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Vehicle Mayhem - Fashion Victim Award Winners!

Once again another FVA comes to a close and as always it is great to see such a turn out. But it is time now to announce the two entries that topped our list and have been chose to go into the store for a great offer bundle.

Note: These bundles were only available until Monday 20th February 2011 @ 08:00 UTC, but keep an eye out for future FVA's for another opportunity to design a bundle that will be available in the store!

Congratulations are in order for:



[Obrazek: NATFVA_VehicleMayhem.png]
[Obrazek: ROYFVA_VehicleMayhem.png]

[Obrazek: BFH---FVAHot-Deals_feb-2012_Nationals_EN.jpg]
[Obrazek: BFH---FVAHot-Deals_feb-2012_Royals_EN.jpg]

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