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Hello There, Guest!

05-01-2010, 08:56 AM | Post: #1

This guide is a true knife guide for those who know how to use it, fight with it, and die honorably with it.

If you do not think this way, please read no further, this guide is not for you.
I was playing around with the other commando ability's for a while since the sniper nerf. Since sniping didn't really cut it for me anymore, i stepped to knifing instead, with the new super knife everything went great, and I fell in love with knifing. This guide started out by posting my own strategy, but I felt like I needed to make more of it than that, so I am trying to turn this into the most complete knifing guide around, for those people who take the same interest and joy in knifing, and are intelligent enough to turn this thread into a place were knifers can exchange valuable information and help each other out. Where the elites don't hold everything for themselves, but use their knowledge to enrich the general knifing public and increase the overall expertise of said group. This is, however, a guide for more advanced knifing. If you are new to knifing, i whould reccomend you to first start here: knifers guide to the galaxy by solid snail

This is Solid Snail's knifing guide, and explains the basics of knifing really well, and in video! Which is always better than written guides. Some things are a bit outdated, like the troop trap part, but it still stands firmly as a knifing guide and gives you a strong foundation to increase you're knifing skills upon. maybe you want some more pointers as a young knifer-to-be. Well then, you can skip right to the knife vs knife chapter halfway through this guide, and read the basics section for extra help. Before you skip to all the wonderfull information however, read the part below.

How to read this guide

I have devided my guide into uniform section dividers. The guide was becoming so stacked with information, I use this sytem to organize everything in this guide. Here you can find what each of these dividers mean.

-If you see anything centered, that means a new chapter of the guide(not shown or it whould look terrible)
-This stands for a section in the guide
- This stands for a subsection in the guide
- This stands for anything added to the subsection, like tips and tricks

Now that we are ready, we can heads over to the thing you came here for: the actual guide! The guide is rougly divided into 3 sections. The first chapter explains all the abilities that matter to a knifer in general, the second chapter explains methods of fighting against non-knifing classes, and the final chapter discusses everything that matters in a knife vs knife fight. The last chapter is probably the one with the most information, so here you can find sections about ability usage during knife fights, the basics of knife fighting, and the different styles and tricks you can perform. Now there is only one thing left for me to say before you can begin digging your way through this guide to find the information you are looking for.

----((Basic Knowledge))----

First, let's talk about the abilities. I have listed all the abilitiess important to a knifer, together with a table that shows you what each level of an ability gives you.

After the insane bandage cost increase,, which no one can afford now, you can use a 5/5 elixir to block the full damage from BB or PB. It gives you a 35 HP shield, giving you a total of 115HP, which is really nice as a knifer, since you spend most of your time in combat. Also the cooldown is reduced to 10 seconds, making it on par with leg-it, one of the 2 ability's you will be competing with (the other one is blasting strike) This is however, a matter of personal preference. I know a lot of people that like PB, and people who don't. It all depends on your style. I prefer a 5/5 elixir over PB however. Now with the new elixir buff, it lasts 13 seconds, just like leg-it. Don't think you are super strong now however, since the shield value has not changed you will still meet a swift end if you run into groups or are genrally not cautious. This new buff however, does give you the time you need to run away or kill an extra 2 people while in elixir, which is always nice. From now one, always use elixir if you are out of stealth. It lasts 13 seconds and after that your stealth is off cooldown. Anything that boosts your survivabillity out of stealth is welcome.

not going to state the obvious, it is said a million times why you need this and you should know why. If you don't, first get the basics of the commando down before using this guide.

tip by Boombaastical
If you get shot while stealthing, move in the opposite direction when the cloud dissappears. This way your opponent still thinks your are moving in your original direction, missing you completely.

mark target:
since I am still carrying around a sniper rifle it is handy to know where the opposing commando's are, so you can snipe/knife them before you pop out of stealth. Greatly reduces the chance you get shot by a random commando while knifing someone. Also, mark target let's you see your knifing target, so you can anticipate an attack around a corner, or plan a different route towards it.

tip: Health check
When you use mark target on an opponent, you instantly get 10xp. But if you see the xp numbers on your screen in red, it means that person is low on health! Finish him off for an easy kill.

tip by kartoffelmos:
Use Mark Target to cancel abilities (Elixir). For example, you got spotted before you could strike (still in stealth, of course). You would then activate Elixir, run to the nearest corner/house, and use MT to cancel the ability. By doing so, the pursuer will not know in which direction you went next (somewhere he won't expect you to go).

troop trap:
I am not this far into my style yet, but troop traps might come in handy to break groups and overall be nasty. You can also use them to create a rather safe hiding spot when your ability's are on cooldown because of an intense knife fight. I have used troop traps in the past, and they worked excellent. Though, with the current TT nerf, I think it whould be good to only have 1 point in TT, since they dissappear very quickly and upon death. They also are practically useless in mid-combat since the arm time is 6 seconds. Overall, place them near much-walked paths and you will get a hit, or you can use them to lure opponent's into, giving you an edge in close combat. You can also perform a TT jump. Watch out however, since the update troop traps can now also be destroyed by explosives of other players, like bazooka's and grenade spam. Obviously, its not a good idea since then to put it in a straight alley, or in the middle of the road. Now, more than ever, is it important to hide your traps out of plain sight if your objective is to deal damage with them. Putting them around corners, in grass, or on other surfaces can greatly increase its survival. However, there is a good side to this. If you see a large enemy group fighting, throwing it into their firing range might set your troop trap off prematurely, damaging them and possibly throwing a few away, scattering their forces.

trick: TT escape by boombaastical
When you need to escape from a foe while unstealthed, place your TT, and instead of waiting for it to explode when your opponent walks on it, shoot it with your ranged weapon to make it explodfe instantly, tossing your opponent away and giving you an escape.

trick: 2nd TT escape by Arseenvinct
Another tt-trick is the jump escape. You walk to the closest wall, make sure you have your pistol/rifle equipped, aim all the way down throw your tt and shoot. You'll fly to safety instantly. I haven't tested if it works without scoping the rifle but I will.

