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[Image: bfp4flogoqwerty.png]

What is Battlefield Play4Free?
Battlefield Play4Free is an all-new free-to-play game from the same team that created Battlefield Heroes. It’s a first person shooter with realistic graphics and is set in the modern theatre of war – featuring the opposing forces of Russia and the US battling it out with modern weapons, equipment and vehicles.

What are some of the features in the game?
Battlefield Play4Free combines features and content from several different Battlefield games. We call it ‘the best of Battlefield’
  • 32 players!
  • New updated PC engine with HD console quality graphics – high resolution artwork and post-processing effects
  • The weapons and equipment of Battlefield Bad Company 2
  • The factions and classes of Battlefield Bad Company 2
  • Maps are updates of classic BF2 maps like Strike at Karkand
  • Vehicles are familiar BF2 classics (Yes, that includes helicopters and jets!)
  • The leveling, abilities and deep visual and gameplay customization of Battlefield Heroes
  • Free-to-play, quick to download and low system specs like Battlefield Heroes

How long have the team been working on it?
We started work in January 2010, with a full team working on it since August.

Why did you make this game?
Community feedback (LOTs of it and for that we thank all of you) and our own research into the Battlefield Heroes audience and free-to-play shooter fans generally told us that you are pretty hardcore, and the majority of you actually really like and want modern, military-style shooters.

So we decided to take what we’ve learned from Battlefield Heroes and create a brand new, modern, military shooter; taking the most popular features of Battlefield Heroes and bringing them into a whole new setting with the help of content and features from other Battlefield titles.

When does Battlefield Play4Free come out?
Closed Beta will start November 30th, 2010. Open Beta is scheduled for early 2011.

Can I use my Battlefield Heroes account for Battlefield Play4Free?
When registering for and once you start playing Battlefield Play4Free, we encourage you to use your existing Battlefield Heroes account, but you can’t move characters between the two games.

What kind of items will there be in the Battlefield Play4Free store?
Very similar to the selection for Battlefield Heroes. Visual customization items, weapons, widgets (although they won’t be called that) etc.

How do I sign up for The Battlefield Play4Free beta?
Easy! Go to and enter your email address (make sure to use your existing Heroes email address if you already play it) – we’ll contact you with a beta key as soon as a slot opens up for you.

Are there any other ways I can get access to the closed beta?
The very first people to get access to the Battlefield Play4Free closed beta will be key selected members of the Battlefield Heroes community.

There will be other ways to get access, keep checking our Battlefield Play4Free Facebook and Twitter for details.

How can I stay up-to-date with the latest Battlefield Play4Free news?
The best way to grab the latest news and updates from the Battlefield is to follow our Facebook and Twitter

Are you stopping work on Battlefield Heroes?
Absolutely not! Our Battlefield Heroes work plans are unchanged. These are some of the things that are still coming:
  • Deep Space 2
    Take the Isaac look a step back in time and enter on the battlefield dressed as the alien slaying engineer from Dead Space 2
  • Two more game modes
  • Christmas Specials
    Join us this festive season as the temperatures chill and the battlefield becomes a more ruthless war zone than ever before with bone chilling colds and the seemingly endless snow fall. Not only that, but you will also have the chance to get your hands on never before seen goodies, including... scoped guns!
  • Bug Fixes
    Along with all of these awesome new features and epic chunks of content we have been working hard on fixing many of those pesky bugs you have been reporting to us. With the help of your feedback we are crushing those bugs.

Do I get anything cool if I play both games?
Between November 5th, 2010 and the start of the Battlefield Play4Free Open Beta
  • Win at least one round in Battlefield Heroes
  • Play in the Battlefield Play4Free Closed Beta

What you get:
  • A special Battlefield Play4Free Closed Beta forum tag on Battlefield Heroes.
  • A special Battlefield Play4Free Closed Beta medal in Battlefield Heroes.
  • A special Battlefield Heroes medal in Battlefield Play4Free.
  • A special Battlefield Heroes forum tag on Battlefield Play4Free.

Play in the Battlefield Play4Free Open Beta and get:
  • A special Battlefield Play4Free Open Beta forum tag.

What is your priority – Battlefield Heroes or Battlefield Play4Free?
Both are prioritized equally. Battlefield Heroes already has a huge community and is a very important game to us (it’s EA’s biggest Play4Free game). Battlefield Play4Free, however, is in a heavy development phase and therefore needs quite a bit of attention too.

What game is better, Battlefield Heroes or Battlefield Play4Free?
Despite sharing a lot of similarities, both games are very different in feel. Battlefield Heroes is more light-hearted, arcade-like and cartoony. Battlefield Play4Free is more serious, realistic, violent and gritty.

We enjoy playing both.

Will I be able to use my Battlefunds in Battlefield Play4Free?
Yes! As long as you use the same account for both games, your Battlefund balance will be shared between both games!

Can I use my VP or HP in Battlefield Play4Free?
Nope – Battlefield Play4Free will have two new currencies to replace VP and HP, so these will not be shared between games

I’ve been playing Heroes forever, do I get a reward for this in Battlefield Play4Free?
We are working hard on creating lots of cool connections between the titles, but are not talking about them at the moment. Imagine unlocking cool stuff in Battlefield Play4Free if you have done something (hit a level, done a mission) in Battlefield Heroes, and vice-versa. We want you guys to play and enjoy both games, so we will work on rewards for doing so.

So you are just trying to get us to spend money in two games then? Damn money-grabbing EA…
Definitely not. You guys are free to choose whether to buy Battlefunds or play for free in both titles. The vast majority of Heroes players never spend any money, and we expect this to also be the case for Battlefield Play4Free.

We also expect Battlefield Play4Free to bring in a whole new audience, who were put off Battlefield Heroes by the cartoony graphics and less serious feel of the game.

How does Battlefield Play4Free relate to Battlefield 3?
Like our connections with Battlefield Heroes, we are working on deep connections between Battlefield Play4Free and the upcoming Battlefield 3. If you plan to play Battlefield 3, we would advise you get into Battlefield Play4Free at the earliest opportunity!!
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