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01-12-2009, 02:41 PM | Post: #61
i leave because of the last vp update.

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01-12-2009, 02:42 PM | Post: #62
(01-12-2009 11:57 AM)Goodman Wrote:  There are enough good players who will pwn anyone only using the simplest, cheapest gun there is Tongue

There are enough good players who will pwn anyone using a simple and cheap gun, but only because they use their resources more effectively, or in other words, they play the game better than their opponent within the set of game rules. This doesn't hold up when two people use resources equally effective (hence, two equally good players). The people who pay up will have this tiny advantage and by definition perform better as their reload times decrease and their overall fire-rate improves.

To keep this game alive EA needs paying customers, and a constant amount of them too. Because a number of people stop paying for whatever reason at a given time, they need to replenish this part of the userbase continuously. Perfectly understandable, but I don't understand why this should be done by making the main game objective money-influenced, even by the tiniest bit. It makes the game less appealing for potentially paying customers. Why? Not because you charge money for some aspects of the game, but because you change the rules of the game!

EA is moving onto a slippery slope. If you put a money factor somewhere into the balance of the main game objective (killing the opponent), which happened for the first time in this game sometime during the last couple of days, you more or less create three games within one. One called non-paying vs. non-paying, one called paying vs. paying and finally one that is called non-paying vs. paying. While the first two have the same set of rules for both players, the latter one hasn't. Nobody likes to play a game with unfair rules, and if I was (on the losing side) in such game, I'd probably quit.

I really doubt making the game rules imbalanced (no matter by what amount) is the way to go to keep the game alive long term!

(edit: removed thread reference as I felt placing this in the new discussion thread was more appropriate)

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01-12-2009, 02:42 PM | Post: #63
(01-12-2009 02:37 PM)Tkal Wrote:  At the very least bring back the level 1 bandages. That's all I really want to have back in this game.

Yes please, 100 crude bandages for 40VP or maybe increase price, but something reasonable

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01-12-2009, 02:42 PM | Post: #64
Just one note: Do you (devs) know, that Burning Bullets on level 5 steal almost HALF of commandos hitpoints??? Now I can afford to use 1 (one) bandage in 2 (two) winning rounds. It means, commandos are now even weaker. Just 2 (two) hits with BB on level 5 = commando's death!!! Thank you for another nerf to this class. Even soldiers are able to kill with 2 (two) shots...

And about the new uber knife, longer range than the standart one? Are you serious????

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01-12-2009, 02:43 PM | Post: #65
I love this game - it's one of the most accessible and fun games that I've played in a long time. The reason for that was partly because people couldn't simply spend BF to get a combat advantage - the only thing that mattered was skill. Of course, there were BF clothes, which I eventually bought (spent $97.50 now) because they looked awesome and made the game more enjoyable. But with the new item prices, I can't help but feel a bit cheated.

I have no problem with spending money on this game, but I DO have a problem with spending money if it's required to keep up with other players. The reduced prices on BF items is great, especially combined with NEW items - it makes me want to buy more BF because I now have a wider range of items to buy from. I also don't particularly mind the increased price of VP clothing rentals for 1 and 3 days. However, this drastic price increase being imposed on to WEAPONS as well really sucks.

Those with lots of disposable income can simply purchase the new weapons permanently, and 11 times more widgets than those who only spend VP. This gives a HUGE disadvantage to those stuck with lower tier weapons because they can't afford the new ones. The new weapons being sold for 1400+ VP for only 3 days is ridiculous. I think I read recently that if you take the amount of VP earned by the average player in a round, you would need to play 963 rounds to obtain enough VP to rent the new shotgun for 3 days.

On top of this, widgets are extremely cheap for BF users, but extremely expensive for VP users. This contradicts, in my opinion, what HelloAndy said about widgets actually having some worth now - anyone with BF can simply stack as many widgets as they'd like and use them whenever they want. It would now be possible, for those who wish to do so, to buy MORE bandages/wrenches than before. This leaves VP users with a health disadvantage in vehicles and on foot, as well as a damage disadvantage with the weaponry.