Extended TT escape by Azurehaze
When you TT escape away from your opponent, try to fire yourself over a building or another large object. Not only do you have time to re-stealth, often the opponent will folow you, leaving his friends behind and giving you an easy 1vs1 fight.

trick: TT shot by Boombaastical
When running, do the TT throw with a jump. As soon as you're able to aim for it correctly, shoot it. This requires very little lag to be able to work correctly, so it is very hard to do while in an actual game. What this actually does, is that it works nearly as a BS, tossing your opponent nearly immediately when TT is out, can inflict damage due to explosion force rather easily.

Poisoned blade
I find it only usefull above level 3, since the DoT damage then really starts helping out your overall DPS. Before that it is just minor damage over time. Poisoned blade can help you kill those targets that whould otherwise have killed you. A knife fight only takes 5 seconds, most of the time. In those 5 seconds the DoT ticks 1-2 times. This does not sound as much, but it has a tactical advantage as well. You can use the PB to force a player to use his CM or HS. Once it is up you don't have to take it into account for the rest of the battle. Also, if you get hit by blasting strike, the DoT still ticks even though you are far away. While you are hiding the DoT still ticks on (see soldier) and the damage becomes considerable. Against a commando the PB can make you nasty, hit a commando once with PB and you have an almost guaranteed death. The other commando is now on a timer, and he has to kill you before the PB kills him. This can make them reckless, and easy for you to get another stab in, elixir away, and let the PB do it's work. Also, use poisoned blade on your first hits, and use elixir only after that. This way you get maximum DoT damage out of your poison while still having the ability to run or chase (most effective against Gunners). PB also comes in handy in multi-man fights. You hit all your enemý with it, who all get DoT damage. You might take down a commando or force a soldier heal while you are actually knifing someone else. In group fights is were this ability really finds it's place.

I am not really a believer in poisoned blade. The only time it really helps is while fighting other commando's. A gunner won't die from it, and when he does you could have killed him without PB. A soldier just heals it away. Now, I know a lot of you knifers out there DO like poisoned blade, and I Don't think i should let it out just because i personally dont like it. I state it in this guide anyway, to make it complete and to show you the available knifing options.

tip by kartoffelmos:
Try not to use abilities when knifing the last/first person in a line of soon-to-be dead people. If you take him out without making any noise, you're clear to go for the others.

--Secondary Weapons--
Of course, you need a good choice of weapons to fight off your enemy's. Here I will mostly explain which weapon goes good alongside your (super) knife to fit a certain missing part in your playstyle, or to strenghen one of your weaknesses. I will not state the super weapons here, since they are obviously better than any counterpart and if you are willing to spend money on this you should buy those, no doubt about it.

You have 2 kinds of rifles to chose from, the slow rifle or the fast rifle. The slow one deals more damage but has more knockback, but the fast one has a larger clip and a faster rate of fire, with less knockback.

slow rifle
The slow rifle is preffered by most classic snipers: the ones who carefully aim for a shot and make it count over long distances. This rifle suits the players who still want to be able to snipe effectively alongside the knifing. A body shot deals around 27 damage, only 10 damage more than the fast rifle, but it is the headshot damage that counts for this rifle, which is around the 48.

fast rifle
The fast rifle is meant for more trigger-happy people. It deals less damage per shot (around 17 to the body) and with less knockback, you won't take as much time as you usually whould to re-adjust your aim. Don't expect to make long-distance kills with this thing without having piercing shot however, since you give you're opponent enough time to find cover in the time it takes for you to empty your clip. Take this rifle if you want accurate, mid to long range damage, but don't have the skill or time to usually take aim for that carefull shot.

Pistols are generally more versatile than rifles, and are the only option (besides the knife) when you want to deal close-range damage as a commando. You have the long-range pistol, and the close range-pistol. The long range-pistol has a clip of 8 bullets, and fires them in sequence. The close- range one has 12 bullets, and fires them in bursts of 3.

Close-range pistol
The close-range pistol (from now on called CRP) is preffered by commando's who want the extra damage when the opponent is out of knife range. this can happen when a gunner uses leg-it, a soldier uses blasting strike, or a commando trying to run away with elixir. Having this pistol alongside a knife makes you a strong force in close range combat, since you hit people for at least 30 damage per 3 bullets (that is 120 damage per clip) on a range your knife can't hit. However, choosing this pistol forces you to close combat only. You have no means to kill opponent's in mid- to long range. This pistol makes you extremely specialized, making you lack in other departments.

mid-range pistol
The mid-range pistol (from now on called MRP) Isn't used that often, and for a reason. It's damage is overall garbage, since it is a mid-range weapon, you have to find that sweet spot the gun deals most damage, which isn't easy. At least for the LRP you know your target has to be far away, and with the CRP he has to be very close, but for the MRP there is this grey area you can call mid-range. Since you will find yourselve more often than not outside of this range (you are either very close or very far away from your opponent), you are better off picking a different pistol to complement your playing style. If you are lacking in long-range, buy the LRP, if you are lacking in close-range, buy the CRP. If you lack in both, well, maybe you should switch to a gunner instead. Your worst choice is buying the MRP.

Long-range pistol
The long-range pistol (from now on called LRP) Is used by the anti-sniping department of the knifing community. It is great at shooting those pesky snipers out of their nests. The LRP has no knockback, and leaves no trail, so you can usually get a fair amount of shots in before you are noticed. You can even kill a sniper when he is zooming in, since he can't see his own hp and can only go by the sound of shots hitting him. By that time it is usually is to late. The LRP can also be used effectively in mid-range combat, giving you the option to give covering fire in group fights that whould otherwise kill you if you jumped in knifing. This way you are still usefull to your team, and can attack head-on with your group while getting healed and shielded, as well as deal damage and get some kills. This weapon gives you the option to play a more balanced commando. You are still very strong in close combat ( your primary weapon is after all a knife) but you can deal good damage on mid and long ranges to.

