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17-06-2014, 04:42 PM | Post: #421
(17-06-2014 03:41 PM)Nerdx Wrote:  whether that was deserved or not is something I'm not sure of, but the mods have appeared pretty chill during the time I've been there

A first impression really decides a lot. I appear to have come on their "bad side" Because I do not approve of them kicking people for "what I believe to be" a stupid reason. I'm sorry but servers where a message with:
"..." you are being kicked/banned from this server" shows up, every match! ... That just seems too damn restrictive to me, either that or there were just a lot of hackers (the guys who actually deserve to be kicked)

(17-06-2014 03:41 PM)Nerdx Wrote:  I would do the same in their position for the same reason Asiunka has mentioned... Why should they bother with you? If all you're going to offer is a heated discussion by criticising something you don't understand (which seems pretty clear in this example, seeing as you still don't even realise why you were kicked after it's been searched and explained to you - which is just pure ignorance)

I remember the bloke writing a whole wall of text... in the autokick reason, though I can't read it. because as you know... I'm autokicked instantly once It's in effect. If Asiunka would've written that before banning me entirely (not just kicking. But banning!) I might have known what the hell I specifically did wrong! To me now it seems very clear:

I wrote some sarcastic stuff and his grace, the master of the server felt hurt, boohoo... I would never go for fully vicious swearwords, I'm not like that. And before you say it, no I wasn't pressing buttons or anything. I certainly wasn't looking for attention, because they weren't directed to any of the staff. But one of them simply took offence, and in some overzealous attempt to silence me decided that banning me entirely was the right call. Hmm, a bit too much if you ask me.

If you're going to use your mod powers to ban and kick people for stupid reasons that just seem wrong to me. "bunnyhopping and bans of certain emotes... for crying out loud... Limit the games a bit more, why don't you? Have people remain stationary the whole match, so no one dies, except out of Boredom"

(17-06-2014 03:41 PM)Nerdx Wrote:  I don't know you (Retroriffic-Man) nor do I particularly care if you've made some high prized contributions to the almighty forum...

neither do I... so? I just come here a lot... That gives you automatically some status... It's like you being a VIP on their server.

(17-06-2014 03:41 PM)Nerdx Wrote:  I am also not biased to agree with everything they do, as I've had some misunderstandings with them in the past also (which were discussed without them "abusing their powers", as many others have claimed to experience)

They didn't even approach me, It was just poof. You're out. because, apparently, you don't 'get' our server... Also I don't like your attitude, but talking about it seems like such a chore, whoop. banned and carry on. That's not the right call. That's just laziness.

(17-06-2014 03:41 PM)Nerdx Wrote:  I just agree with them in this situation out of empathy and find you comparing them to Soviet Russia as exaggerative.

I agree, that was an exaggeration. My apologies. Though it does have some ground in the fact, they can quickly eliminate me from their server because I don't necessarily do not appear to hold up to their ideals. now, I certainly won't.

(17-06-2014 03:41 PM)Nerdx Wrote:  You see the same slogan for every other server, "It's their server, they can do what they want"...

Does that make em right per sé?

(17-06-2014 03:41 PM)Nerdx Wrote:  they just remove the majority of the douche moves that players can do to kill a server (however, they still allow some annoying things).
You mean to say they haven't forbidden enough?

(17-06-2014 03:41 PM)Nerdx Wrote:  Anyone who comes here to write walls of text trying to prove their innocence, I will occasionally come in like a wrecking ball.

maybe, because in my eyes. I did nothing wrong? The line as to where mods and admins on this server feel personally insulted enough to ban someone is painstakingly thin.

(17-06-2014 03:41 PM)Nerdx Wrote:  Good day, sir.

Good day.

[Image: BFH_poster_last_call_zpsecbojwra.png]
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17-06-2014, 05:20 PM | Post: #422
TBH all we got was a few timestamps with some statements from a player. Retroriffic has the decency to acknowledge what he did. Something most of the admins on this server don't. For all we know these messages could've been sent after they had repeatedly kicked him. We don't know.

