Grupy - co to takiego?

Grupy umożliwiają tobie i twoim znajomym współzawodnictwo za pośrednictwem prywatnego Rankingu!

  • Posiadasz teraz swoją własną stronę grupy na stronie Battlefield Heroes.
  • Możesz zmodyfikować stronę grupy, dodając do niej własne logo.
  • Prywatny ranking. Najłatwiejszy sposób na porównanie swoich wyników z osiągnięciami znajomych!
  • Zaproś znajomych do swojej grupy, przesyłając im link grupy!

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Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment.


group deletin' button wanted

|BoB| Band of Brothers BFH clan

Hi members (or newcomers) of the |BoB| I created the group so we can have a leaderboard ingame!! enjoy! If you are new to this clan... please visit to join the main clan... this is a representative of that clan and please do join! Instuctions are found on the home page!!! PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST TO JOIN THIS GROUP IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY A MEMBER OF THE |BoB|! I'M SERIOUS! ANYONE WHO IS NOT A MEMBER OF THE |BoB| WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THIS LEADERBOARD SO STOP TRYING TO JOIN!!!


This group no longer exists

SA-RP Community

Members of San Andreas Role Play who registered for the beta.


The 'Royal Army Tactical Squad' is an elite Royal clan...well kinda...maybe... Okay, we're basicaly a group of people that met in the closed beta for Heroes and kept joining each others games. More coming soon, in the meantime pop over to our thread in the 'Clans' forum and say hi! Go to: Note: Weâre not ârecruitingâ or anything like that just now but if you want to play with us then just join one of our games!


Polski klan grajÄcy 4fun (gÅównie Royal Army). Rekrutacja zamkniÄta. Pozdrawiam, Dratron.


Un clan, una orden, una vocación, una inspiración, un vicio que te cagas. Sólo los más atrapados pertenecen a este clan. advernet SOMOS TODOS!!

Infamy Gaming

We are no longer an official clan.. I am going to just start accepting people into the group. Just to keep us up on the first page of the groups here..


For All Members Of ComputerSkills

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