There are 3 distinct playstyle’s that you can use while playing a knifing commando. It can be quite handy to know which style suits you best, in order to become more focussed on the job you fulfil within your team, so you can perform better in games, and be useful to your team, a feeling many commando’s are missing. The parts are written in a more open, flavour-type style, since I thought it whould fit this part nicely, and to help people get more into the role they perform. Also, I will state which abilities and weapons go well with a certain playstyle, but these are merely guidelines, and you should play with the setup you prefer. Of course I will not say anything about stealth, since 5/5 in this is mandatory. Of course you can come up with many more styles besides these, but all roughly fall in one of the categories listed below.

The Striker
This is the plain, basic knife commando. You have a high level of elixir, and at higher level can even combine this with poisoned blade. Just one level of mark target suites fine, since you only use it to get other commando’s out of stealth before you make your move, or to cancel elixir. One level in troop trap can also come in handy to help you deal some more damage, especially against groups, and it gives you other means of escape other than elixir.
Your job is clean and simple: Kill as man of the opponents you can find. Mostly you are behind enemy lines, but you can also find yourself in the middle of a gunfight, taking down an enemy or two before slipping away unnoticed. You are not afraid to get into the fray, but the majority of your kills will be one on one fights with a stray opponent.

The trapper
You like to go around unnoticed and annoy your opponent. High levels of mark target and troop trap help to play this style, since these abilities don’t force you to confront the enemy in direct combat, while still fulfilling your role. As a secondary ability elixir is always good, since you can run away even if you are spotted.
You are an annoyance to your enemy’s, they are never able to find you, even when you are deep within their base. You use non-confronting attacks, consisting of high-level troop traps, placed on strategical locations to give your team an advantage, and high levels of troop trap, to mark opponent’s, drawing unwanted attention to them. You use your knife only when you are certain your target is weakened, which is easily achieved by using aforementioned troop traps, or as a last resort when you have been spotted. You are also a bane to the sniper, which you can easily spot with your mark target and take out fast by troop trap jumping to his position. You also steal or destroy the vehicles in your opponent’s base, making use of your stealth to get around unnoticed, crippling the enemy.

The Stalker
Since the hunter is a somewhat combined playstyle, your primary abilities consist of elixir, with a little bit of troop trap and mark target, the latter being high level. You use your troop traps to help your team out while going for your real job.
You only come out of your area when you have marked a target, and you stalk your prey until it is safe to attack, killing it quickly before anyone notices. Snipers are even more afraid of you than they are of the trapper, since your entire game revolves around finding and killing them. Of course, if you can’t find any, you just pick a soldier or Gunner to plunge your blade in. You use troop traps in a more defensive way, rather than the offensive playstyle of the trapper. You place them near spots you are sure you can return to, near the perimeter of your own area, or to distract your opponent, allowing you to walk between them, waiting for a good kill. As you can see, this playstyle combines the killing style of the Striker with the defensive abilities of the trapper, but unfortunately excels in neither. Still ,it can be a strong all-round style, and if you can find a critical player on your opponents team and kill it time and time again, like a true stalker, you can cripple the enemy time of critical defenses.

Leveling a knifing commando is not easy, this part of the guide will tell you where you're points should go to, what your best options are of leveling on what levels, and so on. If you find it hard to make that green bar climb, this is your place.I have divided leveling in stages of 5 levels. By the time you reach level 20 though, you should understand your class and the levelling process is over: You should know by now how to play and what play style gives you the most points.

levels 1-5
This is the easiest part of levelling. I advice players though to use the sniper rifle when going through these levels, since you don’t have full stealth just yet. For those players that make a new character and are experienced knifers however, you can try it. These levels go by fairly quick if you just flag farm en occasionally kill someone.

levels 6-10
At level 8 you should have a full stealth. You can try knifing now if you are a new player. However, flag farming is still a very fast levelling service available to you until you hit roughly level 10. You can also easily complete the conquest missions within this level frame, so you have some easy VP to help you, and it gives you more time to complete the missions to come. I also advice new players to start using a pistol as a secondary weapon if they want to, either by using battlefunds or VP. The earlier you get used to the weapon the better. Around these levels your opponents start to use leg it or blasting strike, so I advice you to start forming a strategy against it. Not everyone will have it though, so try focussing on those people and punish them continuously for their poor hero point spending.

levels 11-15
Now the fun really starts. At level 10 you have a new hero point and I advice to put it in elixir, since you really need it as a knifer. You can put the next one in mark target (level 12) To help you spot those nasty campers, which are up until then the only thing that can attack you by surprise. After that, it is your choice. You can either start on Poisoned blade or chose to max elixir. Of course one level in troop trap can also come in handy. Flag farming is not a fast way of levelling anymore, so you should go out there and kill the world. Do not be afraid to use your elixir to early, since around these levels your opponents either have a max leg it or blasting strike. Do not be afraid to switch points a lot and experiment, because know you can use the level 1-2 skill of everything while still having 5/5 stealth and 1/5 elixir. This can help you come up with the playing style you like, and try using different abilities to deal with problems you encounter in the game. Generally, these are the levels of change where you start to figure out what you want with your class.

levels 16-20
Around these levels you should start to get the general idea of playing a knifing commando, know what your final build is going to look like, and know your own preferences in skills. At this point you are either very specialized (putting your points in 2 skills) or have your points distributed. Either way, you know where your focus is going to be, and which abilities you are going to max out. Kills should still pose a challenge, but you know how to deal with the weaker points in your play style. From here on out it is mostly advancing on the basis you have created for yourselve.

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05-01-2010, 08:57 AM | Post: #2
----(( Basic techniques))--

--non-knifing classes--
This part of the guide shows you how to aply the basic knowledge of the previous section in actual combat. Tips are added, based on various abilities or techniques to help you fight those people with actual guns. If you need basic information about fighting knifers however, I refer you to the bottom section of this guide.

tip: better safe than sorry!
In general, you want to get healed whenever you can as a knifer, so if you find a soldier, use your medic emote (don't spam it or you might not get it) to get a welcome heal. This way you increase your survival chances during/after a fight. In between fights it is advised to return to your team to heal if you are low on health.

