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Hello There, Guest!

15-07-2009, 10:52 PM | Post: #101
Very good games and very funny )
I fired to people but not give me score because my team fast shot and killed... Omg! Failed missions.
That is one, next two.. some problem graphis for windscreen monitor (I saw on options and no have symbol for recomenden resulioton)

p.s sorry my bad english
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15-07-2009, 10:55 PM | Post: #102
im pretty new at the battlefield series. although i did play battlefield 2 modern combat for the ps2 that game was very bad so i was a little concerned when i played this game, but overall it was pretty fun the graphics where solid the gameplay was enjoyable and for the first time in a long time i actually laughed when i diedBig Grin. but there were a few petty things i disliked such as the few maps to chose from i mean only three Huh. there were also few viechle classes to ride in, and the censorship is a bit touchy in the forum to words like but or dan.g which are words that aren't exactly smiled upon but not worth censoring. but all in all the good overwhelmed the bad and im happy to say that battlefield heroes is one of the best free games that i've ever played.

[Image: 4rbwf24r.jpg]
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15-07-2009, 11:03 PM | Post: #103
fantastic game play for a free to play fps.

needs more class, skill, weapon, vehicle and map variety to add staying power.

leveling in the teens becomes gruesome for casual gamers.

Overall 9/10 imo!
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15-07-2009, 11:09 PM | Post: #104
EDIT: I can't post anything D:

same as the fellow below

[Image: karnv3copy.png]

I am an expert in the art of sneakysnakes. I scream "SNEAKYSNAKES" in battle alot. (This post was last modified: 15-07-2009 11:12 PM by rickastley.)
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15-07-2009, 11:10 PM | Post: #105
I would be happy to submit a review of 500 words, however I know from experience that this forum software usually won't allow messages that are longer than a sentence or two. I have to hit "Post Reply" about thirty times for such a long message to go through without giving me a white screen and the text being lost after 2 minutes of sitting there.
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15-07-2009, 11:28 PM | Post: #106
fun game , recommended for everyone who wants to have fun. room for improvement but allrdy kick ass. BF:H is like a addiction once ur hooked to it
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15-07-2009, 11:29 PM | Post: #107
First off, let me say that I believe Battlefield Heroes is a huge success. The amount of players, the quality of gameplay, the fact that such a great product is available for free really gives the Free to Play (F2P) business model some credence. I hope that this model also rewards EA financially. The fact that this game is a success is very important, since this title is one of the first to use this business model. I know EA is getting into the F2P market in a really big way, and its good to know that one of their first forays into this model has been successful.

However, I feel this game is at odds with itself. The game is bipolar in design. Its as if the game doesn't know who it's designed for. Is it a casual game? Then why are there so many hardcore gamers? Is it supposed to be appealing to kids? Then why is the community filled with so many trolls? Is the game supposed to be accessible to everyone? Then why do you need so much skill to be a competitor?

Let's start with defining the danger of 'Casual' gameplay. The term 'Casual' is a loaded one, and I don't think BFH fits the bill for this genre. Casual gameplay implies that any user can pick up the game at any time, play for five minutes, have fun, and leave. But BFH does not fit that definition. You are required to grind for at least 10 levels (in my experience) before your hero has enough abilities to be a driving force in the game. The gameplay itself is not conducive to casual gameplay. Players are rewarded for being highly skilled. Now, this in of itself does not mean its not casual, many casual games require skill to play. But with First Person Shooters, there is already such a high user-base thats been playing since CS1.6 (or, more appropriately, BF 1942), that it really doesnt help complete newbies to pick up the game (who then have to grind).

When you step back and take a hard, neutral look at it, you will see that this is a Battlefield game. This game is hardcore, for hardcore gamers. The cartoonish skinning is only there to allow for the neat abilities, something that wouldn't be allowed by the pseudo-simulation of regular BF games. This is one of the reasons the game feels so bipolar. Was the cartoony styling only their to make the player suspend disbelief? Was this game intended for Hardcore BF players all along?

