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07-07-2009, 02:37 PM | Post: #1
ShadeShooter Go to next important person...
Itching to review the game, wanted to tell the world and friends what you think of it?

We thought we would do a little experiment and give you a chance to review the game. Right here!

  1. Post your reviews in this topic only, this also means no attaching documents.
  2. Reviews should be objective, whether you make good points or bad points about the game. As long as you give a good reason for the point.
  3. All reviews must be posted in English.
  4. Minimum amount of words: 500

Advice & Tips

Want to review and not sure on where to start? Then these tips will help you:

Q: Is there a specific format/layout we should use?
A: Not at all, many reviewers use a different layout and approach when writing reviews, however the majority use the standard layout, which is:

  1. Introduction - A small sentence or paragraph, introducing the reader to what you are reviewing (details of the game)
  2. First Impressions - What did you think about the game when it was announced, your feelings and expectations?
  3. Main Body - This will be the main review, some reviewers just write paragraph after paragraph, others break it down into sections, like so:
    • Graphics - Your thoughts on the graphics, how they fit in with the game, are they important and do they impact the game in any way? (positively or negatively)
    • Game play - How does the game handle, is it enjoyable, what requirements does it need to run and so on?
    • Controls - How does the game handle from the aspect of the controls? Are they easy to use, does the game respond well after doing an action?
    • Sound/Music - Is the sound/music nice, does it fit in with the rest of the game?
  4. Conclusion - This is your ending argument, a combination of the above but summarised into a paragraph with what you feel should be fixed/changed.

Q: Can I only write 500 words? What is the maximum amount of words I can write?
A: Not at all, you can write as much as you want, as long as it doesn't turn into spam. We are looking for informative reviews, the minimum number of words is a guideline but there is no limit on the maximum number of words, however if you can keep it short and above 500 words then that is fine, don't feel like you have to stretch the review if you don't want too.

Q: When you say "Reviews should be objective" what does it mean?
A: It means, stay on track and informative, above all it also means give a valid reason/argument to the point you are making.

For example, if I wanted to state that I like a particular feature of the game:

Not Preferred: "I like the emotes, they make me laugh"

Preferred: "I like the emotes within the game because I can make my Hero taunt funny animations after I have killed someone. This is a double edged sword though, since enemies can do the same to me but I find it funny, especially after a good fight with someone and they get the upper hand."

You can see the difference and the second version straight away informs you that the player finds the game fun, enjoyable and won't shout at you after you kill them.
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08-07-2009, 04:15 AM | Post: #2
this is an exalent game all around, fore a free game. it provides grate game play, in a completely unrealistic and "cartoony" format. how ever i must criticize that leveling has goten more boring sens the early beta. this is in large part due to, the removal of high level items why did you make so many items fore lvl16 on up and just git rid of them saying that it was "test items". thay seem to work just fine and their removal has taken a big aspect, and reword fore leveling. but many other aspects are vary well done such as,class equality ,and anti spawn killing. over all a good game

[Image: BFH-1-1.png]
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08-07-2009, 07:42 AM | Post: #3
When I first found out of Battlefield Heroes, it had just closed 2nd beta. Back then, I wondered "hmm, this might be interesting". Cartoonist shooter with humor? Must be good.

So how does it look now? Good, but few problems. Random crashes and bugs, but that's just beta. I can forgive that... for now.

Quick summary: BFH is a cartoon shooter, with focuses on casual gamer who doesn't want to be "shot in the face repeatedly by swearing, ultra-skilled 15 year old boy who plays the game everyday for 8 hours". Game is free to download and play. It is supposed to be funded with ads, but so far none has been seen. There is abbility to buy "BattleFunds", that allow player to buy special cloths but not gameplay enchancers (well, XP and VP boost are one thing, they don't affect the actual combat).