If you see a gunner in leg-it, wait till it runs out before you attack. This way a gunner turns into an easy prey if he is not defended. When attacking one however, watch out for his keg+bazooka combo. If this hits, you are left with 40hp less and the gunner a few meters away. Most gunners don't use this however, but It is worth mentioning to stay prepared for it. Also, frenzy fire can make short work of you if you daren't carefull. All in all, make sure you kill a gunner fast. Even if this means walking actually into him to secure a good knife hit before you go out of stealth. Also, try not to use your elixir to early, unless you know you can kill him.
when to use elixir
If you don't know if he used his leg-it yet, use elixir emmediatly after your second hit. About this time, they usually try to leg it away from you and turn around to kill you. This way you can keep up with them and receive minimal damage.
You can also chose to wait with elixir, if you know he has a keg. This way you can activate it when he slows you, cancelling it's effect and giving you a speed boost for 6 seconds, so you can surprise you're opponent.

tip by Kubikuroh
Use elixir when he's about to fire at you. This way you lose minimal health and stay in knife range.

I think this tip is worth mentioning, it can be a bit of a gamble if the gunner uses leg-it first and then engages you, but it is a good point of reference when you don't have the option of wasting an elixir (for example, when you need to get away quickly after the kill).

the first thing you always do, is stab people out of stealth (or remove stealth and then stab) it is of course always important to let that first hit count. The more damage it does, the less time you need dealing with an opponent that responds to your knife attacks. With a soldier, this is even more important. Take that extra time to carefully aim for max. damage, it greatly increases your survival rate when you get BS'ed afterwards. If you did enough damage you can kill them with a pistol or other weapon easily.
With a soldier, you never pop elixir right away, use it after his blasting strike to clear the distance. The thing you have to keep in mind is that the soldier has a heal. Always attack a soldier as if he has 170HP, because a good one does have that much HP. You will probably run into either BB or BS. Of he pops his BB, use your elixir to partially cancel the effect (5/5 elixir blocks it completely) and to coutner attack, since he puts you on a timer with BB you have to kill him fast. If he already used both/one of these skills, you are good to go and you can fight more carefull to end up with more HP then you usually whould.
when to use elixir
now this can be a tough one. I always chose to wait for a soldier to use his burning bullets. if this is the case, use elixir right after his blasting strike. This way he does not have the extra damage he needs to kill you before you reach him. If he does have burning bullets, use elixir after his blasting strike to run away and hide, wait for his burning bullets to run out, stealth, and knife him in the back again. Mark target can help here, since you can keep track of your opponent while you hide behind a wall after his blasting strike. This way you can avoid him and find him again after his burning bullets run out.

tip: BS baiting
You can try and BS-bait a soldier. What is this you ask? Well, most soldiers use BS as soon as they hear the woosh sound of a nearby comando. That commando stabs, is out of stealth, and BS'd a few meters away. What you do is this: You walk up behind a soldier, he hears the whoosh, and you don't do anything! He uses BS, you get thrown away and are still in stealth! Now he doesn't know where you are, his BS is on cooldown and you can easily finish him off.

tip by Boombaastical
Try to jump before BS hits you. Since it has a delay, you can do this easily. This way BS sends you more vertically.
Rave:This tip works, although it's effect can vary. But this is always the case when dealing with BS.

Commando's are easy, unless they spot you first. if they do see you, mark him and then chose: kill him or run away so your team can finish him off. if the sniper is far away, take cover and wait for your stealth to recharge, there is usually more than one way towards that sniper spot, so use them in order to get behind him without getting marked and shot in the head. if this is not an option, you should run from cover to cover, and move in an iregular pattern between them. this way you keep his hits to a minnimum. Use elixir when neccesarry. If the sniper is close by, look closely to his gun. If it is turning towards you, move in the other direction when it gets close. This way he has almost no chance to hit you in close range, and he is easily killed.
when to use elixir
If the commando is sniping or doesn't see you coming, you dont need to use elixir. If he does see you use elixir when he uses it, or when he uses poisoned blade so you can outrun it's effect. Most of the time though, commando's use poison blade to early and you can just backpaddle and not get hit by it. Other, more in-depth strategys can be found in Appendix A.

Added tips:
1: If you have a lot of your health left (which can easily be the case with 5/5 elixir) you might be able to take down another enemy before you proceed to hide, it's your choice.
2: Avoid heavy opposing fire, always go around the side/ back and start attackin from there.
3: If you still have some elixir time left after a kill, use it to hide or to return to your allies for cover and a heal.
4: I found a move that allows you to get more solid blows in, you just aim where you normally aim with your knife (a bit in front of your opponent) but, when you stab, you turn slightly towards your opponent, until you are targetting him. This causes a part of the knife attack to extend horizontally a small bit, making it easier to get a good hit in. The timing has to be perfect though, but if you know how to use it your knife kills will get 25% easier guaranteed.

Vehicles can pose a great challenge to a knifer, and to commando’s in general. The only weapon we have most of the time is either our TnT, or a sniper rifle (with piercing shot if you are a hybrid). Most knifers however, use a pistol, so that option is also out of the question. In this part of the guide I will post some general tactics on how to deal with each vehicle.

This is your toughest opponent among the vehicles. If you are out of stealth and one of these comes at you, run away. Or place a TnT and then run away. If you are having trouble fighting tanks, here are a few tips. Try to lure them into enclosed area’s. Due to their size they won’t be able to hit you as well as they used to, and manoeuvring becomes troublesome. Now is the time to place a TnT on the tank. Try to hide behind various objects, since the tank can’t hit you directly this way you will only receive reduced splash damage.