Ultimately what I'm saying is, this huge increase in VP prices for weapons and widgets was unnecessary - the new content in the store (e.g. the new bundles and other clothes), the reduced BF prices, the new maps and the new weapons available permanently etc. would bring in plenty of money from BF buyers. I for one just recently bought $30 more because of the knight bundle. But I will definitely have trouble playing this game in the future if VP-only users are disadvantaged compared to BF users.

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01-12-2009, 02:44 PM | Post: #66
this new version is awsomeSmile
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01-12-2009, 02:44 PM | Post: #67
Also Shadeshooter.. Take a look for yourself.
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01-12-2009, 02:45 PM | Post: #68
Solid Snail 
Give me my pistol as a knifer, and im happy as always.

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01-12-2009, 02:45 PM | Post: #69
higher vp price ok, but the duration is very very wrong, i mean comon over 1000 vp for the new weapons for 3 days ? you need over a week to farm this... make it to monthly or 15 days not 3...
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01-12-2009, 02:46 PM | Post: #70
wow..finally an official topic.
i really would like to know if you are thinking to change back or not...just this.
I think you realized that the 99% of the community is not happy about the last update...
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01-12-2009, 02:47 PM | Post: #71
There is a big difference between adjusting the prices and completely turning it into something rediculous.

What has been archieved is the creation of some kind of (BLUG It's hard to get out of my throat...) TRIAL VERSION of Battlefield Heroes.
We have been promised one FUNDAMENTAL thing and that is that Battlefunds would NEVER tip the balance and put people with money ahead.
"Times change" is what Ben said but I don't care how you twist this.

We have been lied to and you expect us to just roll over and accept it?
Not me... I'm not spending another dime (and I did spent over 70 euro's on this game until now) on this game until some satisfying changes have been made like UNDOING this MADNESS!!!!
I'm utterly appauled by this update and by DICE/EA as an organization.
You have lost all my respect as you lie to your customers and break promises.

I'll be back in a week to see if any changes have been made.
If not, you have lost me as a player, my friends and maybe the most important, my money.
Excuse me, I'll be off now playing other games...

Good luck


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01-12-2009, 02:48 PM | Post: #72
Nah, prices are Ok right now.
However, as stated "Free 2 Play" I'll never spend a coin on this.
Yes, my death cout will increase a lot, but the sole idea of making somebody trash his/ her money by interrupting a bandage/ wrench will compensate that.
Many people here, like me, owns the entire BF saga, so there's really no need to play this, nor complain about. Cool

Save EA by playing BFH.

Edit: Just a small suggestion. By increasing maximum player level to 50 and increasing the necessary XP ammount, will increase the sales of XP Boosters. In adition, there could be a XP penalty per death, but without level loss.
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01-12-2009, 02:48 PM | Post: #73
well now i have bought BF to get UNLIMITED weapons causs i can't aford buying weapons everyday for ALOT of VP but i still think its unfair that ur can buy a adventage D; but iam glad EA/DICE arent just ignoring all this madness so thx Tongue but plz what are there going to happend whit the "old" weapons and IF the old weapons are going to dissapear then PLS just low the price for the new weapons a little bit causs 560 for 1! weapon is a bit to much D;

PS: i have spent 110.887 Euro now so i don't wan't to know that I spent them whitout reason..

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01-12-2009, 02:49 PM | Post: #74
I completely understand DICE's responcibillity to make EA money, but these price adjustments you have made are simply... mad....

Ben state that all items are still availeble for VP... well.... yes they are in a legal sence...

but in a practical sence it will be impossible for anyone to have a even remotely chance of equal oportunities without paying real money.

I wont spend time making calculations, because you allready know this is a crazy adjustment.

Offcourse, if that is your intent to simply change your opinions so drastically from "You cant pay for advantages" to "Pay or get slaughtered" then so be it.....

