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[Image: dice2-1.png]

[Image: 08_bgEORplayer.png]

[Image: New.png]

[2/3][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
BFBC2 has been officially released for Xbox360, PS3 and PC! With reviews popping up around the net and with fanboys from both sides(BFBC2/MW2) criticizing and agreeing with the reviews. No wonder the lead story designer is so tired of the reviews that are biased. However, a bad review can never stop a player from buying the game. With problems in only the first day of release, the developers at DICE have step up to assure the consumers that they are fixing the problem and looking into the issues. Single player has been a blast for some and have been feeling a little something short. The Multiplayer aspect of the game has been the one receiving much praise and some have crown it the best multiplayer game of 2010 and is set to take MW2's crown as the best FPS. Whatever it is, it is a must buy Smile

[26/1][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Today, the team posted a huge chuck of text(just kidding!) of PC beta information. From what time players can expect to play to that BFBC2 will use SecuROM.

Quote:When's the Beta

First, let's start by making the official time and date of the Beta the start of this Blog in what will be and EPIC moment in DICE's PC History! The PC Beta begins this Thursday, January 28th at approximately 6pm CET, 12pm EST, and 9am PST time!!!!!!! :-D

Where to Get It

The Client will be downloadable from server partner websites and Steam starting at the above listed time at a file size of 1.5GB. Here's a hyper-link reminder on which retailers will provide PC Beta access through pre-ordering.

Why we're Having a Beta

The Beta is happening for many reasons, like testing the infrastructure, hosting stability, and gameplay tuning (FOV, Weapon Balance, etc...) that no amount of internal testing could provide better than real world exposure. This means there will also be times of choppiness, lag, disconnects, CTDs or other issues a Beta version of any MP game would have. We'll have feedback methods similar to the PS3 Beta as well to ensure your input is gathered and heard.

Advanced warning: there will be things updated in the final game, like a Server browser with more functions, optimizations, performance tweaks, and learning's from the Beta.

This truly is a Beta, so remember that all feedback is appreciated and wanted! :-)

Hosting the Beta

Renting of Beta servers will not be possible, but we'll work closely with all our RSPs* to ensure there is always enough capacity for each individual regions.

Where to Download the Beta

We'll distribute with many partners as possible to ensure the fastest DLs no matter your location around the world. Current know locations and methods will be EADM, Steam, Torrents (only get this from legit sources, i.e. an RSP*), and all our RSP's.

You can read the PC beta information here

Quote:Hi all!

I'm the lead programmer on the PC version. You have asked for more technical information on the PC version, and the blog about our audio system was very appreciated, so here's another one... this time about a more sombre subject: Copy Protection.


BFBC2 PC uses SecuROM as its copy protection mechanism. SecuROM comes in many shapes and forms. I will describe the specific version that is being used in BFBC2 PC.

SecuROM in general

The version which we use is a wrapper around the main game executable. It does everything it can by running as a “normal” program; it does not install any sort of kernel software.

What this means is:

* No software is permanently installed on your machine.
* SecuROM is ONLY running when the game is running
* When you uninstall the game, you will also uninstall the SecuROM software.

You can check out the Copy Protection for BFBC2 PC here

[26/1][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Today, we discovered that the team has posted 6 new screenshots of the single player game and yesterday, posted 2 single player and 2 squad rush mode images.

Squad Rush Images
[Image: BFBC2genSCRNsquadrush01.jpg][Image: BFBC2genSCRNsquadrush02.jpg]

Single Player Images
[Image: BFBC2genSCRNsingleplayer01.jpg][Image: BFBC2genSCRNsingleplayer02.jpg]
[Image: BFBC2genSCRNsingleplayer03.jpg][Image: SP_04-1.jpg]
[Image: BFBC2genSCRNsingleplayer05.jpg][Image: SP_06-1.jpg]
[Image: BFBC2genSCRNsingleplayer07.jpg]

[26/1][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Eurogamer posted their hands on preview of the game prasing the game but feels that it can never match MW2 "big budget spectacle".

Quote:The comparisons DICE's sequel will be subjected to upon release are far more frightening than classic comic strips, however. A military shooter thick with radio chatter and techno babble, focusing on a war between the US and Russia fought in part on American soil (the action kicks off in Alaska before moving south, apparently), and with a major emphasis on multiplayer content, you can almost feel Infinity Ward's presence looming over the project.
Read the Rest here

[26/1][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Gamespot recently had an interview with Patrick Bach. Showing Bits and Pieces of the game to show that DICE is still great at making battlefield games.
Showing more info that the B company is doing patrols in Alaska and Russia is moving nearing to the US from South America. B company is send to South America to investigate.