First thing that player meets when finaly going into the game is character screen. Idea of abbility of creating unique hero is damn genius, finaly my char looks what I want it to look! Still, limited amount of Valor Points(Currency you earn by playing) purchaces make it difficult and annoying for those who don't/can't buy BattleFunds. Luckily, no new weapons are to be bought with BattleFunds. So DICE has gotten that right.

What can I say? I dig cartoonist style, altough I have heard some bad things about it *cough*TF2*cough*. It creates sense of "fun", when you see all kinds of characters running around. Altough a team of Smooth Criminals kills something inside me... Overall, graphics we good.

Heroes is a typical shooter. You run, shoot and hope you don't die. Good thing is that the respawn time is much smaller. You don't need to wait entire day before you can rejoin the fight. The 3rd person also give some problems: when driving, let's say a tank, you tend to get those damn trees in your view, resulting in several TNT in your back.

Ground vehicles are well balanced, but the plane could use little more work. I'm not going into detail, suggestion forum is for that. Classes are well balanced. In my opinion, none of them is overpowered. Gunner beats soldier, commando beats gunner and soldier beats commando(if he can catch him first).

Abbilities are unique to each class. Commandos skills focus in stealth and quick kill, while gunner makes sure he doesn't go down first. I don't much to say about this topic.

There is not much of a music. Just the main theme, but what it loses in numbers, it takes back in quality. Theme is so catchy, that you even whistle along it.

So far I have only played the game on my laptop, where it runs well. I tried to run it on my old computer that normaly can play even Dawn of War, but it went down. Don't know reason for this yet, could be that it is just my computer. Anyway, requiments are relatively low, for a modern game yet the game still looks good.

Overall, the game is good and fun to play. It has only one main problem: apart from the fun, what motivates the player to continnue playing? There are missions, but they have so little rewards for so difficult jobs (25 VP for 1500 damage with knife) that they are more nuisance than something to strife for.

(Sorry for any spelling/grammar errors, I try to fix them when I find them)

[Image: commandosig.png]
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08-07-2009, 08:55 AM | Post: #4
Maybe I'll put something in here, if I can find some time, eventually, I will Smile

DICE, I really REALLY liked this game, thats why I bought BF, to pay respect to you guys, who make the game, but now, I think you have took away the most powerful truces of this game and I think you are ruining it for every single one of us, SO GET YOUR LAZY BOTTOMS UP AND LISTEN TO YOUR COMMUNITY!!!!
(01-12-2009 02:02 PM)McNutty|R.A.T.S. Wrote:  Please reconsider this DICE. Remember when you were three students in a bedroom programming Amiga games? I don’t think that those guys would want to undo all the good work that you have done so far – and some of that work has been fan-dabi-dozi.
Amen to that. (This post was last modified: 09-11-2009 07:15 PM by k4kl44s.)
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08-07-2009, 08:57 PM | Post: #5
Thoughts on BF:H, from a cheap-skate.

I'm a long time gamer, but with a job, then a mortgage, and finally... kids - the time I have available to devote to online gaming has steadily diminished. Many of the better shooters out there required a lot of time investment to get right, had rounds that were longer than I wanted, or felt like mismatched when I was thrown in with uber experts who could kill me while I was still trying to figure out which single pixel on my screen was supposed to show a far away enemy firing a gun at me.

So when I first heard about BF:H a few months ago - I thought wow - this is right up my alley - a casual, free to play, first person shooter. I got myself a beta code, and jumped right in.

The Game

BF:H has two main parts - a web based console where you can mess with your character, and the shooting game itself.

The console is important - players can spend of time here as there is a lot of customization you can do, through different points you acquire. This may sound simple, but you can earn a (bewildering) variety of different types of points that you can use to customize and advance you character in different ways. XP to gain more levels. HPs (1 earned every other level) to invest in your character classes unique skills, VPs primarily to get better weapons + in game buffs (healing & repair most notable) - but also for extended emotes (in game taunts) and some limited customizable clothing, and finally BFs - which are real live dollars that can be spent to pretty up your character (huge variety of clothes and visual accessories, VP/XP earning buffs, and fancier emotes).