In an open field however things get tricky. But I can tell you one thing that greatly enhances your survival: stay close to the tank. This is for 2 simple reasons: First, if you stay close to the tank, you can outmanoeuvre the barrel, making hitting you almost as troublesome as in a closed environment. Also, if you are close to the tank the driver will mostly focus on shooting you instead of moving, giving you an easier TnT stick that is also increased due to range. If the tank does move however, stay away from it’s front and rear, which can kill you instantly. Number two of my reasons is one not everyone knows. If you TnT a tank and you stay near it, the splash damage from the tank shot can set off the TnT you placed, making it explode faster. Most tank drivers wait for the ringin noise to get out, so they can get the maximum amount of shots out of their tank, but this effectively kills that strategy and has helped me a lot. Also, when you place a TnT and you can’t stick to the tank for some reason, try to shoot it yourselve, or place a troop trap near it, this makes it explode faster to and the troop trap deals extra damage.

We don’t care about jeeps. No one uses them as a viable weapon that has a lot of kills. If you hear one nearby, just look around you. If it comes at you, get out of the way or jump onto something so you don’t get road killed. Easy as that.

Airplanes are tricky to kill, unless you have a sniper rifle, which can take them down easy even without piercing shot. If you carry a pistol however, you should avoid planes overall, since you probably won’t get the kill. IF you shoot at it with your handgun you will only unnecessarily reveal yourself while only dealing minor damage to the plane. I advice you not to shoot it unless it is smoking. If you are already out of stealth and a plane is trying to kill you, try to strafe from left to right, like you would avoid sniper fire. A plane cannot easily change it’s targeting reticule, so this helps. If it swoops in to wingclip you, use your elixir at the last moment (not to late of course) to dodge the wing. You can also use a TT jump to escape a wingclip, as Kubikuroh pointed out to me.

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This section will show you all the advanced know-how off the class, so you can directly apply in into your playstyle. You can use this section if you got the basics down, or (if you are already an advanced knifer) to find new tips and tricks here that other people have just discovered.

It is always important to know what you're opponent is going to do. This way you can react to an action you are sure is going to come, giving you a possible 100% effectiveness on your next action. Mindgames are very important for a knifer, because knifing is a tricky business. Anything can happen! The more control you have the better. This section is divided in general mindgames and knife vs knfie mindgames, since not everything works on guns.

General Mindgames
Here you can find mindgames that can be applied to any class

When knifing an opponent, if there is a wall nearby, start knifing from it's opposite direction, so your kill is between you and the wall. Most people emmediatly want to get away from knifers, so they move in the opposite direction, which is the wall. When they hit it they won't move until they have figured out their backpaddeling failed, giving you precious time to close in on your kill. Of course, you can use this tactic with any obstacle.

Is your fight taking a turn for the worse? Can't keep up with that gunner anymore? Run around a corner! You're opponent can now either run away so neither of you wins, you go in stealth and kill him, or run after you and get stabbed in the face because you were waiting around the corner. As you see this technique effectively pulls people (back) into your knife range. Increased effectiveness when combined with MT.

This is common practice for all knifers, but it is technically a mindgame. Attack your opponent when he is busy fighting other people. This will make it a lot easier to get the kill, and if 2 groups are fighting each other, consecutive kills become a reallity (something a lot of knifers struggle with to accomplish). If you have things like Teamspeak, do not be afraid to ask your teammates to distract your targets. After all, it helps you a lot and eventually your team to.

Assassin's promise by Kubikuroh
When in a fight with a knifer, just walk away. This will make you look like you have low health and want to escape. Three things can happen,
1. He takes out his gun
2. He follows you
3. He chases you with elixir

1.When he takes out his gun, quick turn, use elixer and stab him. Do this before he gets a chance to fire.
2. If he simply follows, make sure he gets close,(not too close) do a quick turn, use elixer and stab.
3. He chases with elixir, activate your own when he gets close. Now you have 2 options:
- 1. Quick turn with elixir, and stab. Do this when you are way more skilled than the other.
- 2. Activate elixer, get away, when his elixir is almost over (this requires timing), run towards him. Now you have the advantage of having a shield.

PB bait
The PB bait works simple, yet is effective. When you don't have a lot of hero points to spen,d because you are of a somewhat lower level, but you keep getting killed by soldiers, it might help to put just one level in PB, so that when you hit your opponent, he heals right after the BS, since he only pays attention to the PB effect on him, and not look at the actual (low) damage it is doing. Use this to your advantage!

Knifing at higher levels is a million times harder than on lower levels, long-time players know this. The main problem is that teams actually move as a team. As soon as you attack one member of that time, you get BS’ed at least once, and shot down by two people. Now, this is a trick I recently tried out as an effective countermeasure against heavy teamplay from your opponent. This is how it works: You flank your opponents team, but remain at a mid-range distance. Stand at a spot with enough cover, preferably one where they have to go around a corner/through a door to get to you. Now, whip out your pistol, and fire at one person on their team until you have drawn his attention. Now quickly dive behind the corner/wall/whatever, and wait until your opponent walks around the corner to kill you. Now you have effectively pulled a person away from his team, and into your knifing range. Now it is time he meets your blade. You can increase this effectiveness with three skills. First, of course, elixir. Which helps you kill him easier. Second, troop trap. Place a TT at the place he has to go around/through to get to you, and you have done some starting damage, and confused him a little. Now, the third ability is mark target, so you can time your stab precisely with the time he comes around the corner. With these skills combined, it can rack up kills pretty fast and have devastating effects for your opponents team. Of course, try to switch places once in a while, or angry players will look for you around the spot you are gunbaiting. Just give it a bit of time, eventually someone will find you very annoying and try to kill you. Pay attention though, because if you give people some time, they can try and kill you from other sides.