You can check out the video and article here

[26/1][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
There is new video on the block showing 7 mins of Single Player Awesomeness! Normally, we have seen this scenes in short snips with music or interview audio above it. Now, we have the original audio included!

Cick Here For the video!

[25/1][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
The Battlefield Bad Company 2 team just posted a new blog post regarding the final game mode that will appear and the new game mode is Squad Rush, a mix of the Rush game mode and squad deathmatch. A squad of 4 will pit themselves against another Squad of 4 to destroy the crate. Tight infantry maps will call for close quarter combat and beware! If you are not organized, you will not succeed Smile

Quote:We'd like to officially announce the new gamemode and clarify the details surrounding the "Squad Rush" gamemode for BFBC2. So let's start with the video and get into it shall we. :-)

Squad Rush Summary

Gamemode: Squad Rush puts a squad of four players versus another squad of four players for a max of eight player matches in this intense one crate/two base infantry only version of the Rush gamemode.

How To Access "Squad Rush" at Launch

North America: All customers that pre-order from GameStop (local retail store or website) on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will have an Exclusive Access* for 30 days to play the "Squad Rush" gamemode and any friends they bring with them. This means you can always play with your friends if you have the Exclusive Access* never forcing you to split from them, plus those that have this Exclusive Access* are a bit more popular... even if only for 30 days. ;-)

Rest of The World: No Exclusive Access, as we will make it available at launch (no extra cost) and you can also invite any of your American buddies to play as well.

* No Exclusive Access on PC, as we'll make the gamemode available at launch (no extra cost) instead.

Youtube Video

[21/1] Today at 8:54pm GMT+1, developer locust9 wrote on his twitter that he is drinking with "me2" "bf1943" and other game designers! Hint that there are game designers at DICE is still currently working on Mirrors Edge 2 after the last post tiny scrap of new of it being in production by a small team in 2009.This means that DICE has not drop the IP. However, we cant confirm that the game is really still in production from one Tweet till the game is officially announced.

locust9 on twitter Wrote:Drinking whiskey with me2 1943 and other designers

[20/1][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Recently, speculations have flared up of a possible release of a new shirt in Battlefield Heroes that is related to Battlefield Bad Company 2 like the Battlefield 1943 hats in BFH that players got when they bought BF1943. The possibility of the item appearing is favorable as they have already done something like this before for 1943.

Battlefield 1943 Royal Aviator Hat:
[Image: 326.png]

Battlefield 1943 National Aviator Hat:
[Image: 359.png]

Email that Users got:
[Image: bfheroes1943-1.png]

Possible Battlefield Bad Company 2 Royal Shirt:
[Image: 276.png]

Possible Battlefield Bad Company 2 National Shirt:
[Image: 281.png]

There is also a possibility that they will not release a special promotional item in BFH for BFBC2 but for now, we can only speculate the possibility.

Note:This is purely speculation and in no way or form that this will 100% happen.

[20/1][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Recently, Ben Cousins recently hinted of a game that DICE is making but has not yet. A possible game that have not be announced yet but are said to be in production is Mirror's Edge 2 and Battlefield 3 but Ben has stated that it was not ME2 or BF3, so what could it be? For now, we can only speculate what that possible game is.

Ben Cousins on twitter Wrote:Juggling testing new Heroes content and playing the awesome *insert name of unannounced game here" Smile

Ben Cousins reply on twitter Wrote:None of the guesses about what unannounced game I was playing yesterday (and am currently playing) were correct Smile

[19/1][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Combat testing, the site that brought you the first closed beta test of battlefield heroes 2 years ago is now back to bring you guys the opportunity to beta test the PC version of Battlefield Bad Company 2! To help the process, Combat Testing is open for new registrations and will give out keys to all testers. You can visit their site to sign up for it but be quick! There is limited space at hand!

Combat Testing On Twitter Wrote:Combat Testing will be offering keys to all it's testers (so join quickly via )

You can join Combat Testing by registering here

[12/1][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
The team recently tweeted that the PC beta will be region free! That means that everyone around the world can play as there will be servers around the globe!

BFBC2 Team On Twitter Wrote:#BFBC2_PC Beta will be region free w/ servers in US, Western & Eastern Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Middle East, Oz, New Zealand, & Japan.

[11/1][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
The team recently posted news on the list of changes on the game since the end of PS3 beta! We PC players should thank them for suffering from the bugs to make the PC beta even better for everyone!

