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30-11-2012, 05:48 PM | Post: #1
[Image: Cpt-Shops-Holiday-Drop-Highlight_en.jpg]

Hello Heroes!

Get your hands on CaptainShop's Holiday Drops filled with all manner of goodies and bits and pieces. There are a few items in here that you will NOT want to miss out on... but you will need luck on your side for this one.

Royal Cpt.Shop Drop

National Cpt.Shop Drop

[Image: Cpt-Shops-Holiday-Drop-hot-deals_roy_en.jpg]
[Image: Cpt-Shops-Holiday-Drop-hot-deals_nat_en.jpg]



Permanent Customization Items

Woodland Camo Shirt
Cruel Barbarians Sword
Infiltrator's Disguise
Demon of Chaos' Angry Horns
Lush Camo Jacket
Barber Surgeon's Jacket
Ichabod's Twisted Skeletal Head
Barber Surgeon's Firstaid
Barber Surgeon's Essentials
Barber Surgeon's Pants
Barber Surgeon's Boots
Barber Surgeon's Beacon
Yellow Sports Sweater
Yellow Sports Trousers
Wilys White Dress Shoes
Backstabber's Trophy
Churchill's Chew
Royal Rancher Hat
Royal Rancher Suit Jacket
Royal Rancher Leather Shoes
Royal Rancher Suit Trousers
Sunny Day Shades
High Officer's Jacket
Diver Bell Helmet
Inventors Power Goggles
Aviator's Major Mustache
1943 Pacific Ace Hat
Rainforest Camo Shirt
Flynt's Crime Fighting Mask
Longshot McGee's LongJohns
Road Rangers Metal Horns
Road Ranger's Mad Mohawk
Brown Bowler
El Hermoso's Cigarillo
Clown Trousers


VP Booster - 1 Day
Bandages - 270 Uses
Wrenches - 270 Uses
Treasure Chest Keys - 3 Uses
Terrific Health Tonic 150 Uses
Permanent Customization Items

Karl's Kill Countin Helmet
Manfred's Medical Protector
Manfred's Medical Pack
Manfred's Medical Jacket
Kit's Kaboodle
Golden Sunglasses
Teutonic Tourist Flower Shirt
Teutonic Tourist White Shoes
Teutonic Tourist Shorts
Teutonic Tourist Sun Cap
Reapers Skeletal Bulldog Skull
Imperator's Visor Hat
Imperator's Embellished Jacket
Imperator's Riding Pants
Leather FlatTop
Navaja Roja's Machete
Black Jack Bill's Hat
Dagmar's Diving Helmet
Bruno's Brown Trenchcoat
Blitz' Bling
National Ammo Reserve
Urban Camo Shirt
Fine Drivers Cap
Pirate Hat
Ace's Handlebar
Ace's Baron Scarf
Messenger's Bag
Torgoth's Torment High Horns
Track Hunter's Red Hot Mohawk
DrDoktor's BionicImplant
Fanny Pack
Tribal Trouble
Fine Shirt
Park Camo Shirt
1943 Zero Vision Hat


VP Booster - 1 Day
Bandages - 270 Uses
Wrenches - 270 Uses
Treasure Chest Keys - 3 Uses
Terrific Health Tonic 150 Uses

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