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Hello There, Guest!

18-07-2009, 03:05 PM | Post: #101
I think the bike would be friggin' ossum.

I mean, here we are with our puny tanks and planes, and all of a sudden a friggin' Royal Marine dude comes pelting along like mad on a 21-gear bike, goes off a ramp as a sweet explosion lights up behind him, and runs over like eight dudes, while he fires his Tommy Gun with one hand.

Due to the Gunner Update, the gunner is now your free, portable wall. A very, very deadly wall.

[Image: 9145.gif]

Old school Role-Player

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18-07-2009, 03:22 PM | Post: #102
i have reviewed your scenario and im gonna make it into art for MASSIVE AWESOME
also, i love your gif signature...

I'm Staying, because i think this game is still great!
[Image: 1zfn29v.jpg]

[Image: x55ekm.jpg]

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24-07-2009, 03:35 AM | Post: #103
Creator: Kolide
Hai demo,how's it been? Tongue

Name: Kolide
Class: Commando
Rank: 13 (level, amirite?)
Side: Royal Army
Weapons: Garreth's Custom automatic pistol, Pipsqueak's Popper heavy sniper's rifle, Jungle Cutter
Items: Personal explosives bundle, set of crude bandages, Troop Trap proximity mine
Allies/Friends: (Forget the names Tongue)
Enemies/Rivals: (None quite yet)
Description: A charismatic, bearded Royal Commando who has contributed much to the Royal Army, leading the sabotage of the National Army several months ago. He is now being reinstated after several months of inactivity due to burns and injuries.

New sig, for the third time! xP I've squished it and added a new background, if you still think it takes up too much space, send meh a message.
[Image: bfheroessigfinalihopesq.png]

Only dead fish flow with the current.
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06-08-2009, 10:17 PM | Post: #104
I'm long overdue to make a Royal character. I've got a good idea for one. Adean, would you mind terribly if I made another agent for The King's Fist?

[Image: 193340538.png]
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06-08-2009, 11:22 PM | Post: #105
((Foe-rum buuuuuuuuug))

[Image: 193340538.png]
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10-08-2009, 08:53 PM | Post: #106
Creator: TheWhiteShadow
Name: White Shadow (White for short, real name wesley)
Class: Commando
Rank: Squadron Leader
Side: royal
Weapons: any plane he can find, sword, harry's hand connon, and anything around him
Items: elixir troop trap
Allies/Friends: most any royal
Enemies/Rivals: any nat, and this one royal abc that he has a hard time trustingDodgy

Wesley, code named White Shadow was the kid that could never stay still, he was always running jumping or doing something crazy, he always wished he could fly, always trying to go higher on the swing, climb farther up the tree, jump higher on the trampaline. the kind of kid that would give a mother a heart attack. and when he got older he even learned parkour. but he wasn't the best in school and couldn't make it into college, so he decided to join the royal air force and where he didn't shine in school, he did in the sky. he proved to be a masterful and gracful pilot, and when needed on the ground he continued to shine as a clever commando

[Image: 2]

===================================== real heroes fight with honor and respect ====================================
[Image: 1]
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11-08-2009, 06:17 PM | Post: #107
Rank:Lance corperl of 3ed battleon His Majesty's royal provences (Canadian) rifles.
Weapons:2tommy guns and a LOT of tnt.
Items:combat medicen and bandages.
Allies/Friends:by law the royal empire and her portectorets personaly to meany to cout but his 3 borthers (triplets) have always been togther in the field.
Enemies/Rivals:by law the national empire of enteral eurep personaly none he veray commanly if the battle is betwen only a few men will chaat plsy games and have fun with them.
Cpl.Joseph is a kined well sopken man who if ordered by his superiors to do something,he would conseder insane might get samrt mothed about it.
but in combat is a good friend to have by your side wize craking makeing ranodom commants is the way he likes to go. after the war Joseph wants to teach history at a big universaty he is always trying to get his brother joeleo to stop somokeing (all the brtothers where named joseph 1 was named for the sant 1 was named for there grand father and 1 was named for the king) he is also the yongest bye a few secondes
p.s. he was also comended for single handedly distorying 3 tanks 3! he now sports a victorya cross and a distingushed srveice medal

