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Hello Heroes,

In these FAQs we will cover all the basics on how to use the forums and what you may see along the way.

The forums are a great place for many things, you can come to the forums to make friends, get information, seek help or even play some of the crazy forum games we have in the Off Topic section.

Seeking Help?
The forums are a great place to find help and we have a great community just waiting to help you out, but jumping in head first and creating a thread or two is not the quickest and usually not the most informative way to get the information you want.

The Search Function
You may be surprised how much information you can find in such a short amount of time just by using this small but effective tool .

How to use the Search Function
In this example we will show you how quick and easy it is to find the information you want quickly.
Lets take a common question such as "How to delete a hero"
  1. Click Search in the upper right.
    [Image: 2u6iatg.png]
  2. Enter a keyword. (The keyword word we have here is "delete" but you can use multiple words if you like)
    [Image: 2qb6urk.png]
  3. Next select if you want to view post containing your keywords or topics.
    (For this example we will use topics)
  4. Press Enter or click Search and wait a moment.
  5. You will now see a list of threads containing the keyword/s you entered and as you can see there are plenty of threads here that are just what we need, a thread with all the info we need on how to (Or IF) we can delete a hero.
    [Image: 33ufsj8.png]

NOTE: If the threads do not contain the answer that you are looking for please stick to threads you find through the search function.
This allows us to keep everything in one place and help us and the community to help you quicker.

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I can't find what i am looking for through the search function, What now?

Asking Questions
If you just wish to ask a question or seek some advice, head on over to the Players Helping Players section and ask our very helpful community, we do ask however that you try to use an appropriate title.

Using a title such as "HELP!!!!one!!!eleven" won't help anyone, Using a title that points out the basic issue or subject of the question you are asking will encourage people who may know the answer to post in your thread.

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