So, here is a video with no less than 4 kicks in less than 2 hours. Judge for yourself. Unfortunately I didn't record the ban (that is still in place on my main) for taking a tank for 2 seconds in a firefight (i never use tanks lol, check my fkn player profile if you're going to call me a liar as well), which was deemed to be Tank-Camp.
1: A guy pretending to be the owner. 0 warnings - Infinite auto-kick, but thats okay.
2: Apparently I typekilled the admin, 0 warnings, 5 min auto-kick, but no reaction to his teammate whom i recorded bunny hopping.
3: A guy gets warned for bunny hop. Later he is mistaken for another guy doing it (i even record the situation happening), he politely rejects the warning. Kicked.
4: Me questioning 3. Admin resurrects the debate a few minutes into the next round, but i duely note that he is not interested in a conversation except the ones where you agree with him. Boiled down: I simply say im not going to argue with a dictator. Boom - Infinite auto-kick.

All the while, (I think this is in the video as well), the guys who get kicked are already getting mashed at their first flag. Some other guy got kicked for tank-camping, he was insanely bad at both infantry and tanking, and not even lvl 30 (also while his team were under heavy pressure). He was driving around us like another noob, but w/e, TANKCAMP.

I know these examples are not the best, but I assure you, if I had been on the opposite team laying down some pressure it, such that the admin was annoyed, these kicks would probably be issued much faster. I'd happily dedicate some time on other accounts to prove this point. Is it nessecary? Do i have to waste my time? Or are you guys going to shut the **** up and acknowledge it? Walls of texts does not change reality. Reality is that these admins get frustrated REALLY fast... Please stop denying it.

I have some old footage on my other PC (but im not at home right now), where an admin kicks one of my danish friends for asking me a question in danish. Funny thing is, he had spoken danish the entire fkn time in the chat without any warning, but he was wrecking the server and apparently this frustrated her, so finally she threatens to kick him and he duely notes that he didnt know there was this rule about language: Boom, bad attitude. She admits in the chat afterwards that she "just didnt like his name" either. Wow. Are you going to call me a liar? Or do I have to provide solid video evidence to counter the walls of text of"its just our rules, and people annoy us admins"-bs?

INB4 the "well you prolly deserved the kicks etc.", nah bro. That is getting old. Sooo old.

(17-06-2014 04:42 PM)Retroriffic-Man Wrote:  maybe, because in my eyes. I did nothing wrong? The line as to where mods and admins on this server feel personally insulted enough to ban someone is painstakingly thin.
+1, the player have to take much more abuse. Back when I re-joined after my main got banned, and inquired them about the tank-camping rule (without mentioning my ban, just to figure out what was allowed and what was not) i was told that I was a tard and that i should learn to read. Wtf??? They aggrevate the situations themselves.

EDIT: Btw, the situations i've described and recorded depict 3 different independent admins. One rotten apple? Hardly think so. How are you going to deny all this? Please enlighten me? More walls of text? More bad excuses that all of us are just particpating in a troll-like sh*tstorm to annoy you guys? Come on...
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17-06-2014, 07:05 PM | Post: #423
just lulz

@Nerd i love your posts man they are truly awesome +1

@Respektloes it was me that autokicked you not ludo i hjappened to look on xtian in the passiong and seen your chat with ludo and decided you were just asking for trouble as you had your fraps running
we have zero tolerance for any bullcrap of any kind we all play for fun and like a fair game for both sides !!
How simple is that to understand so go play on any opther server our server is happy and popular and we all have fun

have fun all and most importantly remember

ITS A GAME.....................

PS. dangit its Herb here not asiunka im in the wrong account

[Image: untitled_1_by_sceadugenga5-d7z6hny.png]
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17-06-2014, 10:18 PM | Post: #424
Having MSi Afterburner running does not induce problems. Dash cams do not cause trafic accidents. They're there to catch it when it happens. I happen to get a pretty awesome wingclip with a dual loop recorded as well.