Rank:Leutenat in His Majesty's royal commandos(perveusly a capten in the royal canadian blackwach untill a offacer from royal britania came by his battleon only to be saved by the captan now Luetanant)
Weapons:he is a master at to meany to list
Items:bandages and a pisture of him self and the king shackeing hands
Allies/Friends:law the royal empire and her portectorets. personaly the king of the royal empire and his brothers
Enemies/Rivals:by law the national empire of enteral eurep personaly campers why because they dont let him rost marshmeloes with him and nat gunners and the pserson that siad there will be no anouncer that says BOOM HEADSHOT.
the LT has a nack for geting ingurd in the proess of thing that cange the battlefiled and he can shoot but he is not the most payshont of people so sinpeing in areas where he is not gona get shot to pesces is not something he dose if there is a gunner siting pretty in an area with a good vew of the battle field he will sinpe there but still not the best nether is kifeing how ever intell gathering and takeing of enamy postions way be hined emay lines is his expertese and if the enamy trys to come back he hides in and area where they canot take the base he will then backstabe the attackers thus giveing a self put down persona but when not on duty (as he is the eldest by a few sconds) he is calling home and play cards with frends and time in italy gives a man.......persetive on who to cook meals when he gets home he wants to start a famliy and stay in the mitary.

Name:Joseph lioce
Weapons:the cheser
Items:gunpowder and win kegs also on ocaseon fering for his safty the yogest (Cpl.Joseph) will send him som bandages
Allies/Friends:law the royal empire and her portectorets. personaly his berothers and most of his contacks in the nat army
Enemies/Rivals:the nat general hinrick von sinsal and the nat empire

Joseph was the boy boren in the middle he somkes tabako but stangley it dose not effect his lunges in any way and he is the stongest of the brothers and for most of the thime is able to carry a few kegs of wine with them to celiberate the vicroy for with him around nothing can stop the royal army the at area and with the kegs he plays a game called shots where he thougs a keg and every 1 else has to shot it fun eh when the war is over he wants to move in to france and bild up a fram.

[Image: 2285381612_2_2.png]
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13-08-2009, 03:03 PM | Post: #108
I guess I shall write something about my newly created character, "The Sinister Man" in The National Caf├ę is a being created from a piece of Khronos soul

Creator: Vondskapelsen
Name: Khronos Hyperion
Class: Overlord
Rank: Overlord
Side: None/His own
Weapons: Selfmade Flamethrower, Scythe-Axe of The Aethyr and a shoulder mounted Vickers Machine Gun.
Items: The Blood of Am Dhaegar, The Candle of Tortured Glass, Gloves of the Three Winters with Two Suns, The Breastplate of The Blashyrkh, The Key to The Gate and The Song that Shall Bring an End to the World.

Fantasy Books and Black Metal much? Tongue

My National Acc
[Image: bandbanneru.jpg]
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15-08-2009, 08:35 AM | Post: #109
Name: Jolinar
Class: Soldier/Tank Designer
Rank: Sturmbannf├╝hrer (Major)
Side: National
Weapons: SMG, Pistol
Items: Blue Prints of the next gen super tank, Incendiry ammo to the SMG
Allies/Friends: No one can stand Jolinars Company for long
Enemies/Rivals: To many
Jolinars Dream is to see his super heavy tank creation rolling on the battlefield but every time has the Royals stoped his plan, so after these years he is paronoid and have a bit of Schizophrenia. so on the battlefield he is crazy not conserned of his own or others safty, he is just there to make sure there is no Royals left.

[Image: 1]
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18-08-2009, 02:29 AM | Post: #110
Creator: Dovenwolf
Name: Theodore Fisher (A.K.A. Chicago Ted)
Class: Soldier
Rank: King's Fist operative
Side: Royal
Weapons: M1A1 Thompson with drum magazine, custom colt 1911 engraved with the ace of spades, switch blade.
Items: Trilby hat, box of matches, lucky poker chip
Allies/Friends: Fellow agents, Some of the brass he reports to
Enemies/Rivals: Anyone in his way

A slick Patriot mobster who fled to the Royal's capitol city to escape federal jurisdiction. Eventually INTERPOL caught up to him and he was taken in by The King's Fist. For reasons of deniability he goes by the code name "Angler." His habitual risk taking has earned him the nickname "Gamble" among many of his comrades. He excels at improvisation, remains focused on his objective, and can be ruthless if the job calls for it. Though Fisher's motives are usually considered selfish he is loyal to those whom he trusts. He fights for his own personal freedom and if anything else good comes of it, it's a bonus.

Ridiculously lengthy backstory:
Fisher was an ambitious young man. Funny thing, ambition. Usually ambition is a favorable quality, but when ambition compels a man too strongly it usually comes at the price of his morality. An enterprising young Patriot like Ted's could sense that the political situation had the world in a spot of trouble, and it was ripe for exploitation.