One of the surprising things I found about this game was the community. I mentioned the game rewarding highly skilled FPS players. If you haven't noticed, many highly skilled FPS players (and non-skilled, now that I think about it) are 'Trolls'. Trolls meaning they are inconsiderate, rude, spam heavy and sometimes racist. I wont deny that I myself have trolled in game... minus the racism. This is something your going to get with any F2P game. The fact that there's no moderation, not even a swearing filter, means that you are going to get some ******* (or a group of assholes), ruining the experience for newbies trying to get into the game. Similar concerns was posted on Gamasutra recently (

The point here is that if you are going to have no swear filter or any kind of chat moderation, your going to get conversations of the lowest common denominator. Players need to be accountable for their actions and their words. Some kind of player ranking, player preferred, or flag as inappropriate is necessary to keep the conversation in some kind of civility.

Persona ranking. I have three level 12's and a level 14. Now, I'm conflicted on this. On the one hand, I love the ability to view my progress as I play. One of the reasons I stopped playing CS is because it didnt track your progress over time. I like that in BFH, the amount of time you put into the game is reflected by your rank/stats. The sense of accomplishment of having a high level character rewards the player. However, the inability to change your hero on the fly can cause game inbalances (having too many of one type in a round... usually snipers). The Hero is locked to either Royal or National, and it might just be me,
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15-07-2009, 11:31 PM | Post: #108
but it seems a lot more skilled players are on National than Royals. This isn't always the case, but being the evil Nationals is a lot more appealing than the wimpy royals, at least for the trolls I mentioned earlier. It seems that this is a bitter pill, design-wise. I would expect it to be technically difficult to change personas on the fly and have all the stats update correctly, but without it you have these round inbalances. For the record, I think it was worth it to be locked to your character.

I have to go back to work now, but I want to thank DICE/EA for putting this game out there. BFH truly is a F2P game, it wouldn't have been very successful if it was on the shelves at retailers. I think its important to look at what went right, identify what went wrong, and learn what to do for the next F2P iteration. This game must have been a moderate risk for such a large publisher, I hope the reward was worth it.
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15-07-2009, 11:57 PM | Post: #109
As a soldier game.
It stands on its own.
Fun fast paced sometimes buggy game-play.
Overall a good experience.

However, Player advancement should be more then just ability's.
I think ranks should be introduced. If you kill someone of a higher rank more exp should be rewarded.
I think the game needs more polish.
We should get titles. Badges to place on our costumes, like when we complete a mission the icon for that mission should become a badge we get to use.
Without that kind of polish, the game will get old fast.
More maps, the bugs need fixed.

If all this is done I see this game being HUGE.
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16-07-2009, 12:06 AM | Post: #110
Battlefied Heroes is the most addictive game ever. When i first got the beta key i was so excited it was a dream come true.The game has turned excellent with almost every move.There has been one set back, as you know the recent add on PunkBuster was a mistake PunkBuster has never worked even with updates im luckey this incident diddnt affect me. I thought the graphics were good i felt like i was in a cartoon.The gameplay is enjoyable it was great (i cant think anything negative about the gameplay!)The controls i thought were great it was the same controls for all cod games.One word for the music: PERFECT!!!! it fit in so great.As you can see th game was amazing perfect in every way. The only thing theat needs to be fixed is PunkBuster

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16-07-2009, 12:46 AM | Post: #111
First of all... being an OLD gamer, this is great for relaxation after a long day working.

Played almost every Battlefield available. Started with BF1942 + Desert Combat. The first thing that striked me, comming from Medal Of Honour and Unreal Tournament was the lag in the BF series. With BF Heroes this seems to have gone down to a minimum - most of the times, but I am not sure, as I don't know how to search for servers with low ping nor check it ingame. Would be nice to have some tools (?)

I really like the concept of Advertised and "cybercarrot" like items paying for this and perhaps some of the serverhosts finance this too.

It's much more 2009'ish to make things cheap/free for the small version and then people can buy extras when they get comfy with the software.

I have even thought of buying som BF's so that I could buy myself that extra Hero i need to I can have 3 on each side.

The reasons for me NOT buying BF's right now is:
* where is this game going, are the bugs going to get fixed soon, are there going to be more and larger maps?

* I would pay extra to KEEP my dress/hat/watch on my charecter, but I am not going to buy stuff that will cost me real money each month.

