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Hello There, Guest!

21-02-2014, 11:46 AM | Post: #241
(18-02-2014 06:37 PM)AxAxar Wrote:  I've prepared same themed outfits.

This is my 1337 roy that contains:

1943 Pacific Ace Hat,
Mark of the Snake,
El Hermoso's Scarf,
Cheiftain Bahto's Cover,
Shadow Wolf's Gloves,
Cheiftain Bahto's Skirt,
Shade Hunter's Boots,
Dusty Harry's Holster.

[Image: t72886.jpg]

And this is my 666 nat, that contains:

1943 Zero Vision Hat,
Brave Slinky's War Paint,
Ace's Baron Scarf,
Jimmy's Shoulder Holsters,
Brave Sinky's War Vest,
Navaja Roja's Nasty Gloves,
Elite Trousers,
Blackbeards Buccaneer Boots.

[Image: 15mzd03.jpg]

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21-02-2014, 12:17 PM | Post: #242

Wild Dave

”...reminds me of Bear Grylls.” ~ K.Black
(Some may say that he is his cousin. Tongue)

[Image: Roy-Native.png]

Cheiftain Bahto's Piercings
Road Ranger's Mad Mohawk
Tier 1 Elite's Neck Wrap
Corporal North's Backpack
Sam's Slept-in Shirt
El Hermoso's Vest and Knife
El Hermoso's Leather Wraps
El Hermoso's Killing Tools
Stargazer's Pants
Cheiftain Bahto's Moccasins

Fierce Joe

” did you get this...?”

~ gummybahr

”Well, I guess from...”

~ tenergy0

”It's unreleased...”

~ eloycliff

So mighty, no one lives to tell the sto...

[Image: Nat-Native.png]

Brave Slinky's War Paint
Brave Slinky's War Bonnet
Necklace of the Wilderness
Brutal Ravager's War Axes
Demon of Darkness Greed Gene
El Diablo Rojo's Tattooed Body
Ninja's Hand Protectors
Brutal Ravager's Brutal Blade
Ulrich's Untamed Pants
Ulrich's Untamed Boots

Bonne chance to all! Smile

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