Ted joined the mob at the age of nineteen. Over the course of five years managed to climb his way up to being the Don's go-to guy. He was put in charge of several operations from heists and blackmailing to money laundering and smuggling. However, His favorite 'family activity' was always underground gambling.

Theodore's style was to think things through before making a move, consider each outcome and consequence. But every once in a while, he couldn't resist playing against the odds. You can get along playing it safe, but it's only against the odds that you win big. Funny thing, ambition.

The mob had always been able to throw money at their problems, bribing cops, officials, reporters. Where money failed violence almost always worked. Ted preferred to use violence as a last resort, but it's important to be unpredictable and violence was an invaluable tool: A great way to call someone's bluff.

Given his position in the family, Ted had to start handing responsibilities down to his underlings. As driven as Theodore was, it was only a matter of time before the feds took notice. One Saturday evening, off duty police lieutenant, Jacob Bryers, got himself shot in a dispute at one of Ted's shadier venues. Jacob's brother Daniel just so happened to be a top FBI agent. With that kind of heat, money made for bad insulation.

Daniel Bryers pursued the case with dogged determination. It goes without saying he had a vendetta, and it was only a matter of time before he'd close in on the family. The only thing more prominent in Fisher than his ambition was his sense of loyalty. Instead of covering all his tracks, he made sure all signs pointed directly to him. He willingly took the fall as not to compromise the rest of the family, but he certainly wasn't going to give himself up.

With the war heating up between the Royals and Nationals, it would make for an excellent distraction. A few bribes and a couple forged documents later, Ted was starting a new life across the pond.

Almost a year had passed. Ted hadn't heard word from the mob since he left, he couldn't afford the risk. Ted had done well enough blending into the bustling capital city. The war was in full swing now. With each day Ted grew more and more restless. He wasn't regretful, or paranoid. He was aware of the growing strife in this part of the world and even more sensitive to the ripe opportunities it offered. What he longed for was a rush, he needed a take a gamble.

It was time Fisher took the reins, he'd start his own mob and he'd call the shots. Over the course of just two months Ted assemble a motley crew of thugs, smuggled in a few small arms and planned a bank job to get them started.

The one thing Ted had neglected was that the life he lived wasn't a game, he couldn't just get up and walk away from the table. Unbeknownst to him, Mr. Bryers had followed his trail right out to the ocean. Daniel's tenacity landed him a transfer to INTERPOL and put him right back on Fisher's tail.

The night Ted and his cronies held their briefing Daniel made an appearance with a few friends of his own. Fisher's accomplices all had a rap sheet, small time stuff, but Daniel assured him that once they got him back to the states they'd throw the book at him. There was no more running and no way to fight it, Ted was going to be locked up for a very long time. He should've folded when he had the chance.

Much to Agent Bryers' dismay, luck smiled on Ted one last time. The King's fist took special interest in Fisher. With his skill set and unorthodox strategy, he would make a valuable asset. When the offer was made there was little deliberation on Fisher's part. Amnesty in exchange for his unquestioning service to the king.

The Crowns gifted him one last chip and a new hand was about to be dealt...

[Image: 193340538.png]
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18-08-2009, 03:01 AM | Post: #111
((Well, there we go. Can't help but feel it's a little messy. Adean, if you'd rather I don't use The King's Fist I can change it. You did such a fine job expounding on the organization I thought it could use some more members. Cheers.))

[Image: 193340538.png]
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18-08-2009, 03:44 AM | Post: #112
Name: Elina Myers
Class: Royal gunner
Rank: Sergeant
Weapons: Dual pistols, shotgun and one trench knife
Items: Cartridges, a hearty length of rope and a small emergency kit.
Allies/Friends: Adean, Agent Mcspy, Sedrick and more to come...
Enemies/Rivals: None as of right now
Elina is a lively twenty year old whose compassion and kindness has won many hearts. She joined the army two years ago as an assistant nurse but during a surprise attack on a medical setup, Elina showed her prowess in open warfare.

She quickly became a sergeant in the royal army and has proved herself many times in the past year. Her men respect her and know that she is dedicated in getting them through the war alive. When in combat, she tries to keep as many of the enemy alive as possible as she believes that all life has worth. But if her men become in mortal danger, her eyes become as hard as agates and she will aim to kill in order to save her troops. Her main weapons are her dual pistols, which she can aim with deadly accuracy.