* The levels... I have 5 heros (used my beta BF of 200 to buy the extra guy) and they are approx at level 12-14 each - but it seems that it will take me AGES to get a sniper up to lets say level 25 on both sides. Might have left the game by that time

Ideas for BF founding/advertising:
The idea of showing ads ingame is okay in a free game as BF Heros I think, and if I had to pay for the next Battlefield 3 but could play the "commercial added version" for less, I sure would.

Where to put the advertising then? Perhaps on posters ingame... but better: make sure that we watch the add between each round. Dont make it fullscreen, just use eg. 25% of the screen or top or something.

For Heroes, it would be nice if real heavy gamers - like most of the kids without money to spend, would gain something from all the invested time. My idea is that everyone gets 1 BF for each round played, but ONLY if you get more than 500 points. The winner of the round (on a full server) could also get 5 BF for this. Then you could raise the shop prices for items and people would still have a way to get some of those nice "BF only" items.

Join a server
This is the most crucial part of the game, and still this isnt working. This has been a problem since BF 2142 I think. The lobby part of the game is terrible. What we need is some sort of serverlist (not by own bookmarks, as these shows nothing)

Secondly, over the years I we have grown large communities of friends - as I've seen in many posts - and we really need a new way of joining the servers.

Each tuesday we are 4 guys - from different countries, chatting over teamspeak, trying to get into the same server at the same time. First we all try to join a random server, to see where we end. Then we get on a "almost full" server, perhaps with room for 1 more. Not 4 guys. Then there might be space on the oppersite side, but before we all 4 are able to switch heros, the server gets filled up.

We have tried to bookmark a lot of servers, but at best luck we find an empty one, then we are 4 guys on one side, running around for 20 minutes without any enemies on the other side joining us... eeehhhmmm.. where is this server?

So, a way of making up a temporary team, not all friends, as I already have more than 100 added in BF heros, but a fast way of adding Friends to a short list of eg. 4-6 persons, and when people accept to be part of this "global join" then "master player" clicks on the join and the server-search finds a server with room for the selected team. If there is no server with space, then put us on an empty one - at least we dont have to search in 100 bookmarks attempting to join each of them.

Some of them are very fast completed, some of them seems

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16-07-2009, 12:47 AM | Post: #112
(16-07-2009 12:46 AM)=KA=Darklife Wrote:  Missions.....
Some of them are very fast completed, some of them seems

Some of them are very fast completed, some of them seems impossible. But the worst part is that you cannot select new ones ingame. So you have to leave your friends to go and configure a new one. At least let us change this between maps - eg. while loading next level.

Heros/sides - uneven
its often very unfair teams, and it would be nice if it became possible to switch hero or side between maps/rounds. Not IN the rounds, but after a round, so that if you enter a server with pure commandos, then you can switch to whatever you think is best against them etc.

So less "out of the server" needed, more - let's stay here and beat the crap out of them.

All in all - this game is for free - and I like it to be that - I would NOT minde to seee LOCAL advertising here. I am from Denmark, and there most be many companies eager to sell me shoes, party tickets, food, cinema tickets etc. - so these companies ought to buy some advertising space and if you can do like Google AdWords and use my country setting for selecting the advertise then it would be perfect - especially if you pay me some small amount of BF's for playing the game - watching the ads.

Thanks for the fun so far... looking forward to see if we get big maps for this game or I will have to go for BF1943 or BF3


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16-07-2009, 01:00 AM | Post: #113
I LOVE this game. It's easily addicting, playful, and it's free!
The only few things I don't like are the painfully slow level-ups, and the strangely bland maps.

Great game! i have already recruited a lot of friends!


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16-07-2009, 01:56 AM | Post: #114
Pressing esc in a game does not do anything. How do I exit a game?
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16-07-2009, 02:15 AM | Post: #115
I would have to say that at the start this game caught my attention! The detail, cartoon style, the leveling. But what is happening is that it is loosing that appeal. In closed beta, i understand there should be errors, but someone posted their is more errors now then in closed and that is the truth.

You can make a wonderful game! But in the end if it is buggy, it will not last long! Look at Hell Gate London. Excellent game, but buggy.

That is my review on the longevity of this game, which in short it looses out on long term players due to errors, and no new content. Clothes do not count as new content!