On top of that, you can also set yourself goals to earn VPs with - kill 5 enemy with a machine gun for example.

The console also sets the stage - its cartoony, and has a catchy whistled theme song (The Great Escape anyone?)

The game itself is fun - lots of shooting - 5-15 minute long matches on average - and for a decent player, its not hard to feel important to your team.

Basically BF:H is a simple team play shooter. 3 classes - gunner (brute with heavy weapons), commandos (stealthy snipers and ninja assassins), and soldiers (your basic grunt, with medic and some other oddball abilities thrown in). Each class is customizable with different weapons mixes, and different skills that are unique per class.

Players help their side by killing opposing players, capturing flags (respawn points which also give your team multipliers), and assisting team mates (healing by soldiers being #1). First group to get there opponents from 50 "tickets" to 0 (kills basically), wins.

The maps available right now are limited - two smaller maps for foot combat, with urban spaces and high points to snipe from, and 2 larger maps for vehicle combat and a range of environments (urban and rural). The vehicles are simple, but fun. A plane which can move fast, carry two passengers, and crash even faster. A light jeep that can also transport 2 additional passengers (no weapon onboard though). And finally the tank - a lumbering armored vehicle with a cannon (one passenger).

In keeping with the light/casual theme, the graphics are cartooney, players movement is not as realistic as in other shooters (no crawling, or fancy maneuvers here), and area weapons/one shot kills are toned down (mostly).

Theoretically the sides should be balanced, as you have limited control over what server you can join, and its supposed to limit the levels (so level 30 vets don't face off against level 2 newbies). In practice, it seems that sides can be somewhat unbalanced from AFK players (non-playing zombies that should be kicked), and you can find relative newbies grouped with pros. Cries of cheating arise from time to time, but from what I can see that comes from when a pitiless expert faces regular (casual) players.

At the end of the game, the totals are tallied, and the team heroes (and goats) are displayed - kills, deaths, points earned for all to see.

My Critique

BF:H delivers on the promise of casual, quick
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08-07-2009, 09:00 PM | Post: #6
Forum broken? I keep trying to post the end and it fails...Another stab at this -

My Critique

BF:H delivers on the promise of casual, quick first person shooting fun. Thats probably enough for most people. So after this short bit of praise, please keep in mind that the game is fun - and if thats what you're looking for stop here.

So what are the more serious problems of the game, for a non-uber cheapskate shooter veteran, like me? First off the missions/advancement need serious work.

This is no small matter - games like this thrive on the need for virtual carrots - a level, a power, even an accomplishment. In a game where getting 10 kills is a good round, a mission for 15 kills with only a machine gun seems seriously out of reach. How do you get 5 tank kills in a round, when everyone bales out of a tank as soon as its near critical damage??

At a certain point only the uber-player has anything to reach for, and all the casual has is the levels. And what do you do at level 30? Hopefully this is thought on more by the developers and expanded. For me the play is the thing - but worthwhile carrots would be nice too - and ones that come at a steadier pace (we're all kids no matter what the age, sad but true - gimme my treat)

Balance can also sometimes be frustrating. Uber-players can show up sometimes on a server full of average and newbie players. AFKs that stick around match after match leave your team weaker, and give the enemy easy targets. The chat/emote system is casual - but sometimes too casual as there is no team leadership, and a disorganized team will be crushed beneath a well organized one. Maybe each side needs a general with special powers?

Points are earned in-game, but you have to drop out of server to spend them. This is annoying when you realize that you have no idea how to get back to the server you just spent an hour playing on.

I'm going to keep playing - the game is fun, and there aren't a lot of casual shooting choices out there. But I hope that as the game gets closer to the expected full release date, that some of the final kinks get ironed out - so everyone from the cheapskate veteran, to the cheapskate casual player can have fun.