GVD on BFBlog Wrote:Since all of you reading this want us finishing up the game instead of writing blogs I made this short and sweet. Attached is a change-list of 130 Changes/Fixes .txt I snagged from Alan "Demize99" Kertz USB drive. One of my favorites is "Added environment specific camouflage to all vehicles." Comment your favorite too, we'd love to know what it is. You can also twitter it to OfficialBFBC2 and again, thank you for all those that had the opportunity to participate, as you can see it was incredibly valuable. See you on the PC Beta (Jan 28th), Console Demo (TBD), and then the real deal Battlefield (Mar 2nd & 5th 2010) that will rock your souls! :-D



[8/1][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]

Quote:As promised here is the PC Blog on the Beta & a few other things, yes some people, places, and things may have leaked a little something, but we are here to clarify everything and make it all official since we can now commit to the listed dates! :-)

BETA Details:

Beta Begins/Ends: Jan 28th/Feb 25th

Map Name: Port Valdez

Players: 32

Game Mode: Rush/Gold Rush

Environment: Snow

Theme: Vehicle and Infantry

Back Story

The battle for Port Valdez is fought alongside the waterline towards a great oil industrial landscape in the Alaskan mountains. Using basically everything they've got the Russian forces are launching an airborne assault to knock out the oil industries in the area. In their arsenal there are Main Battle Tanks as well as fast-moving Quad Bikes and mobile armored AA. It's a vehicle focused battle, but with plenty of infantry combat.

How to Download: Check back to the Battlefield Bed Company 2 Beta Page closer to beta launch date for download instructions.

How To Get Access: Reserve Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the most sure fire way and right now we are still finalizing which Retailers & e-Tailers will participate (it's up to them). If you're eager to ensure you get in confirmed distributors to Pre-Order consumers are the EA Store and at We'll have another Blog to update new retailers & e-Tailers that have teamed up with us as well as alternate channels to obtain a Beta Key.

Misc. Details

Steam Beta: Yes there was a leaked image of a Package file we propped on Steam. People with illegal accounts can see games in this environment, but this is not a Beta in the term of Public Test Beta, but a real development Beta installer client for the Steam version of the full game. We are however working with Steam to have the Public PC Beta available on Steam, but can't confirm this quite yet so cross your fingers Steam users. :-)

Anti Cheat: We're going with PunkBuster supporting the same options BF2 and BF2142 had to run unranked without PunkBuster.

Mod Tools: There will not be mod tools for BFBC2. However a majority of the the games logic is controller by the server and there will be Serverside control options for the dedicated servers.

Public Server Files: We will not distribute these publicly. There are many factors for why we have decided this with the biggest factor being security & integrity of our game & Dedicated Servers.

What is this?

[Image: Epic.jpg]


BF Blog

[8/1][Image: bf1943-logosmall.png]
Lets all congratulate the Battlefield 1943 for winning a PlayStation Store Special Prize 2009! Congrats to the team and may they see more awards coming soon!

[Image: playstationstorespecialprize.jpg]

*photo taken by Patrick Liu(1943 Producer) On hisTwitter

[6/1][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Karl Magnus Troedsson recently leaked that the team are working with Valve to bring Battlefield Bad Company 2 Pre-order program on Steam! Hopes are high and people are going crazy over this recently leaked news! News will be out soon and i can see the game will get a lot of attention from steam users.

Karl Magnus Troedsson On Twitter Wrote:Guys/girls, we're working together with Valve to get a BFBC2 pre-order program going on Steam, hope we officially can announce this soon.

[27/12][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Sorry for not updating the news for the past few weeks so i'm going to sum up the news Smile

[1.]The BF:BC2 Achievement Challenge has ended and the best achievement will appear as a PS3/XBox360 achievement!
[Image: thedentist.png]

[2.]The team has Premium Themes for your Xbox and PS3 which is now avalible! Also, the team has posted a PC wallpaper which you can download and enjoy!

[Image: wallpaper.jpg]

[3.]The BFBC2 team posted stats of the PS3 beta and posted the date of when the PS3 beta will end but the date has been extended past 25Dec. Here is some of the stats Smile

Quote:- Total kills = 45.42M
- 9.4M kills from Vehicles
- 3.43M Vehicles Destroyed
- 380K Houses Destroyed
- 1.01M Marksman Headshots
- Total number of points awarded = 10 100 094 360
- Total number of Revives = 2.52M
- Total Repair Tool kills = 15.58K
- Total Defibrillator Kills = 12.69k
- Total Knife Kills = 1.69M
- Total C4 Kills = 730.81K

[4.]The team has revealed a new game mode call Squad deathmatch where 16 players split into squads of 4 and on a new jungle map in a developer walkthrough.