Gunner: slow, except with the speed bonus! This character is like a downer compared to the commando and soldier. Its like you have to clam down to play him as everything is in slow motion. Even shooting 120 bullets you would think would hurt someone, but the bullets are crap as they do not do that much damage. What is a good about a gunner, hmmm, not sure really. I level one to level 15, and so far the only good thing is roaming with a pack of people to make them go fast. A gunner one on one with any other class is pointless unless you are maxed out!

Soldier: so far one of the best characters! Love the spike and there is nothing like spiking a tank off a cliff or a person. Kudos for that. BB is cool too as they find commandos. As a commando I hate it as it is way to easy to get hit. Wish my gunner could hit like that. Health is cool and soldier are the best and fastest to level! I would speak about grenades but I never used them. My soldier is level 30.

Commando: well, not bad if I was not stuck on VV for the rest of my life! Their currently is a problem with my commando that can only play infantry maps. I loose connection if I try another map and then my matching screws up and will not work again. It is fun being stealthed. Up until recently since the last update they nerfed the fast rifle. Now I can have my target right on and not hit anything! I played for game in a row where I was about 15 meters away from the target, and after 3 rounds no a single hit! BTW, the target was running away in a straight line. Figure that one out! I thought that was a fluke, but 4 games tell a different story. My commando is level 27.

CC: fun map, buggy stair on the windmill, get caught on the X bars "blockade". For the middle flags you spawn TOOOOO far away. It makes it so you can lose the flag quickly. Hate that part alot.
VV: good map, best map for a soldier! Not too many bugs
SS: if you are not in a tank, you die!
Bay: i like this one because it combines all the maps into one! have not found any bugs on that

Royal tank: faster then national, weaker in power and defence. I can hit a person right on with no tank smash
National tank: slower then royal, much stronger in power and defence, I can just touch someone and I get a tank smash all the time
Jeeps: well their jeeps
Same with planes

I could go on, but I wrote a book. I am hoping that something comes out soon "other that silly clothes!" Only good thing about clothes is that when the enemy wears them they make easy targets for me! This game is getting repetitive with everything. Switching characters is not working on keep it fresh. Same maps, same bugs over and over etc etc.

At start, I would give the game 8/10 -- now 6/10

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16-07-2009, 02:24 AM | Post: #116
1|_|1z XD XD
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16-07-2009, 02:25 AM | Post: #117
That game was an WWll era turn into a random 3rd person shooter of weird and fun!!!!!Tongue

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16-07-2009, 02:29 AM | Post: #118
BFH is an amazing game! This is the only game that has really hooked me and i just want to keep playing, it just lets me feel accomplished. keep it up guys!
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16-07-2009, 03:53 AM | Post: #119
The best free game around ,but expected it to be little better.

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16-07-2009, 04:04 AM | Post: #120
I personally have played alot of shooting games, mainly big ones, but small ones aswell (like gunz is a small one like this) and i think the gameplay is very good and the right accuracy to power ratio has been met, which is something i find very important.

In CoD4 the guns need to have a ratio of power per bullet to the number of bullets and accuracy of the gun, meaning that there were many mods to change the game to eliminate the guns with too much power. in this game the gunning is excellent because the less bullets u have the more power and the more accurate. the biggest bring down however is the constant errors. If you wish to maintain the level of current players i would suggest fixing a great majority of the errors, as the gameplay is fine for now you can afford to not change anything for a while or add clothing in the store what you really need is to fix all these problems people are having. I almost considered deleting this game yesterday after only having it a week and the friends list was broken, the bookmark servers list was broken, match finding wouldnt find me a game, and if i did get in it gave me and error and kicked me or it was american server and high ping kicked me (im australian). i really really really really hate match making, because i like to have choice, and being able to choose my server makes me very happy, i know you can change your preferences on whether to have infantry or vehicles, but i cant choose australian servers, and so far all match making has given me is east american servers (i know because i bookmark them to check) i have only gotten 1 australian server because i was able to join off my friend once and bookmarked it and that is why the bookmark servers list is important to me because i cant get an aussie server. requirements and graphics are fine i dont really care about that as long as gameplay is good, and the theme song is great and in game sound is fine.

all in all you need to fix all the errors please and hopefully give us a server list instead of matchmaking. thank you for a great game.
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