Theme Music

We received a lot of requests for the funky, fun theme music from the video and we're happy to put it up for your listening and downloading pleasure!

Battlefield Heroes Theme
composed by Marc Canham

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Remixed for the Video

Hero Cursors

Are you bored with how your mouse cursor looks? Ready for a change? Below you will find links for three different cursors:

A. Right-click on one of the cursors below.

B. Choose save (link/target) as...

C. Select where to save them on your computer. (Remember where you're saving it!)

D. Now go into your control panel (Start, Settings, Control Panel) and open "Mouse"

E. Select the tab called "Pointers"

F. Select the cursor you would like to replace and click on Browse...

G. Navigate to the location you saved the cursor(s) in (step c.)

H. If you want to replace more than one cursor, repeat steps f and g

J. When you're done click Apply and then OK.

Have fun!

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