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Google Chrome has stopped supporting NPAPI which is the technology the game launcher plugin relies on to start the game.

If you want to be able to launch the game while using this browser you can re-enable NPAPI support with the following steps:

  1. Go to the following URL: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
  2. Choose 'Enable' under the 'Enable NPAPI' heading.
  3. Restart Chrome.
  4. You should now be able to start the game.
You can read more about this here.

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23-11-2009, 06:16 PM | Post: #1
Currently, we've streamlined the Report options for reporting the bad guys ... Please use the REPORT button in the players profile to report Hackers, and other offenders. You'll notice that there is an upload option within the webform, we do advise you to also upload the same evidence to Youtube or a similar video host to maximise the full potential of the report.

The rules about accusing hackers is still in effect, those naming players in the open forum are at risk at having actions taken against their accounts, the forum is not the entity to handle such things. Only properly reported players will be addressed, also, if you don't supply video proof, the CS ticket will automatically be closed.

Quote:Hey folks,
we're retiring this thread. To report a possible hacker and or cheater, please use the Report this player button on the individual players' hero profile pages.

Help us ban the bad guy :

For reporting possible hackers, cheaters, groups or players who generally misbehave ...
(for example using inappropriate language) in-game, please follow these simple steps to report them.

  • From anywhere on the website go to the “Community” tab.
  • Select “Player Search”
  • Type in the offending hero's in-game name
  • Click "Search"
  • A blue box with the heroes name should now appear
  • Click on the hero’s name.
  • You can now view that hero's profile.
  • In the "Soldier Info" box, click on the Player name highlighted in yellow.
  • You will now be viewing the user's profile
  • Click on the "Report this player" button in the top right
  • Provide a clear title, description of the offending player's actions and upload the video through the attachment feature on the far right, if for some reason you can't upload the video there then attach a YOUTUBE LINK of your evidence in the message box.
  • Submit

Requirements for Video Evidence:

  • You MUST provide VIDEO evidence.*
  • The video must show without doubt that the person is cheating.**
  • The name of the suspected cheater MUST be legible in the video EVERY TIME they kill you.
  • As a cloaked commando you must be on dry land while being killed by said cheater. (Not swimming in water)
  • As a cloaked commando you must show your hero getting killed while cloaked multiple times in the same round without any gaps in the video (No editing)
  • Do not Flame/Insult/Belittle any suspected cheaters that are mentioned (If they really are cheating a ban is good enough). Sometimes people get accused and it turns out they didn't do anything wrong. So please: leave the punishing of the actual bad apples to US.


Thanks to agentx5 for the list below since this is now becoming apparant that people are reporting videos that are being easily dismissed due to several factors causing you to be visible and notifying the accused to your position. I have modified and added a few others that I feel people forget about.

  • On fire - visual effect of burning bullets
  • Poisoned - visual effect of greenish poison
  • Using Poison Blade - Visual effect of greenish poison around your blade and a green skull above your head as well as sound effects
  • Using piercing shot - visual effect sprite approx. 0.5 meters above the invisible sniper's head, aim slightly lower and nail a headshot
  • Using a bandage - visual effect of healing "twirl". You don't have random glowing dust devils in this game, it's a cloaked commando healing. Shoot it.
  • Using elixir - visual effect of the soft blue glow, this disappears and turns into a line of grey smoke/run lines behind your character. Gunner's Leg-it has the same effect on you but with no blue glow (if you're a gunner you do some spay & pray and hope to get lucky)
  • Driving a jeep - If it's driving around, then it has a driver, whether visible or not. That driver's head will be in the same spot and it's a tricky shot (especially with lag) but it becomes easier with practice.
  • Swimming in water - visual effect of ripples from swiming in water
  • Activating Stealth - Smoke appears around the character and follows for several seconds. It's not precisely instantaneous, and a skilled player will make an educated guess if you were moving in a straight line.
  • Camping in the exact same spot and killing people - The best example of this is in the lighthouse on Seaside Skirmish. Some people will just spam up there, especially if you just killed them. Commandos spamming "mark target" up there is not that uncommon. So move around a bit. This also refers to standing in the same spot after being shot.
  • Using Mark Target - Yes Mark Target reveals your position when you use it, an arc of red appears at your feet and stretches out towards the direction you are looking, giving people an instant notification of whether you are looking in their direction or the opposite way.
  • Troop Traps - When you drop troop traps, it can be seen by the enemy, the direction of the troop trap dropping gives an idea of where you are

All of the above 90% of the time can be considered good players, also remember that luck does play a part in this game, so please do make sure that your report to us is 100% accurate

Stat-padding Report Guidelines

Since we have been getting quite a few stat-padding reports, we have decided to set a few guidelines upon the reports.
  • Firstly video evidence is preferred, it gives a lot more information than screen shots
  • Do not goad, provoke or falsely suggest to stat-pad or farm, this will put you in more trouble than the padders themselves. However do warn them and state that what they are doing is wrong
  • While killing helps to break them up, reports are meant to do just that, observe outside of the cap radius and group
  • Make sure to keep the scoreboard on long enough to be read (5 second should suffice)
  • Before jumping in, all guns blazing, again observe...if they say "no shooting" they maybe trying to record a video. If they aren't and are just exchanging turns to cap a flag, then record them in the act.

Couple of updates:

Orange Names:

We are currently working through the list (using player search) to pass on the accounts of oranges so they are renamed. This means there will be a major "cleansing" of orange names and to those that have been reporting them, we thank you but there is no need to continue reporting them. We do hope that this will deter others from using the orange name code but of course, some may do it accidentally.

Stat-padding and Mission padding:

We have released some guidelines upon this here. We do take Stat-padding as a serious offence, even on par with cheaters themselves.
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