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  2. Choose 'Enable' under the 'Enable NPAPI' heading.
  3. Restart Chrome.
  4. You should now be able to start the game.
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[Image: ClawFAQ.jpg]

Hello Heroes,

For those of you who may have some questions regarding "The Claw" and how it works check out this little FAQ which has the answers to some basic questions and also some of the questions we have seen on the forums. And if you have any more feel free to let us know and we'll be happy to update this post.


What is the Claw?
"The Claw" was introduced on the 25th of December and provides everyone with the means to grab themselves some cool goodies EACH and EVERY day for FREE! That's right... the first grab each day is free. After that you will need to drop in a few Play4Free Funds for more grabs.

How long will The Claw be here?
For as long as it is being used and enjoyed. We don't have any plans on removing it unless we see any reason to Smile

How much does The Claw cost to use?
You get 1 free "grab" each and every day, but after you have used your free grab, you will need to pay 599 Play4Free Funds for additional grabs until you get your next free one.

When do I get a free grab?
The daily free grab is available from at 08:00 UTC each day.
If you need help working out what time that is in your timezone we recommend using a converter such as this:

Can I stock up on grabs if I don't use them for a few days?
No, you can only ever have 1 grab at any one time.

My Claw used to have 3 grabs a day, where did my other 2 go?
When the claw was first released we gave everyone 3 free grabs per day as an introductory bonus for Christmas. This was only a temporary offer though, and now you get 1 free grab a day. We may increase this in the future though for events and other festive periods.

What can I get in The Claw?
You can get a lot of different things in The Claw, ranging from 50 uses of Bandages and Wrenches to time limited and even permanent weapons, clothing and emotes. Over time the contents of the claw will vary. We intend to keep it full with time appropriate items such as seasonal items and cool content from up coming releases and we even plan on having some really rare and Claw exclusive items in it.

If I buy a grab, do I have a higher chance of getting better items?
No, the free grabs and the grabs that you pay for are exactly the same. You have the same chances of getting any item as you do in the daily free grab. Buying more grabs just lets you try more times in between free grabs, perfect for those who can't stand waiting to pick up those awesome rares.

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