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  3. Restart Chrome.
  4. You should now be able to start the game.
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25-06-2012, 10:52 AM | Post: #1
Listen up Heroes,

In today's birthday update we added treasure chests to the game that enemies may drop on rare occasions. These chests are filled with all kinds of items including some rare and unique treasures. One of which is a brand new pet (one for each faction) that has a very special ability.

With certain clothing items these new dragon pets can change colour and also move position when wearing certain items. Remember... these pets can only be found in the new in-game treasure chests.

Below you will find some examples of what effects this can have.

The default colour of the dragon is red like in the image below. As you can see it displays normally.
[Image: newpetnormal.png]

Sometimes when you add a hat or a jacket item that may clip with the pet, the pet is usually removed. However this pet can move places so that this doesn't happen (Doesn't work with EVERY item)

As you can see in the image below the pet has moved on top of the hat.

[Image: newpethat.png]

Now... a red dragon might not really match some of the other "mythical" style items we have in the game due to it being red... but what if it were to change colours depending on the item you are wearing?

Well as can be seen in the below images, this new dragon can.
[Image: newpetgreen.png]
[Image: newpetblue.png]

Below you will find a list of items that effect the colour and position of the dragon.



Colour changing items Colour changing items
Standard = Red Dragon Standard = Blue Dragon
Knight = Purple Dragon Cruel Barbarian┬┤s Harness = Green Dragon
Brutal Ravager┬┤s War Plate = Bronze/Orange Dragon Cruel Barbarian┬┤s Girdle = Brown Dragon
Brutal Ravager┬┤s Plate = Gray/Blue Dragon Frost┬┤s Biting Coat = Light Blue Dragon
Bane┬┤s Toxic Coat = Green Inferno┬┤s Burning Coat = Red/Yellow Dragon
Arcane┬┤s Mystic Coat = Laser Blue Knight = Black/Orange Dragon

Position changing items Position changing items
Navaja Roja´s Nasty hat Long-shot  McGee´s Hat and Hair
Black Jack Bill┬┤s Sombrero Long-shot McGee┬┤s Leather Hat
Black Jack Bill┬┤s Cowboy Hat El Hermoso┬┤s Sombrero
Navaja Roja┬┤s Cowboy Hat El Sombrero Grande
Navaja Roja┬┤s Hat Cruel Barbarian┬┤s Ox-Head
Leather Flat-Top ------
El Sombrero Loco ------
Black Jack Bill┬┤s Hat ------
Black Sombrero ------
Werner┬┤s Weird Wizard Hat ------
Brutal Ravager┬┤s Bullhead ------

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