Click here to watch the video

[5.]The team also revealed a new map based on the Panama Canal with a gameplay video and Battlefield Moments III! BF players would love to know the game mode the team is showing is the ever loved Conquest mode!

Click Here to watch the Gameplay Video!

Click Here to watch the Battlefield Moments III video of Panama Canal!

[6.] There is also a rumor spreading around after a user discovered that Gamestop posted about the BFBC2 PC beta will start at January 28th, 2010 and ends on February 25, 2010. However, the BFBC2 team has been denying about the recently posted date. However, the rumor seems to hold as gamestop posted the PS3 beta date earlier then expected and it turned out true. However, delays of the PC beta has caused speculation that the game might be having problems on the PC side of development. However, only time will tell.
[Image: proof-1.png]

[7.]The team is now working on a list of fixes after the PS3 beta test so check back soon for it! Demize99 has posted some hints of new vehicle controls and gameplay balances

[8.]The BFBC2 team is still also giving out Beta keys for the PS3 beta so look out!

[1/12][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
The Battlefield bad company 2 team recently posted the minimum specs for battlefield bad company 2 and 1943! But wait! what is this? 1943 Disc version? maybe the game will not be digital download only?

Quote:Minimum Frostbite PC Specifications for BFBC2 & BF1943
Processor: Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz
Main memory: 2GB
Graphics card: GeForce 7800 GT / ATI X1900
Graphics memory: 256MB
OS: Windows XP
Free HDD space: 15GB for Digital Version, 10GB for Disc Version (BFBC2)
10GB for Digital Version, 4GB for Disc Version (BF1943)

Recommended Frostbite PC Specifications for BFBC2 & BF1943
Processor: Quadcore
Main memory: 2GB
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 260
Graphics memory: 512MB
OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7
Free HDD space: 15GB for Digital Version, 10GB for Disc Version (BFBC2)
10GB for Digital Version, 4GB for Disc Version (BF1943)

Our DICE Fan Club Contest Has Ended and the Results are out!

The Winners Are!




Congrats to all the Winners! You Deserve it for being such dedicated fans Smile

[26/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
BIG NEWS! Word is the PC beta has been pushed back to early next year! However, PC gamers will be able to play with a total of 32 players in a single server and with clan support! Click here to check it out!

[26/11][Image: BF_Heroes_32x32.png]
Today, the Battlefield Hero team posted a notice telling everyone to help test the new map now on the PTE! Visit the PTE NOW to try it out!

[22/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Rumors have been spreading that BFBC2's PC beta has been scrap but the Team has posted on twitter stating that it is not true at all. The PS3 BFBC2 beta also had its fair share of problems. One of which is that the players stats were not registering but it has been fixed Smile

[22/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
The first scrap of information about the elusive single player mission for BFBC2 might have been leaked on the internet with posting infomation about Gamestar, a german videogame magazine having a first hand exclusive try on a mission from BFBC2!

Quote:Not a single day goes by without news about
Bad Company 2
. During the past few weeks, so many details abour maps, vehicles, weapons and gameplay have been unveiled, that you hardly can imagine that theres something left. But there is something left, and we all have been waiting for details on this: The Bad Company 2 Single Player campaign! What we know so far is that there will be a reunion with the B Company. We also know that DICE wants to pay more attention to the SP campaign, but there were not many details about the campaign - until now. However, from Monday this might change. The current issue of the German magazine GameStar comes with a BC2 cover story, which gives a first impression.

click Here to read the rest of the article!

[20/11][BF2142] Battlefield2142 will be getting a patch soon with a lot of goodies for the community! With new maps and Northern Strike will be free for all!

Bazajaytee Wrote:Hey guys
Trying to get the programmer back on BF2142 still, he is being tied up on BFBC2 PC version.

As for the changelist you know this is a small update in terms of fixes and is aimed at adding more security fixes onto accounts to stop spoofing.

Other things you will see are:

* No DRM method on the exe as with BF2 (No more SafeDisc, PACE or SecuROM (depending on which version of BF2142 you have) and no more errors from EADM saying you need to log in to EADM to verify ownership even if you are logged in)
* Operation Blue Pearl
* Two brand new maps from community modder Jason Brice (more on this later)
* Northern Strike will be available to EVERYONE

Also yes, BF2142 Deluxe Edition is heading to Steam and Direct2Drive (and all other online retailers you see selling BF2 Complete Collection) once BF2142 1.51 is done.