--Tactical Maps--
It is good for a knifer to know where you’re enemy’s are. This allows you to literally ‘slip into the shadows’ and avoid unnecessary combat, in search of a target. If you know where you should be and where not, you will get an overall better K/D ratio. Less opponents will find you in stealth by accident, since you know how to avoid them. You will survive more fights because you know your target’s teammates were distracted or your target was all by himself. Generally, knowing the map is an advantage we all need to get ahead. Since knifers more than any other class rely mostly on skill and knowledge instead of abilities and weapons. Included in this section are tactical top-down views of each map, with critical points marked on it. It is easy to understand, and is meant as a convenient way to find the information you need in the blink of an eye. If you want to see the map of each level, simply click on it's name! I will also grade each map for the overall value it has to knifers. It is good for a knifer to know where you’re enemy’s are. This allows you to literally ‘slip into the shadows’ and avoid unnecessary combat, in search of a target. If you know where you should be and where not, you will get an overall better K/D ratio. Less opponents will find you in stealth by accident, since you know how to avoid them. You will survive more fights because you know your target’s teammates were distracted or your target was all by himself. Generally, knowing the map is an advantage we all need to get ahead. Since knifers more than any other class rely mostly on skill and knowledge instead of abilities and weapons. I have used 3 types of characters on each map, which are discribed below.

Piercing shot picture: A sniper spot, from here they can mark target you, so be careful. If you are attentive however, you can look in that general direction and mark them, finishing them off with your LRP or sniper rifle, turning the tables.

Single person picture: This is a loner spot. Often, singe people walk here to get from point A to point B. Go here to get into 1vs1 fights, a fight a knifer wins most often.

Hotspot picture: These are spots often densely populated with players. Avoid these at all costs unless you want a 1:1 K/D ratio. These spots are also the scene for intense combat between both sides, so if you walk here you can easily get caught in crossfire or stray kegs/grenades. Tanks often get mixed into the fight, which can kill you easily. Mostly, you want to walk around these hotspots, and circle them like a hyena. Wait for a solo person to pop out of it, and kill him. Mostly people go out of this area either to heal or attack the opponents side of the hotspot from a different angle. Either way, they are good kills for you.

Victory Village

As you can see, this map has hotspots and Loner places densely packed together. This means that the hotspots can quickly shift from place to place, making this a very unstable map to play on as a knifer. However, when this not happens (and it usually does in low-level games where people don’t try to flank each other or attack from a different direction) The hotspots can be pretty solid since everyone just bull rushes into them. If this happens, you can walk around the periphery of those solid hotspots and get a continuous stream of loner-kills. Watch out for snipers from the church tower and national cliff though, since they can hit you almost everywhere. If you do get targeted by a sniper however, there are very few places he can be, so finding them on this map is not hard.

Buccaneer Bay

Wow, sniper heaven. Every hotspot is surrounded by sniper cliffs, so if they have a high level in mark target you are practically screwed. Always try to stay away from hotspots, but definitely from the town one. If you attack someone there, it is very common for a freshly spawned player to pop up around a corner and help his friend kill you. It is advised to kill around the periphery of the town flag, as always, so you can kill people that just spawned before anyone can help them. Also, the roads behind and to the sides of town are mostly used by loner players to get to a point quickly, so look here for some kills if you need them. Also, every cliff a sniper can be on is jumpable without a troop trap, with the exception of the left most one above town. So if you have mark target you can get easy sniper kills here. Also watch out between town and the Ship, since tanks often drive through here.

Seaside Skirmish

Again, a very open map. If the opposing team has one or two commando’s in them, try not the venture to far out of the town/ lighthouse area, since you will almost instantly get marked without any cover nearby, and get sniped from a distance. You can however mark target a sniper from out of town, and shoot them with the LRP from a distance, which is very effective since most camper spots don’t have good cover. Try to avoid the main road connecting the town and lighthouse, rather walk to the sides of these and get loner kills. You can be spotted from the main road however, so be careful. What also happens a lot, is that at the sides of town battles erupt between tanks and players. These are new hotspots you don’t want to be in. Rather, kill any players that retreat to town for some shelter against the tanks, this often means they have low HP and are easy kills. And no one will hear your stabs over all those tank shots.

Coastal Clash

This is a reasonable map for knifers. The hotspots should of course, be avoided, especially the lookout. Most of the time a group of players make their stand here, and if you attack one you get a blasting strike on you or you get ripped to pieces in seconds. Try to kill any loners that want to attack on their own from lookout to windmill or vice versa. Also, killing people between the 2 back spawns and the 2 main hotspots is a good idea to. Snipers are not a huge problem on this map. The places they have to snipe from often have limited view of the map, and the one sniper spot where they can het everyone from (on the rocks to the left) is so well known that if anyone shoots from here they instantly get targeted by half the team, and kegs are thrown up there to force the camper down, since there is little cover up on the rocks.

Riverside Rush

This is knifer heaven. You have several hotspots, yes, but more often than not the players are scattered around them. Often stalemates erupt between the 2 flags on opposing sides, and people shot each other from out of cover without attacking. This can be a good time for a knifer to kill someone of the opposing team who is taking cover. Most of the time you can kill 2-3 players before the rest notices and attacks you. There is only one real sniper spot here, so don’t be afraid of them. The ones on the left are the best sniper spots, the ones on the right are barely used. There are a lot of loner spots here, the ones most often used are the ones between the market and tollhouse, so as a royal go there for your kills.

Sunset Showdown

Well, this map sucks for us knifers. There is only one real hotspot, the church. And since almost 80% of players are there, you will only get one kill every time since it is so densely packed his friends rip you to shreds. Your best option is to go to the opponents back base, and start destroying tank and airplanes, and killing anyone who spawns there and notices you, like a real Saboteur. You can also steal the tanks and airplanes and use them against your opponents, it's one tank less for them and an extra one for your team, which is quite the advantage. Since there are so many tanks that can easily kill you, and a few good sniper spots where you can get marked from, this map can make your K/D ratio plummet if you are not careful. Try to avoid big groups, but if your opponent has taken the church they can spawn in the little village to the right of it, where you can get a few kills without being noticed.