Finally the issue of money always pops up. Some people complain about the costs of certain clothing items - but honestly, its just digital dress up and thats fine by me if they want to charge whatever so we can play killer barbie's. As a cheapskate, I'll save my $$$ thank you, and run around with my dull looking character. Probably blend into the background better too. Hopefully enough people disagree with me to keep the game running. And you never know - sometimes I see a few choice items and think... just a few bucks won't kill me...
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09-07-2009, 04:44 PM | Post: #7
In a lot of ways I am exactly the kind of player that DICE was trying to snare with Heroes. I’ve loved games since I was a kid but I’m a 29 now so I don’t have the time to play as much as I’d like and I’ve always been too intimidated to get into online games. I’ve been playing since the closed beta (starting in March) and here are the thoughts that I thoughted about this game.

Starting out is hard in Heroes. You have hardly any abilities and there are always plenty of people with more experience ready to kill you before you have time to react. The most frustrating things were being sniped from God knows where and the cursed Grenade Spam (which has thankfully been nurfed since I started). However, I kept at it and little by little I got better. I started to get kills and eventually started to get more kills than deaths. After 10 hours of play I felt a lot more confident. I could hold my own and I was an asset to my team rather than a liability. But those first few hours were painful.

So, why did I stick with it? Well there are two main reasons. Firstly, Heroes is bright and cheerful; a far cry from the more ‘hardcore’ shooters that had intimidated me in the past. If I got killed out of the blue by a sniper it was frustrating but..hey...that dude’s dressed like a! The art style is charming and looked great on my less than fantastic PC. Secondly, I kept on levelling up. Even though it took a while for me to get good there was always the sense that I was making progress. The levels came thick and fast over the first few levels and often kept me up past my bedtime for ‘one more game’.

The thing that keeps me playing five months in though is the group of friends that I have built up. The non-threatening environment made it easy to chat to people in game (voice chat scares the bejeezus out of me) and every week I’d meet someone new that I could play with and start using more strategy. The ‘groups’ function on the website and the forums allowed this to grow and now we’re a fully fledged clan! I never thought that online gaming was for me but Heroes totally changed that.

Of course, it’s not all perfect. I have a lot of friends but it’s often hard to join their games and the system in place for joining friends is buggy and could give a lot more information. Also, while the maps and classes in place are fantastically well balanced (don’t listen to what you hear on the forums) the game is in dire need of new battlegrounds and fancy new threads for my Heroes to wear.

In short, Heroes did the impossible and got me into a side of gaming that I’d always been intimidated by. Thanks!

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09-07-2009, 04:46 PM | Post: #8
500 words exactly, impressive huh?

Also, sorry if the above is a bit too ‘subjective’ for your tastes but, c’mon, there’s no such thing as a truly objective review! Wink

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10-07-2009, 04:58 PM | Post: #9
Im going to lay this out into 5 parts: Graphics, Gameplay, Classes, Ease of Access, and Items.
Graphics: This reminds me of the battalion War series and is well worth the time played and allows for easy hiding/finding.
Gameplay: The Gameplay is amazing. Simply put.
Classes: the Classes are nothing short of insanely defined. They require you to be good at the hero to play.
Ease of Acess: This is the only problem ive had. It may take up to about 3 hours to find a game were all of the servers are full. This creates many problems.
Items: The system isnt too free oriented or pay oriented. Simply put you all did good on that.
I want to play this game all the time.. but i cant because the servers are full. Fix plz.
Very good game anyway
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10-07-2009, 05:34 PM | Post: #10
Keep in mind I also played the original, bf2, and bf 2142/special forces.

1. Nice graphics, but the lack of detail%2
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10-07-2009, 10:27 PM | Post: #11
This game is very very fun the massive problem with it is. Upgrades to it and the code needed to be a lot more heavily tested and fixed. The customer service is full of fail and they will quickly fail because no one will want to pay for a game that breaks everyday and is not fixed for weeks pretty much till something else breaks and then you can't play again.

tl,dr; version

Fix the errors you have a great game here if you do and get someone in here telling us atleast that you recognize them as being errors and are working on them even if your not.
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11-07-2009, 11:22 AM | Post: #12
A Light waight game with low spec and easy to install. And the most positive point is it's free to play. For the gaming it have good point that the player is harder to die; more superman like - more to be "Heroes" the skill is make it like more "Heroes" too. All make the game fun to play easily. Graphic is good with this low spec require. Pre baked texture of background with shader2.0 charactor with dynamic shadow is blended well.