[19/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Gamestrailer have posted 3 videos recently on Battlefield Bad Company 2!

The 3 videos are:
Tactics Walkthrough Part I: Offense
Tactics Walkthrough Part II: Defense
Battlefield Moments Vol. II

Tactics Walkthrough teaches the first time player their roles on the battlefield with Gordon Vandyke guiding the players thought Arica Harbour, the map avalible on the PS3 Beta.

Battlefield Moments II is the predecessor to the first video posted by DICE to show off the gameplay of Battlefield Bad Company 2. This time, the video shows gameplay of Arica Harbour, the new map that will be available in the BFBC2 PS3 Beta

[19/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Today is the day that players from North America and Europe with beta keys will be play to play the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta! Have fun you lucky people!

[18/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]

I have here, 10 NA BFBC2 BETA Codes!


[18/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Sorry for the long delay! But to sum up all the news recently, BFheroes is giving away codes on tiwtter, BF Bad Company 2 is giving away EU beta codes on twitter. BFBC2 beta is tomorrow and some sites are giving away the codes free or if you are a member Smile

[11/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
The Battlefield Bad Company 2 Team recently updated their website to include the beta sign up page(For US and Europeans only) for people who wants to get a beta key to get one! Click Here To check it out!

Note:its under the Beta Tab

[Direct link]
[11/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
HipHopGamer Recently posted a video interview with Gordon Vandyke.

Click Here to view the video!

[Direct link]
[11/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
IncGamer recently posted an article with an interview with Gordon Vandyke on how the Battlefield Bad Company 2 will be "getting a bit more"

Quote:The first Bad Company game never made it to the PC and developer DICE is keen to stress that the PC release of Bad Company 2 will not simply be a port.Speaking to IncGamers, DICE’s Gordon Van Dyke stressed that each version of the game is being “tweaked and adjusted” to suit the platform.

Click Here to read the rest of the article!

[Direct link]
[11/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
thatvideogameblog Recently posted an article quoting the President of the EA Games label on how Battlefield Bad Company 2 will be going "head-on" with Modern Warfare 2.

Quote:During yesterday’s fiscal Q2 results conference call, Frank Gibeau, President of the EA Games label, made it clear once more that Modern Warfare 2 is in Bad Company 2’s sights.

Click here to read the full article!

[Direct link]
[11/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
FilePlanet is now giving out Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Keys! Grab Yours Now!

[Direct link]
[9/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
The guys at recently posted a review of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and with more details on how the remote control UAV works Click Here to read the whole Article!

[Direct link]
[8/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
PlantBattlefield Recently posted a Battlefield Bad Company 2 Super FAQ with a lot of useful information that should be known to the public. Click Here to check it out Smile

[Direct link]
[8/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
SlashAndBash(A COD Community turning to Battlefield Bad Company 2 For salvation) recently had a interview with Gordon Vandyke talking very deep into the game with some common questions taken down and talks about the PC beta being VERY Exclusive! You can hear it Here

[Direct link]
[7/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Planet Battlefield recently posted 5 new screenshots of Battlefield Bad Company 2 of the map Africa Harbour.
You can check them out Here

[Direct link]
[7/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Games Trailer posted a 2min video of Battlefield Bad Company 2 gameplay in the beta map, Africa Harbour. You can check it out Here

[Direct link]
[7/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Nowgamer recently posted an article on their hands-on preview and gave it rave reviews!

Quote:We’re not afraid to say it – Battlefield: Bad Company 2 rocked our world when we played the game at a recent EA event. Whereas the first was tainted by our impression that modes were perhaps being held back, either as a result of development time or poor value for money, there’s no doubt that Bad Company 2 is the main event of this series within a series.

You can read the rest of the article Here

[Direct link]
[7/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
IncGamers Recently posted a video interview with Gordon Vandyke. To comment on the video, i feel that there was a lack of emotions in the interview. I would rather hear a human's voice asking the questions then flash lifeless text of the question. Game journalism is an art and the interviewer should know the game before they ask the questions. Don't just ask a questions like "what is the game about" and such. Go deep, think deep and don't be linear. For example, "what are the unique differences between the classes that you can play as i as the player can see that customization is a big aspect and the high level customization makes me feel that there is almost no difference between the classes in the game" or "One of the biggest change we can see is the upgraded Frostbite engine with Destruction 2.0. Other aspects from the previous Battlefield Bad Company game has also been changed like lighting and Damage dealt from weapons. Do you feel that there are other aspects you feel that can be improved for Battlefield Bad Company 2 and future Battlefield games like Battlefield 3?"