Elina is a petite 5' 2" with dark, long golden hair. She often has a smile on her face and her blue eyes are usually twinkling with amusement. She dislikes killing and death and so she does not fully agree with the fact that she is a sergeant.
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18-08-2009, 06:58 AM | Post: #113
((L4D reference, Doven? Tongue))

[Image: 191221627.png]

One of the First 100 Nationals in the UAEF Play On! Tourney!
(15-07-2009 09:09 AM)Astrosimi Wrote:  In a flash he propelled himself diagonally into the air with his left leg, bringing his right knee up towards Sasha's face....
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19-08-2009, 09:13 PM | Post: #114
((YEEEESH!!! I like the new character Doven. Most excellent. I need to get back into the RP threads.... I really fell behind what with all my work and stuff...))

[Image: 3mfdtzv]
Congratulations [Image: 3mfdtzv]

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Please read up on the signature guidelines, your signature cannot exceed 250px in height. Your sig is 271px in height.
If in doubt then please look here. Also note that if you wish to make your pic smaller, then look here.

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22-08-2009, 01:54 AM | Post: #115
Name: "Source" (Nickname)
Class: Commando
Rank: None
Side: National
Weapons: Diving knife, Revolver
Items: Troop Trap
Allies/Friends: Fights beside Nationals as long as his own goals are met.
Enemies/Rivals: Royals

Giving a choice whether to go to jail for life, or join the military, he chose military. His lust for blood made him a very feared man. He kills for his own enjoyment and will take part in any battle if it means fighting Royals.

[Image: 2ijqmna.png]

AIM: x5ourc3
xfire: x5ourc3

Message me to play.

I will RP.

Currently clan less.
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30-08-2009, 06:35 PM | Post: #116
Well here mine

Name: Hans
Class: Commando
Rank: None may wary, because hes a mercenary
Side: Varies
Weapons: A sniper rifle, mostly a fast National one and a Colt 1911
Items: Some cigs, a lighter and from 4-20$
Allies: The highest bidder
Enemy: The lowest bidder/The highest bidders enemy

Apperance: Long (like really long he is to greedy to buy a haircut) brown hair, green eyes, small and pretty dark skin (sunburned dark).

Description: Hans is a young man, he is smart and has a sense for business (like illegal business) he has learned to shot with snipers and pistols as well as fighting close with knifes.
Hans doesnt remember is youth and has been a mercenary ever since he was caught for selling illegal linguine to the maffia while being a detective. He has been working for the Royals, Nationals and some private companys. 2 important things: Hes greedy and NEVER really trust him.

Back for a short (from 1 day-infinity) while. (This post was last modified: 04-09-2009 10:48 PM by Haresus.)
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02-09-2009, 03:58 PM | Post: #117
Hi im new to all this and this is my main character and his arch nemesis.

Name: Harry Price
Class: Commando
Rank: Captain
Side: Royals
Weapons: Commando Knife, Stolen enemy weapons, assorted Pistols
Items: Churchill's own brand cigars, a lighter, couple of bob, beard razor and travel sickness pills.
Allies: The Royal Family, fellow Royals
Enemy: Nationalists, Royal High Command (sometimes), Jack "Von" Slater

Description: Harry is a born and bred Londoner who broke away from his life in the East End to pursue a History degree in Oxford. After some notable members of his family joined the Royal Army, Harry finished his degree extra quick and signed on as a Private. He rose in the ranks quickly and soon the newly promoted Lieutenant was leading commando missions behind enemy lines. However, on one memorable night his team was betrayed by Corporal Jack Slater who was secretly a Nationalist spy. Lieutenant Price watched his whole team burn to death in the truck they had been escaping from. As he hid in a bush watching the Nationalist soldiers praise Slater and gun down any survivors he swore vengeance. He was found a week later, given a medal and a promotion. He became an instructor at the Commando College but missed action so returned to the front lines. He is still hunting for Slater.

Characteristics: Harry is a large man with a neatly trimmed beard. He is kind to his "mates" and will never hesitate to help a friend in need. His background put him at odds with many of the students at Oxford, most of whom became Senior Officers when war broke out. He always bunks and eats with his men. He has little regard for etiquette or rules and is often in trouble with High Command, but he is simply too good to demote.

Name: Jack "von" Slater
Class: <classified>
Rank: Corporal in the Royal Army,<classified> in the Nationalist Army
Side: Both
Weapons: Various, however always carries an ivory handled knife.

