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Listen up Heroes!

Today we introduce a new weapon today that brings with it a mist or terror and a swarm of fear. These are known as "Fear Grenades".

Their function is simple. Throw them at your enemies and scare them into a fit of madness, causing them to run around with little control over their actions, and maybe leaving them helpless to your gunfire. Used correctly these grenades provide a fantastic source of crowd control.

Once hit by these grenades your hero will begin to panic, and start to run around unable to use certain abilities or fire your weapon... you can however control which direction you run in. But... if you think you have what it takes to fight back then simply pop a Tonic, Bandage, Combat Medicine or Elixir to cast your fears away and lay down the hurt on your enemies.

Take caution Heroes, fear is not always so easy to overcome.

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