You can check out the video Here

[Direct link]
[7/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Sorry for the late release but IGN recently posted about how their IGN Insiders and GameSpy Founder's Club members can get Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta keys for the PS3 starting on Tuesday, November 10 as part of a agreement with EA/DICE as another means of users getting access to the beta. Asian and European don't have to worry as DICE will be releasing details of partners in the Asia and Europe release of the PS3 beta codes and PC users will have access in December. They have also posted a hand-on review of the game which you can find Here

Click Here to check out the article!

[Direct link]
[7/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Joystiq recently posted a hands-on impression of Battlefield Bad Company 2 with a good review of the map Arica Harbor and the game's Rush Mode(Formally Gold Rush Mode)

Quote:We can't wait to battle there again (and again, and again ... ) when the beta goes live in a couple of weeks. It's a really well designed map, and, as only a taste of what's to come, has us really eager to experience the rest of the maps Bad Company 2's multiplayer mode will have to offer.

Read more about it Here

[Direct link]
[7/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Kotaku recently posted an impression of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and even comment that its a contender to the Call of Duty's franchise throne.

Quote:I can say, however, that the feature list for this game and the sensory impression it leaves make clear what this game's potential is. EA's Medal of Honor series might be missing in action, but with Bad Company they've got a game that can gun for Activision's Call of Duty.

Read the rest of the article Here

[Direct link]
[6/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Marcus "Noken" Johansson, the video editor for the recent Battlefield Bad Company 2 PS3 Beta Announcement Video and the creator of the famous and epic Mine series for BF2 and Frost Series for BF2142 which you can view Here recently posted a article on the PS3 Blog site which you can view Here

[Direct link]
[6/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Torrence Davis From The Bit Bag Recently posted up a video interview with Gordon Vandyke at the EA's Naughty or Nice Event in New York recently after the embargo was lifted recently. They talked about Details of the game like Lighting,Animation,The FrostBite Engine and the limit of the console compared to the PC and how it will be a true PC version and not a console port and Gordon Vandyke threw a message to Microsoft and Sony if they want to to have combined multiplayer with all 3 platforms, they have to man-hug and work together. One of the best interviews with a Developer i have seen and it doesn't feel scripted and Torrence Davis really is a gamer and not just a interviewer. Torrence Davis also posted an article on TheBitBag on the reason why the Xbox360 isn't getting a chance to play the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta and why its only for PlayStation 3 and PC from the man himself, Gordon Vandyke!

Check out the Video interview with Gorden Vandyke Here!
Check out the Article on the interview with Gorden Vandyke on the reasons why the Xbox360 isnt getting the beta Here!

[5/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]

[5/11][Image: BF_Heroes_32x32.png]
The Battlefield Heroes team recently posted the profiles of 5 of their sexy Community Moderators!

Click here to check it out!

[4/11][Image: BF_Heroes_32x32.png]
The Battlefield Heroes team recently tweet asking all to join a mission!

Battlefield Heroes Twitter/Facebook Wrote:We have a mission for you, if you choose to accept it. We are looking for a few good Heroes that can suprass the best of the best and become the ultimate 1337 (elite) by snapping some pictures of their friends all geared up and of course their enemy as well.

[4/11][Image: BF_Heroes_32x32.png]
The Battlefield Heroes team recently updated the game to version 1.04.1131.0 with a few very minor fixes.

[4/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Gordon Vandyke recently Tweeting about the future release of the system requirement for the future release of the Frostbite engine for PC and have stated that it will take a little more time for the super epic release!

Gordon Vandyke Wrote:To all wanting PC Specs for upcoming #Frostbite games, it's not ready to measure yet so we all need to wait a bit longer.

We already know that the frostbite engine that will be used in future Battlefield games is Optimized for 64Bit OS so we can only wait and see.

[3/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
The Battlefield Bad Company 2 Team recently received a letter from a Good Samaritan and Battlefield fan, Eddie J. with a written note and attached to it was some cash!
Quote:The entire team of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 wants to thank Eddie J. for his letter and generous gift. It's moments like this that make all the late nights and weekends of crunching to make the best game possible all worth it. Again, thank you so much Eddie! :-)

Click Here to read the actually article and view the letter sent to DICE!

[3/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
DragonLadee recently posted a blog post written by Alan Kertz(A.K.A Demize99) regarding all the Day 1 Advantages you get by getting the Limited Edition of Battlefield Bad Company 2!