Description: Officially Jack Slater was a courageous Corporal in the Royal Army who died tragically on a mission led by Captain Harry Price. Unofficially Slater was and still is a traitor. He now serves in the Nationalist army but every now and again he pops up in Royal platoons, usually just before they are either captured or killed. He is hunted by Harry Price, who trained him and led him on many missions before being betrayed by Slater. Royal High Command denies that he is a traitor and Harry Price is the only person who truly knows.

Characteristics: Little is known of what he looks like, as it is known that he had his looks altered after betraying the royals. However, one distinguishing feature is a knife wound on his left cheek from when a knife was thrown from no-where and nearly killed him. Harry Price threw that knife, but never got another chance as he was chased for 3 weeks by Nationalist forces.
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09-09-2009, 09:31 PM | Post: #118

Why did I come back? -.-'
This game is even more bullshat than how it was back in '10
Get a sense of charity and do broke players some good, EA.

[Image: spcopy.png]
X 12
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12-09-2009, 12:01 PM | Post: #119
Creator: Wolfe7
Name: Markus Wolfe
Faction: National
Class: Commando
Weapons: Spring-Powered Jet Knife, Numerous Throwing Knives, Pistol [Luger PO8] and a Sniper Rifle [FG 42]
Explosives: Traps, Smoke Grenades
Rank: Sole Unit
Skills: Veteran Pilot, Expert Marksman, Unarmed Combat, Espionage, Sabotage and Stealth Tactics
Items: Medic Kit, Radio, Cigarettes, Lighter
Appearance: Tall with black hair and dark grey eyes. Wears a simple set of black clothes and a long black cloak with the National emblem on his shoulder.

Bio: As a young man, Markus had enlisted in the National Army and had been quickly transferred to the Special Operations Division because of his natural talent in the field. He swiftly gained respect within his division, executing his missions successfully and performing well under pressure. Despite having been a Sturmbannf├╝hrer [Major], Markus had never taken on any troops to command. His high rank was a testament to his skill and abilities, which he had proven through years of success in various operations.

He was recently moved to a garrisoned village where he was supporting the battalion based therein and the Leopards Loyal Tank Brigade [LLTB] to defend the General. He has since been off duty, and has been noted to have used some intriguing method to trick the soldiers in the Royal Cafe into believing him to be a vampire.

Has been involved in -
1. Operation Assassination
2. Commando Squad 13
3. The Cafe's

[Image: 20ivsjr.jpg]

RPC's - M Wolfe - H Hawke - Anton Melinski - William Thorne (This post was last modified: 14-04-2010 07:14 PM by Wolfe7.)
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14-09-2009, 10:14 PM | Post: #120
Creator: Erstaz
Name: Mortimer.A
Class: Gunner
Rank: Squad Echo Private First Class
Side: Royal Land Infantry
Weapons: Gatling Gun, 357. Revolver, Automatic Shotgun
Items: Whisky, "Jungle Cutter" Knife, Ammunitions, Grenades, Explosive Pepperspray Boxes.
Allies/Friends: "Junior", Royal Army, Jimmy.A.
Enemies/Rivals: National Army, Erstaz.K, Konsatt.K.
Description: Mortimer was only 23 when he was recruited into the Royal Army. Mortimer, or as his friends called him- Mo, was a kindhearted person, but he didn't like what the Nationals were doing with his country. So, he decided to create a few surprises for them, such as the infamous explosive pepperspray. Mo liked inventing stuff. He fixed his father's car at the age of 11, with no help at all. Then came the war. It was a sad time. Seeing people die on both the National side and the Royal side made Mortimer feel bad, until he met Junior. There was a big day coming up, it was the day when the entire Royal Army charged onto the National's Headquarters. But Mo was let down, he was lonely- even with Junior. Then Junior taught him something. He said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you get. Imagine that at those headquarters up there, that box is waiting for you, and you gotta try hard to get it.". Mo got that box, even though it was an weapons box that weighed 3 tons, he carried it to base, for 20 miles, while Junior kept watch for Nationals. He commited himself to the war.

One day, in a place the other guys called Seaside Skirmish, he made two foes. Erstaz, a commando from the National Army, evil in every sense a man could be, and his brother, Konsatt. They had escaped from Mo's sight, they had tricked the other Royals into a trap, those Royals became P.O.Ws. He chucked a box of explosive pepperspray towards them, he heard slight screams as the box blew, but once the blockage had cleared, they were gone, escaped by airplane. Frustration grew, but he still fights, trying to find them.
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