Point still stands. You don't even care to comment on the rest, once again insinuating that everybody in the thread are lying. It's just a game, yea, but if someone chooses to make the admin tool a part of their ability hotbar, then i'd equate that to unfair advantages such as cheating Wink You can do as you want of course, but don't keep denying that your server is rotten, cause it is. You take the extra step and have the audacity to say that all of us are causing trouble and that we're actually the bad guys trying to ruin your day, but for some reason nearly everyone else has exactly the opposite view of you and your server. Nobody joins and starts to break rules just to wreak havoc, they just find themselves suddenly having broken rules that seems to be made up on the spot. Thats the whole point. You would be insta-banned if you did that, but you don't, you get banned at arbitrary times which strangely enough happen to coincide with situations where it's obvious to oneself that the admin was frustrated... The warn-warn-warn-kick procedure is only followed sometimes and the rest of the time you simply say "Well we could see that it would be a waste of time anyway, so we just banned instantly", nah m8. I bet most people would actually abide if they got warned first, but point is the insta-bans because of "We cba to deal with this" is just a cover-up for abuse. Admit it.

Please respond to that. Why go through all of the trouble if all you have to do is just to consistently bunny hop or T-bag a few times? It's obvious that that is not what is going on. People are dissatisfied with something else. Understand that, pu-lease.

Coincidence? Conspiracy against your server? Unlikely. INB4 more glorifying posts, rofl. Srsl, why would I bother if it wasn't because one of your admin (back in the day) did actually start by proving to me that they're abusive. Just admit that one thing and all this could end. Untill then bumps will be incoming with fresh material.
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17-06-2014, 11:00 PM | Post: #425
I wanted you to be less assertive, Retroriffic-Man, you ruined my plan. Good job, though. Not to worry, we have another guy to mess around with...

@Respektloes: That video and your attitude is a complete fail, I couldn't help but roll my eyes several times. You must be 12 years old or something if you believe this pathetic analysis is good enough to stir up more trouble here.

Here is a breakdown of what happened from my perspective:
You: Hey, I'm recording how bad your admin abuse is whilst recording crappy footage for my level 10 montage
Ludolf: Are you trying to cause trouble?
You: No, I'm just pretending to record my crap footage but really trying to record your dictatorship by being cocky
Ludolf: You don't know me or understand the reasons behind the kicks
You: W/E n00b, you're annoying. Just play, I don't want to hear your nonsense.
You: OK? Please stfu and just play...

Allow me to judge you for myself, since it seems you're too clueless to do it for yourself.

(17-06-2014 03:41 PM)Nerdx Wrote:  We can categorise the types of people who join this server into these groups:
  • Those who naturally play by the rules and have no/very few problems
  • Those who adapt their gameplay to play by the rules and have no/very few problems
  • Those who play but get kicked for not reading/understanding the rules or warnings
  • Those who think they're aware of the current ruling of the server, try to bend the rules then cry for attention once they're dealt with
  • Those who join and want to be kicked so they can feel happy with themselves
  • Hypocrites who come off aggressive in most servers then cry "mod/admin abuse" over stupid things that appear as blatantly arrogant

Based on that video alone, it looks like you ticked all the bad categories and are too stupid to even realise. Well done!

Mentality of clanj-scene players, the "saviours of our community". The endless cycle:
[Image: clanjscenementality.jpg]
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– Nerd (MLG Pro Player, Former Pay2Win Customer & Ex-Waraholic), 2009-2015
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17-06-2014, 11:36 PM | Post: #426
Why does anyone in real life bother getting a degree in psychology? You can just go to the internet and get an analysis from Nerdx. Tongue I've not analysed anything, I'm just telling you why I think things are lame. Apparently a lot of the people in this thread seems to have these kind of mental issues you describe and we all create problems for ourselves that never existed in the first place. The problem is not external, it's all in our 12-year old minds.
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18-06-2014, 11:11 AM | Post: #427
Love your posts too Nerd Smile +1 HeartHeartHeart

You can learn something from Nerd retro. You probably don t notice this kind of fine tuning and reading between the lines since you don t even seem to take notice of the straight forward comments. Your assumptions merely accumulate. I thought at first you were talking about someone else here and not me. Anyway, I m female. A she. Not a he. Pink not blue. Xx not xy. Venus probably hits it off best [Image: 75px-Venus_symbol.svg.png]

Anyway, you did in no way offend me. 'my wall of text' was one line. and hm, would you like to rephrase your wall of text? so i actually feel like you are talking to me and not someone else? I m looking forward to the change in your stereotypes.

[Image: untitled_1_by_sceadugenga5-d7z6hny.png]
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18-06-2014, 05:05 PM | Post: #428
This is now closed. The endless shaming leading to bickering means this thread is no longer suitable for this forum.

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