Grupy umożliwiają tobie i twoim znajomym współzawodnictwo za pośrednictwem prywatnego Rankingu!

  • Posiadasz teraz swoją własną stronę grupy na stronie Battlefield Heroes.
  • Możesz zmodyfikować stronę grupy, dodając do niej własne logo.
  • Prywatny ranking. Najłatwiejszy sposób na porównanie swoich wyników z osiągnięciami znajomych!
  • Zaproś znajomych do swojej grupy, przesyłając im link grupy!

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Animal Slayers

Kochamy zwierzÄta. We love animals :P.

Royal Rangers Clan

I am sure you are asking yourself, what is the Royal Rangers? Is it just another BFH clan, a group filled with immature kids â or is it something more? Let us answer those questions for you.... Here at the Royal Rangers clan, we strive to be different than any other clan in ways that others have failed. Our recruitment, maturity, training, administration and most importantly our skills at killing Nationals have even surprised our own. If you become a part of the Royal Rangers clan, you have passed the most extensive assessment any BFH clan has to date. We push you further with a well structured ranking system, and awards â but what is all this without a place to call home? The Royal Rangers clan is also a firmly nit community, of men and women from around the world, we see you as a soldier, but as an individual, not just another person in the clan. Does being a part of us appeal to you â it should!


Clan 100% Charentais ON est 6 et on va eclater les High-scores préparez les compteurs, il y aura plus de 4 chiffres a la suite !

La Armada Española

Bienvenidos al clan La Armada Española (LAE). Somos el 3er clan español de Battlefield Heroes! :) Buscamos a integrantes de la beta, que puedan comunicarse en español, preferentemente en ingles tambien, y que busquen divertirse, vamos a dominar todos los servidores ;P Dentro de poco, mas y mejor :D Unete ya, unete a La Armada!


the 53th group!


Clan 100% Charentais ON est 6 et on va eclater les High-scores préparez les compteurs, il y aura plus de 4 chiffres a la suite !

Triciclo Banda

Triciclo Banda


Für alle Deutschen Spieler :D

Gamers With Style

hi we are GWSclan:GamersWithStyle * We need Many Members * We Have are own Server * We play for fun and serious :) * We need to keep the server up so please help i will upload the site soon and please add my Xfire for more information or when you join the clan :) please just requests


Knowledge, Beast, Inferno For all who like coheed and cambria

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