But I know I speak for many who, if not you re-adjust the prices in some way, wil :

--Change their servers to "vanilla" = NO widgets, and NO other guns than deafult.... (and you wont be able to do anything about it because : "Serverowners can kick for any reason they want" )

--NOT buy anymore BF at all

--Leave and find another game

if you still dont care... fine, but I seriously hope that the marketing geniuos who sold this idea to you, have the "cojones" to stand by it, because you WILL be able to see this in your financial results.
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01-12-2009, 02:50 PM | Post: #75
Can someone explain why this happened?

(30-11-2009 03:59 PM)BenCousins Wrote:  Our analysis of the VP economy showed us that people had lots of unused VP, which told us the prices for VP items were too low - hence the increases in VP pricing today.

I think I understand the logic behind it - Loads of unused VP, so let's up the prices to reduce that pool of unused VP - But surely, loads of unused VP means there's nothing to use that VP on.
I look at the store - most items require Battlefunds, not VP. I think the solution is to make some BF-only items available for VP. That will reduce your pool of unused VP.
In fact, why not make everything in the store available for 1 week or 1 month for VP, and unlimited for BF? When I see something I want, I'll NEVER choose to spend money for an item that lasts for a limited period of time. I'll ALWAYS spend a few more BF and have that item for unlimited use, and I bet most other BF-users are the same.
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01-12-2009, 02:53 PM | Post: #76
The devs don't seem to understand the definition of "fairplay" and how much it influences the community. Less fairplay = less happy customers = more people leave = poor player base steadily decreasing = game dead within months. A good company would know that free users could potentially become paid users if they are happy enough with the free service only to enchance their gameplay.

Good cash shop model:

VP/XP Boosts - saves time - no in-game advantage
Clothes - make you look/feel cooler - no in-game advantage
Emots - fun to use - no in-game advantage

Both sides are happy since cash shop users get to look cooler and level faster,get more vp. balanced and healthy game with good community. Some free users decide they want to get something more from this game and start spending money because they feel like it's worth it.

Bad cash shop model:

Weapons - pay-4-win - huge in-game advantage
Widgets - you die less - in-game advantage.

Free users complain about how cash shop users being overpowered since they have the upper hand when it comes to weapons/widgets. A lot of free users leave, some buy BF but the game is unbalanced and the community is unfriendly, bad community = bad games, more people quit or don't even bother with this game.

And any company that puts the importance of money at the top of their list instead of their customers doesn't deserve any respect and money at all because sooner or later you'll need more money under another "excause" and again you won't take players under consideration.

I'm very disappointed in your actions and don't understand how such a known company do such terrible mistakes.
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01-12-2009, 02:53 PM | Post: #77
Let's say you get about 7 VP's (excluding mission achievements) every game you play. A weapon for 3 days costs 450 VP's. If you only buy one weapon: it means you have to play (450/7) about 64 games in three days (=31 games a day) to stay around the same amount of VP's you had before.

This is way too expensive. For players who do not play that much, it really is unfair.

How about 150 VP's for a weapon which lasts 7 days, and 450 VP's for a weapon that lasts 30 days. In my opinion more reasonable than the current price. This means you have to play about 2 or 3 games avarage a day.

On the other hand, the BF Prices became more reasonable. But the balance between de VP/BF is a bit odd.
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01-12-2009, 02:54 PM | Post: #78
can u give a price of 4000 vp to buy aweapon 4 ever?
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01-12-2009, 02:55 PM | Post: #79
Tbh I think the analysts must have been blind... a majority of the players had no where near to much VP, and the once that did were the "Ultra skilled 15 year olds" that were talked about in the trailer.

Ben's explination for the new VP prices just isnt good enough, if he ment "our analysts have gone trough the VP numbers of the 1% of gamers that never used theyr vp, and noticed that they have a huge amount of VP (because they never used it!!!)" atleast that would sound more "correct"
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01-12-2009, 02:57 PM | Post: #80
I love this game so much im gonna set up a paypal account for battle funds but please recondsider your prices on bandages etc....because this is a joke! Sad

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