I don't know if it because of it's BETA. Game is easy to get bored, no variation of weapons and map. also there is no server in east asia location. make Japanese Chinese Viatnamese Thai and more all are be randomed into the server of Australia. so there are be some laggy. Another bad point is form the old player of BF series say its so different form the original BF; both game play and graphic. It's more like team fortress. But it's OK for this small game size.
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11-07-2009, 11:48 AM | Post: #13

first of all i'd like to say that i love this game :-)
most of all because it is different from the rest and not only hard battle, but in first line for fun.
as i first read of BH i was wondering wether or not a comic-style game could be good. since i played it i know it absolutely can!

because of the comic-style the simple graphics fit the game and do not at all disturb the gameplay. the sounds are funny and still fitting. the only thing that could be done is to add more ingame musik...not just allways the same song.

the strukture of the game really impressed me, for it is really easy to understand and thanks to the matchmaking even newcomers can play this game without fearing to be ripped into peaces as soon as the game starts, while more experienced players can compare their strengths with equals instead of getting bored by slaughtering newbes.

since there are so many individual settings reaching from weapons-choice to individual skills which can be improved during the game, one has much more possibilities to create a soldier such as you want. and if one is willing to spend a little money one can even get an individual look, which i think is pretty good, too.

i guess this game will be extended every now and than, so i think it would be cool to add more maps and sometimes one is still missing bigger fights in bigger maps, even though i have to admit that one has short ways to the next battle, which is a good thing and surely a plus for the smaller maps.
being on the seaside in every map it would be possible to add ships or boats and rivers. but since there are pretty creative people designing this game i will trust you in having a lot more great ideas.

to come to the gaming itself i noticed that explosives (especially from tanks) do relatively little harm to soldiers, which is good in making the tanks not too superior on one hand, but on the other is somehow taking the fearfull atmosphere of standing in front of such a vehicle. because i for myself do not fear tanks in this game since one can easiely kill them with a good chance of surviving it as good as unharmed.

ok now i think this review is long enough and will come to an end.
all in all this game is really special and not getting boring. being able to have four diferent soldiers (and additional for payment) one can enjoy the game from several individual perspectives and gaining heropoints for improving skills one never ever has the feeling of not getting any further, which makes it really enjoyable to play this game.

love this game, will stick to it and recommend it to all my friends!
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11-07-2009, 07:11 PM | Post: #14
Battlefield and EA have made it blatantly clear that many of it's fans will NEVER be able to play this game. And made it clean that they simply don't care that they leave it's loyal fans out in the cold.

The issue with Battlefield games on my PC is nothing new and has been a problem with Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, and now Battlefield Heroes. I've searched the internet and spent countless hours attempting to fix the issue myself, drivers, 3rd party applications, contacting Dell, I've done it all... My problem is Dell LOCKED my monitor to display at 59hz, this is a problem with battlefield games because they require a monitor to display at 60hz, and from what I can find there is no exceptions.

I've emailed BF2 developers about this issue and received no relevant response. I've posted to the Battlefield Heroes forum a few times, only to have my post "Locked" by a moderator named Goodman ( This post had every bit of information the developers would need to solve the problem, and instead of lettings others reply that this may be their issue as well, the forum post was buried where nobody could find it again.

There is nothing foul going on here, we are not trying to jip EA by asking for this simple SIMPLE fix, just requesting time and time again that they attempt to fix this issue. Or at least respond to the problem with, "I'm sorry, with our millions of dollars and endless talent, we cannot figure out how to support a 59hz monitor, even though every other game engine supports them just fine."

