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30-11-2009, 04:45 PM | Post: #61
What your analysis probably does not include is something extremely important.

I'm at lvl 30
I have... about 2500-3000 most of the time....
I never get beyond 3000 why?

Weapons used to cost me like what... 500 a month VP? not bad
but then my shirt cost me like... 200something VP a month... ok...
Then widgets cost me 45 for a lvl 3 heal I go through maybe two a week
and then 90 for a lvl 4 repair, probably a couple of those a week
so... 500+200+4*2*45+2*4*90=500+200+360+720=1780 VP/month
*i don't know the numbers off the top of my head like that, but that's a low estimate

Over my time on BFH I've never gone above 3000 and never below 2000
My income is barely able to make up for the cost each month.
The 2000 I have in reserve, I've gotten from missions.
The problem is.... I'm running out of missions...........
I'm currently on a lot of lvl IV type missions ..... all of which are almost impossible.

With VP items increased this much I CAN NOT AFFORD TO KEEP PLAYING MY WAY
I won't be able to afford my rifle, won't afford my pistol and can't keep widgets...
It's simply not fair that VP is increased simply based on something like
"dur there's a lot of unused VP"


The problem is RATE OF USE
What you should be asking is
"Can people playing at an average rate, afford to equip a character how they want"

Currently I'd wager the answer is that no
I will not be able to afford to equip my character with the current prices.

I play a bit but not a ton, so my VP income is roughly as I said before 1700-1800 VP/month.
I've tried playing two characters, but even at today's standards, I can't afford to keep two characters
fully equipped with widgets and weapons.

What You SHOULD look at is again not the VP unused
but the rate of VP income vs the RATE of VP expendature
Because at the current stance, VP in reserve will deplete completely within weeks
and then the income will not be able to counteract the rate of depletion.

The end result will simply be people going without weapons and quitting the game
when they can't afford the VP to play the game the way they want to.

My topic comparing all the Uber/Super weapons to originals, AND New Longrange TIER2 data
[Image: wupbgn.png]

*I'd like to credit Keith Thompson for the PanzerFluch he does great artwork*
-Account #1761 Closed Beta 2
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30-11-2009, 04:45 PM | Post: #62
(30-11-2009 03:59 PM)BenCousins Wrote:  Hi guys - that interview is from February 2008 I think - we've been selling weapons for both BF and VP for a while now - nothing changed there today. If you remember we made the standard weapons available permanently for BF in closed beta. These new weapons are no different - they are available for free with VP and they are available permanently for BF (actually at a price that was lower than before).

Our analysis of the VP economy showed us that people had lots of unused VP, which told us the prices for VP items were too low - hence the increases in VP pricing today.

We also frankly wanted to make buying Battlefunds more appealing. We have wages to pay here in the Heroes team and in order to keep a team large enough to make new free content like maps and other game features we need to increase the amount of BF that people buy. Battlefield Heroes is a business at the end of the day and for a company like EA who recently laid off 16% of their workforce, we need to keep an eye on the accounts and make sure we are doing our bit for the company.

If you guys have any more questions or comments feel free to email me direct on

lol what layoffs? Oh, you mean those layoffs of studios no one cares about, the ones that have been pumping out crap games lately, like mythic for their crap MMO Warhammer? Or Maxis (WHO LIED TO US LIKE YOU DID, LOL) because spore wasn't the blockbuster it was meant to be, thanks to MAXIS LYING TO US ABOUT SPORE, LOL! There's a reason why spore was the most pirated game ever. It was BECAUSE THEY LIED TO US ABOUT IT.

What else is there... well, there's the command and conquer team that got laid off. I don't blame em. Red Alert 3 was a bombshell. Worst AI ever, by the way.

And lets see... there's pandemic. They came out with that little game with a great marketing campaign called Mercenaries 2. Too bad it got crap reviews and no one bought it. And that Saboteur game has pretty much lost all it's hype momentum. Good thing they are probably pushing their unfinished crap game out the door just in time for christmas!

Hey, Ben, I don't see DICE here anywhere.

So hey, you can twist your little promise around all you like, but no one on earth can keep up with those VP prices. Look at my KDR, I can't hold onto a weapon for longer than 2 days out of the week with that. Now think about the average player.

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30-11-2009, 04:45 PM | Post: #63
Ben you disgust me

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30-11-2009, 04:46 PM | Post: #64
(30-11-2009 04:19 PM)GameofDeath Wrote:  
(30-11-2009 04:02 PM)BenCousins Wrote:  Nope, and we never expected to make a profit on ads alone.

But What about you meth amphetmine side biusness ben
that must make you heaps
+ all you take's from the Ladie's of the night youd control with your bike mate's ect

plus your an AFL footballer there's a 110k a year p.i.s.s.e.d in no problem's

the travesty of the world is

THE RICH WILL ALWAY'S CRY POOR (just like you are now ben)

You Are A junkie crackhead who just never know's when a rip has gotten out of hand like all junkie's

Remeber benno once a junkie always a junkie or did you forget that...