Demize99 Wrote:Each of the Bonuses we've carefully selected represents one of the cornerstones of the Battlefield experience: Teamplay, Vehicles, and Veterans. We handpicked Specializations that enhance the abilities of Veterans and Newcomers alike. Let's explore the gameplay possibilities in the Limited Edition of Battlefield Bad Company 2

Click Here! to read the rest of the article!

[2/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
Gordon Vandyke recently posted a new blog post regarding the recent scam sites proclaiming that they can allow users access to the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

Gordon Vandyke Wrote:As of today there is no official Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta and I wanted to warn people out there of fake/hoax sites perpetrating to have a sign-up for one. We do not have any form of beta sign-ups, nor would we ever endorse such a practice or shady url to do so. Please do not let these e-tards take advantage of your enthusiasm for BFBC2 in their scam and only give them the middle-finger if anything. So, unless you read it here or from our official Twitter page it isn't real.

You can click Here to read the actual article and comment on it.

[2/11][Image: bf1943-logosmall.png]
The Battlefield1943 team recently posted a new tweet asking users who are getting the "game appears to be unavailable" error to post in in their forums.

Battlefield 1943 Twitter Wrote:If you get the "game appears to be unavailable" error message please view this thread & help us resolve it.

They have also posted a screenshot on what they have announced as the screenshot of the month
[img=512px × 288px]

[1/11][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
The Battlefield Bad Company 2 team recently posted a new tweet pointing out to a new scam site.

Quote:This site claiming beta for #BFBC2 is fake, there is no beta sign-up site.

[30/10][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
The Battlefield Bad Company 2 team recently posted a new blog written by Gordon Vandyke post to clear up some misconception about the Limited Edition Version of Battlefield Bad Company 2

You can Read it Here

Quote:The Limited Edition announcement raised some questions and created some discussion across the interwebs so here is a short FAQ to help answer questions we've seen by the community:

Limited Edition FAQ

Do I have to pay extra for the Limited Edition? No, it's the same price as the Standard Edition, just limited in quantity.

Do I have to reserve / pre-order to get the Limited Edition? No, but that's the safest way to ensure you get one since there will be a limited supply.

Can I get the unlocks featured in the Limited Edition if I miss out and can only get the Standard Edition? Yes, won't have the same day 1 advantage. You'll have to play through game and get the unlocks the standard way.

Where can I get the Limited Edition? We intend to sell it at as many retailers as possible, but it depends on where you live and how much your retailer wants to stock up. Once they're sold out, only the Standard Edition will be available.

Why don't I see the Limited Edition showing up at my favorite online retailer? It's up in some place like and will start to appear everywhere else. This is a busy time of the year and retailers are working hard to get this in place and it will be available both online and in-store.

Is the Limited Edition available on all three platforms? Yes: PC, PS3 and X360.

Will there be a Beta or Demo before the game comes out? Stay tuned to the blog or follow us on Twitter for future developments on all things Battlefield Bad Company 2.

[29/10][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
The New Battlefield Bad Company 2 Video is out with a new blog post included talking about the special limited edition only unlocks!

Quote:The Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition delivers six special customizations early to give players a day one advantage in multiplayer matches. Four vehicle warfare unlocks will immediately enhance the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 best-in-class online vehicle warfare experience, delivering extra firepower, radar, and armor for the vehicles. Additionally, the tracer dart attaches to any enemy vehicle and allows RPG-toting teammates to track, lock on, and destroy their adversary. Seasoned veterans of Battlefield 1943™ will be able to immediately re-acquaint themselves with two classic and highly powerful weapons, the M1A1 submachine gun and the M1911 pistol.

Check it out!!!! HERE!

[29/10][Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
The Battlefield Bad Company 2 Team Recently Posted a New Blog Post with a sneak peak of the official cover art for both Limited And Standard!

Click Here To find out more and check out the photos! Remember

Quote:[Image: BFBC2pcPFTstandard.jpg][Image: BFBC2pcPFTlimited.jpg]
[Image: BFBC2ps3PFTstandard.jpg][Image: BFBCps3PFT_5F00_LimEd.jpg]
[Image: BFBC2x360PFTstandard.jpg][Image: BFBCx360PFT_5F00_LimEd.jpg]

[Image: BF_Heroes_32x32.png]
: Battlefield Heroes News
[Image: bf1943-logosmall.png]
: Battlefield1943 News
[Image: BFBC2genLOGOnewsmall.png]
: Battlefield Bad Company 2

[Image: 08_bgEORplayer.png]

[Image: pre-order.png]

[BFBC2] You can Pre-Order Battlefield Bad Company 2 Now at GameStop!