So, you see, I would like to review this game, and would possibly like to purchase Battlefield 1943 when it comes out on PC, but when looking back at the Battlefield teams past engines I see no reason they would support my sooo uncommon 18 month old Dell laptop.

Yeah, if I connect an external monitor the game will run fine, I've tried it. And while I enjoy having to use a friends monitor to play a game... it seems very very unnecessary.

My hope with this message is that it reaches somebody at EA or Battlefield who says, Wow, you know what, this fix is easy, and it would help a lot of our loyal customers (I know it's a free game, I would have no problem depositing 'battle funds', almost did, but I can't play, so why in the world would I).
And then after this simple fix gets implemented into Battlefield's engine or whatever is necessary that countless individuals will not have to spend COUNTLESS hours searching the internet and trying drivers and 3rd party software that warns that it could blow up my monitor, and editing Battlefield game files, and etc, etc, etc. Because I know I've spend those hours, and many others, many with no success (because of different versions of this monitor I suppose).

So this is my review, take it or ignore it. Folks that played the beta version say my 59hz issue has been around since the early beta and Battlefield has no plans to attempt to fix it, and I believe them.
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12-07-2009, 04:18 AM | Post: #15
The good.Big Grin
The fact DICE was able to live up to its goal to try to get the game working on almost all the computers out there (I'm running this on a Mac Mini on Widows XP) and even if I have to play on low graphics the game still achieves its goal to me:Having Fun. Weapons are simple (Range/ Fire speed); Short/Fast, Mid/Mid, Long/Slow. And mostly everyone in-game is very friendly.

The bad.Sad
1.) Lack of maps draws me away at times.
2.) Punkbuster, it's really doing nothing to help keep the hackers out.
3.) Latency (usually my internet service, but sometimes it is the servers)
4.) The Newcomers guide isn't as helpful for the new players (ie- doesn't answer questions, tips aren't as useful).

What I would like to seeSmile
1.) Larger player slots in-game, 8v8 isn't as interesting.
2.) MORE MAPS.Angel
3.) More vehicles (bombers, motorcycles, boats, etc...)
4.) Another team to fight in this war (?).

EDITED because I was complaining in my old "review".

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12-07-2009, 01:34 PM | Post: #16
Third try at posting a review. Keep getting a "not authorized to post" message

I'm not a fan of fps games, I get bored very quickly with them because of the lack of variety or real aims, lack of a role etc. BFH Delivers. Every match can turn out vastly different and most of the gamers are polite and fun, s
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12-07-2009, 01:40 PM | Post: #17
What the heck is going on with this forum? I've just edited over a second post that was created by my editing the first in order to complete it....
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14-07-2009, 05:51 PM | Post: #18
Good points about the gameSmile:
- Its free - Everyone likes a free game Big Grin
- Its customization is good - Giving players a individualty.
- The vechiles are good - Vechiles always rock online.

Bad points Dodgy:
- There is not much as in maps and guns, there is a very small amount of variety in the choices in classes.
- More maps needed. Exclamation
- LAG! I dont know if its just me but i get alot of lag spikes and my internet is near enough perfect and my cod4 and 5 work perfectly on my computer which graphics wise are much much much better.
- Music, ok that tune is catchy but once you have heard it 10 times it gets abit anoying 100 times very anoying 1000 im not even gonna go there you get the idea.

How to make the game the best it possibly can beTongue:
- More maps making players stay longer and more entertained.
- More guns needed to give a larger choice in what weapon you like to use and when.
- Don't know how you can fix the lag but just try your best.


Here to be the bestCool (This post was last modified: 14-07-2009 06:02 PM by GullyMan123.)
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15-07-2009, 12:36 AM | Post: #19
Game is awesome; needs more work on constant connection issues.

[Image: bfheroessig071620090627.png]
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15-07-2009, 02:18 PM | Post: #20
I actually just want to play the games with my friends, but its a very good game, but BF2 are more fun when you gonna play together with friends
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