Midnight Mayhem
This map is either your blessing or your curse: It all depends on how fast group dynamics change and how fast you deal with them. Because this map is one big hotspot ( apart from the left side of the outer ring) with lots of sniper spots, you will have to be very cautious about where you make your kills. The spots I found best are on the left and right side of the middle of the map. These both provide decent cover from snipers, and most of the time only one or two people venture here to regenerate their ability’s, giving you an opportunity to kill them. Now, about the group dynamics. As you have probably seen, control of the rocket can shift in an instant. If the rocket is yours, you can see the whole half of your side of the field as safe ground (most of the time). Use this to infiltrate further into your enemy’s half, and place some TT’s or kill a lone player in one of the outer rings of the map. Now, if your team is suddenly pushed back, you don’t want to be left standing on your opponent-infested side, and should withdraw a bit with your team accordingly. To sum it up: try to stay in mid-range of your own teammates, in close-range of any cover (there is enough on the map) and play cautiously, but grab chances when you see them, since there won’t be many. Also, if you see a sniper on the other side of the map, you can just walk on the outside of the map without much disturbance, knife him in the back, and get back into the map before you get killed by walking out of bounds. Also, gunbaiting works wonders here, since there are enough corners to put a TT on and to lure your opponent’s into an ambush. Also you should cap the rocket stealthed whenever you can, NO EXCEPTIONS. If there are no enemies near the rocket, just grab it for your team since no one else will, since both sides rather camp instead of winning. If you get marked you can pop elixir to get to your TT hidespot. Also, MM is a very good map for high-level commando’s, since it gives you around 800-1000 XP extra.

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----((knife fighting))----
before you go further, please know this basic terminoligy I will be using from this point onward, this way I don't have to type the same words over and over (more will be added in the future)

SA: Surprise attack. This is what happens if you attack another person straight out of stealth.
MMKF: A multi-man knife fight. This means you vs more than one other knifer. Not a good fight to be in, but if you come out of it alive, it is rewarding.
MMF: A multi-man fight. You versus multiple opponent's. However, not all of them are knifers.

The true skill of a knifer is shown during a fight between another knifer. Since with knifing you can use various styles, I shall post them here for your reading pleasure, and might improve your game against more experienced knifers. I have to tell you though: none of these styles are effective when a knifer SA's you and you are not moving, because when this happens, nothing can save you.

First off, some basic knife skills you must have in your repetiore during knife fights,you can practice these to become better. I added this section for the knifers that just started, and since this knife vs knife section can have some confusing material for the somewhat new knifers out there, I added this to help you start, before you try advanced techniques, probably fail to use them effectively, and quit the commando alltogether, train the basics and start working from there. Since a good foundation helps greatly to build a good set of skills upon. This section also includes a tips and tricks section, to give you some specific pointers to help you out of certain situations most knifers find hard to deal with. The material in this section is also great to practice for general knifing purposes, not just knife vs knife fights. Some minor adjustements might be neccesary to do this, but in general it helps to raise you're overall skill level.

Spacing is everything, if you are to far away from your opponent while stabbing, you will hit for a low amount of damage, or for nothing at all. It can also work the other way around. If your opponent knows good spacing, he will deal more damage than you will and kill you. this is the basis of knife fighting and can only be trained through practice. Also learn to adjust your distance to your health. If you are low on health and your opponent is not, for example, keep some distance while knifing. You might hit for low damage, but your opponent doesn't hit you, which is way more important in such a situation.

Yay, happy stabby, you run through a crowd killing a few people, just spamming that left mouse button. Ok, this might work against non-knifers, but against a felow knifer let me say this:
In a knfie fight you actually have to time your stabs, when the enemy is closest to you, for maximum damage. If your opponent doesn't do this for example, you can charge into him and stab in between his own stabs, since he has a pretty predictable pattern while auto-stabbing. Of course, adjust your timing the same way as you do with your distance.

mindgames are epic
Try to trick your opponent into whatever you want. Be it attacking, dodging, or anything else, as long as you can predict his next move, you have an advanteous position. Since there are so many ways to mindgame your opponent, I will post some examples later on, first I have to test them.

brains are necesarry
Of course, there is still a big unknown of variables that can influence a knife fight. No matter how much I try to explain each situation, there will always be a fight that plays out differently. So always try to use your brains in a knife fight, adapting to everything around you, your opponent, and other things that might have an effect on your fight. This way you will learn your own weaknesses and strenghts, and work on them, creating your own style of fighting that works for you. This guide merely shows pointers compared to the vast amounts of experience each knifer has. Do not underestimate your own capabillity's.

Abillities are good
Never forget that in a fight you have certain abilitiess at your disposal. If you use them properly, you can create a huge advantage for yourselve, which is always nice. However, if you time them poorly, you have wasted them and are in a position of disadvantage.

There are different ways to use your elixir: You can use it when your opponent does, use it to run away, to get yourselve around a corner (and into a better position) or to chase your opponent. Also, using elixir as a last-ditch effort when low on health can have great effects to, it all depends on yourself and how you want to use it.

Mark Target
Mark target can be used in roughly 3 ways: To pull your opponent out of stealth when you know he is nearby, giving you the huge advantage to SA your opponent, when he is running away (and maybe use stealth) to keep track of him, or during mid-combat. How you might ask? Well, maybe you read the elixir part about running around a corner. How does this give you and advanteous position? Well, if you used MT before going around the corner, you can wait and stab your opponent exactly when he does the same. But he can't properly knife you because he can't see you through the wall! I personally love this trick and used it many times before to turn the tables. (Will be added to the mindgame section)
Before going into a MMKF, or any MMF, use mark target to see if there are any stealthed commando's If you mark one, he might run away so you have one opponent less, or he stays there being an easy target for you to pick off first (since most knifers tend to stay in the back, unless they are in enemy territory).