[BF1943] You can Pre-Order Battlefield 1943 For the PC Now in the EA Store!

[Image: 08_bgEORplayer.png]

[Image: ourFavgames-1.png]

[Image: logo_bf1942_small.jpg][Image: vietnam.jpg][Image: battlefield2_logo.gif][Image: 2142_logo_b_small.png][Image: dgn_battlefield_bad_company_logo.jpg][Image: mirrorxt2.jpg][Image: heroes-logo.gif][Image: bf1943-logo.jpg][Image: zkgbbc2logo1.jpg]

The Game That Started It All
[Image: CodenameEaglecover.jpg]


[Image: 08_bgEORplayer.png]

[Image: fanslist.png]

  1. -Vp-
  2. Don177
  3. Freakboy
  4. fpsgamer
  5. Jakeonui
  6. Alluplayer
  7. Serbian
  8. Warrior1990
  9. Blacmann
  10. Mr. A
  11. Demonic Git
  12. DocDurchschnitt
  13. M1k3ol
  14. Potatisman
  15. Space_guy123
  16. Zarimba
  17. thtguy
  18. Raro
  19. uh_Iforgot
  20. Nameless Sniper
  21. BoyOfTheEnders
  22. Aratax
  23. Mr-BlueZone
  24. Morkenasse
  25. PlotzMaster

[Image: 08_bgEORplayer.png]

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22-10-2009, 05:46 PM | Post: #2
i gonna join... i think

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22-10-2009, 05:50 PM | Post: #3
me too...

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22-10-2009, 05:56 PM | Post: #4
Lemme guess.
You are happy about the commando update.

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22-10-2009, 05:57 PM | Post: #5
what update??

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22-10-2009, 05:57 PM | Post: #6
i have 4/8 of those games if u count BF:H too Big Grin

[Image: screen092finish.gif]

[Image: 96hov6.png]

Money idea
The map
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22-10-2009, 05:58 PM | Post: #7
(22-10-2009 05:57 PM)fpsgamer Wrote:  what update??

The short range "nerf"

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22-10-2009, 05:58 PM | Post: #8
i have 1 of this games
didnt know that and what's nerf

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22-10-2009, 06:03 PM | Post: #9
I wanna join , i got entire bf2 series , 2142 and 1942

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22-10-2009, 06:09 PM | Post: #10
I GONNA JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!

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22-10-2009, 06:23 PM | Post: #11
(22-10-2009 05:58 PM)fpsgamer Wrote:  i have 1 of this games
didnt know that and what's nerf

[Image: nerf___american_gladiator_tf08.jpg]

They made the damage lower(like if they were rubber balls) at short range.
Nerf is a rubber toy brand.

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22-10-2009, 06:27 PM | Post: #12
i got 1 dice game, gues witch?

[Image: bfhsiggy.jpg]
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22-10-2009, 06:28 PM | Post: #13
oh yeah the wii game[Image: nerf-n-strike.jpg]

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22-10-2009, 06:43 PM | Post: #14
(22-10-2009 06:27 PM)Jonzzon Wrote:  i got 1 dice game, gues witch?

BF:H Smile

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22-10-2009, 06:53 PM | Post: #15
Got 5 of these, mayb 6 'cause BC2 seems very cool. I'm so lazy so does anyone know release date for it?

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[Image: 1sds8x.png]
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22-10-2009, 09:37 PM | Post: #16
Demonic Git 
I've got almost every BF game, but not Mirror's Edge, however I've played every DICE game there is (except 1943 Undecided)

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22-10-2009, 10:14 PM | Post: #17
ummmm no more fanclubs

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Nationals rule and you know it.
Please call mesa waka and not wakamonkey it's short and simple
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22-10-2009, 11:24 PM | Post: #18
Hmm i wonder if they will release a battlefield orange box lol...
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23-10-2009, 10:31 AM | Post: #19
Hmmm i owned

BF2/BF2142/Mirrors edge/BFH? and sadly, i dont have a xbox or i would have gotten bad company and bf1943

i use to play bf1942 at lan cafes Tongue

And play dont go off-topic in the fan club thread Smile

I'm in school and working hard in the real world Smile
[Image: yj9ujrf]

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23-10-2009, 01:27 PM | Post: #20
I´m Fan since Pinball Dreams ! Count me in Big Grin

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