I Didnt and wont forget it about you
(Remeber boy;s n girls were talking to the man=
who was the last person to see chriss mainwering alive........)he bought him some hungry jack's

But then mainwering droped dead from a cocktail of drug's ...

your a clever boy ben but your not to clever for me..........

I seen your type of joke before and it aint funny..........................Angry

You're an idiot. Not only is that comment totally disrespectful and horrible, but... IT'S A DIFFERENT BEN COUSINS! Did you really think that a professional AFL player would turn into the general developer of an online shooter game? Seriously? Are you mentally slower than "average"?

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30-11-2009, 04:46 PM | Post: #65
now yes because this game is going down no up... It comes worser and worser instead better and better...

If you want to know how easily get 5$ for BF's PM me Wink Rolleyes PM me Rolleyes
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30-11-2009, 04:47 PM | Post: #66
I'm sorry for you Ben Cousins , you got a great game before that patch

I feel sorry for you if each game you helped create has Failed ... But We are customers and we have the Right and the obligation to say what we think !

Sry , but You ALL failed..

Tburn , The Customers , this time !

Kawabounga !
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30-11-2009, 04:47 PM | Post: #67
[Image: greatf.jpg]

The recession was worse one year ago. A lot worse.

As I said from the beginning, either they are greedy like hell or the entire project is in deep red. Probably both. This game is finished.

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30-11-2009, 04:48 PM | Post: #68
[Image: liar.jpg]

[Image: 10]
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30-11-2009, 04:49 PM | Post: #69
[Image: eafailed.png]

The end of an fantastic game...

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30-11-2009, 04:50 PM | Post: #70
Now i know why ea have mony problems, the people in this company are unable to calculate ... unused vp what a joke ... cant you not see thats impossiple to get every 3 days enough vp to rebuy the weapons... well im sure you see it , but buying a permament weapon for moeny will not help you get more cash.
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30-11-2009, 04:50 PM | Post: #71
[Image: eafailed.png]

they should change their icon in:
[Image: bandits.gif]

i am dissapointed of you, thanks that i threw my money out of the window
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30-11-2009, 04:51 PM | Post: #72
Behemoth This is screen from topic in which Goodman asked where spent his last HP point.
They will never understand us because they have unlimited BFs and VPs, they havent try to play like a normal player. They dont know that not everyone can buy BFs and it is not easy to have weapons suitable to your play style because they cost too much or we get too less of VP. The worsest is that they wont probably do anything with this...

If you want to know how easily get 5$ for BF's PM me Wink Rolleyes PM me Rolleyes (This post was last modified: 30-11-2009 04:53 PM by Behemoth.)
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30-11-2009, 04:51 PM | Post: #73
Flood actually works, I heard from my friend that permanent weapon prices have dropped by 15 BF as we speak. I'm too lazy to check this myself though. And yes, it's still ridiculous Tongue

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30-11-2009, 04:52 PM | Post: #74

wonder why this isnt in this thread^^
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30-11-2009, 04:52 PM | Post: #75
So Ben , 30+ millions you earned , and earning are not enough ?!
How big the team is ? Already answered - 20 people , so you spit out ~30 thoushands on pays every month but you earn 10x more . One more thing , a "free" game for which you need a starting 20 $ to get all stuf , then you need atleast 15 $ for widgets and weapons each month , or i go to pirate bay and download a 10x better game and never pay a cent ? Hmmm this one is really a though call . . .

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30-11-2009, 04:53 PM | Post: #76
Have I found many of the actions of this development team misleading, possibly even underhanded? Yes.

Believe me I'm not happy with these current changes, and honestly I will not be coming back to the game, assuming that I must purchase BF's to have a "balanced" fight.
Any amount of money that I will have to pay on a regular basis, feels like a subscription fee.
I refuse to pay a recurring fee for a game still in beta, that gives development too much free reign to make changes, much like what we've seen today.
I also refuse to pay until a more efficient method of dealing with hackers is found.
I can purchase a game, and not pay a subscription fee, all the while having hackers, balancing, and occasional new content thrown in.
/nerd rage

But...I realize my ideas of what is acceptable is subjective, and that regardless if I feel insulted, I'd rather take the high road. At least I know that whatever happens, I always did my best to be respectful to all members of the community.

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30-11-2009, 04:54 PM | Post: #77
Like I said before this game has turned into another korean grind fest. Well it's to be accepted since it is EA we are talking about.
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30-11-2009, 04:54 PM | Post: #78
Oh guys please... Don't try to ruin the game... EA now have very bad time, if you read the news, they had to fire lot of people of their team, and so on...


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30-11-2009, 04:55 PM | Post: #79

lol... youre gonna get so much spam from angry peeps

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30-11-2009, 04:56 PM | Post: #80
and for people who dont have a lot of unused vp?

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