Poisoned blade
Most of the time you use PB the same way you do against any other class (see the abilities section for info on this) There is however one more factor during knife fights. You can use PB to finish your opponent off without touching them to much. You can use PB, stab once, and backpaddle out of their range, waiting for the poison to kill them. It will at least tick once, giving you the advantage in the damage race. This bit of psychological warfare can make your opponent to eager to attack, give you the calm mind you need to win since you are leading, or both. Which are small helps that cannot be overseen.

Knife vs knife tips and tricks
A few small tips and pointers here that can be used in certain situations to help yourself out of them or to create advantages.

The SA counter
Every commando hates it, getting stabbed in the back by some random person who was in stealth while you were not. Even though this requires little skill, most of our commando kills come from this surprise attack. Is there any way to counter it? Well, I found a way that works quite well, but you need some reflexes to do it right. The moment you get stabbed in the back (or notice the commando coming up behind you) you do one simple thing.
Walk a few steps backwards.
About 75% of the time the backstabber is an idiot that doesn't know how to keep a distance so he can time his attacks better and rushed straight into you. Now, if you did a few steps back like said before, the tables have turned. You might have been stabbed once for around 30 damage by doing this trick, but now you are behind him and he is in front of you, which is a way better outcome than just standing there and getting killed. If you used this move succesfully, you can counter the SA really well.

Here you will find the different knife styles you can use during knife fights.

The 'Matador' style (1vs1 only)
I have a little trick I use against commando's that helps me ALOT. In a knife fight you usually run into each other, turn around and repeat. What I do, is run towards my opponent, right before he comes into knife range, walk to the right, turn, and knife him in the side. this way I almost always avoid his knife completely. if you are low on health, you can increase it's effectiveness by activating elixir.

The Elixir rush style 1vs1, sometimes works in MMKF if you have the SA)

This style is pretty straight forward, you activate your elixir and rush into your opponent, trying to get as much high damage stabs in as you can. Favored by knifers unskilled in Knife fights. However, it is not totally useless. if you have the SA, this style can make short work of your opponent before he can react, reducing the number of total opponents in a MMKF before it actually begins. That is all there is to this style, so you can use it as an opener then switch to a different style.

As Solid snail shows in this youtube video, however, the elixir rush style can be used if your opponents are densely packed together, and you have the uber knife which gives you extended range. In the video the other 5 commando's clearly don't take advantage of their numbers by spreading out, instead, they turn in circles waiting to get stabbed, this is not effective space usage. However, solid snail thrusts through the group in a weaving pattern while using elixir, an evasive maneuvre while stabbing into 2-3 people at the same time. This clearly shows how to use your skills effectively. Also, normally knifers wait a while then turn around, gaining some distance to gauge their new knife attack more easily. In a group fight this is not advisable. Solid snail shows that turning around instantly after the first rush can get you extra hits before your opponent has time to react. This video is a good display of what to do and what not to do.

link to the video

The trapper style (1vs1 and MMKF)
This style is only available to those that use TT in their knife builds. If you have a TT nearby, walk towards it and stay in it's perimeter waiting for you opposing knifer(s) to walk into it, but don't make your TT's presence to obvious or your opponent wont fall for this(sticking it around corners, etc. helps). That is why baiting the opponent works best while already in the fight, and he is chasing you just outside his own knife range. I study psychology on university level, and I can say, if the knifer can almost hit you, he will be more driven to actually get to you. This works in MMKF's because you can scatter your opponents and pick them off one by one with other styles before they can help each other out.

The 'Viper' style (1vs1 and MMKF) by ArseenVinct

At the beginning of the fight, when they charge at you, stand still. When they almost get in knife range walk backwards and then suddenly walk forwards. Time this between your enemies stabs. You deal about 35-40 damage and recieve no damage most of the time. After that you can use elixir to turn around quickly and finish them off. Another option is to use elixir when you make your sudden forward move. When they use elixir, just use elixir yourself to counter their shield and speed. Elixir can also blind your enemy's with the dust cloud, which can make your enemy's miss more ( effect increases with the number of opponents). You probably notice this is the backward version of the 'Matador', but since it doesn't avoid by going sideways (and getting stabbed by others) it also works on MMKF's.

Of course, throughout a style you can use various attacks to mix things up, or to get an advantage over you're opponent. Here is a compendium of different moves. They are not classified in any style, they are just 'special actions' you can performe within a fight.

Slow walk
Tapping the arrow keys instead of pressing it makes you walk slow, as if you were hit by a keg. This can predispose your opponent, so when you suddenly use elixir, the speed difference is even bigger than before, catching your opponent off-guard and making it harder for him to time his attack.

Lightning Strike
I often use this move to make my opponent waste his poisoned blade. When you use elixir, you run slightly into someones range, to the point you know he will activate poisoned blade. Then, before you hit, you run backwards again. he misses, and he has used up his poisoned blade, making the fight a bit easier for you.

--How to keep your stats up--

So, you are now a good knifer, maybe even very good. How do you keep your skills up? The average people you come across pose no more challenge, and eventually make your skills go down, since you don't need elaborate strategy's versus a standard opponent. Here are some tips to keep them up.

Decrease your range
If you are playing with the uber knife, switch to the normal one to decrease your range, giving you a disadvatage over opponents, so you have to resort to other things, like strategy! Also, your aim becomes better. This is especially noticeable when you switch back to the uber knife.

Take some damage
Let yourself get damaged by the opponent before doing something. You give yourself a disadvatage, and makes your moves really count! For if you miss once, you might be killed. This makes sure you keep thinking a step ahead in every fight.

To close things of, I got special permission from some of the top knifers out there to use their educational video. You can see it here in full glory, explaining some of the knife styles you have read and heard about. Recommended material!

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If you want to link to my guide, that's great! thank you! Here is a picture you can use in your signature:click here

Special thanks goes to Lindy, a personal friend of mine and a wizard with photoshop. She made a nice Banner and closing picture for my guide. You can find her site

And Acetonium, a felow BFH player who responded very quickly to my cries for plain maps, and send them to me within half an hour. You can find his topic with beautifull screenshots here: Acetonium's screenshot heaven

Also, I want to thank M1kl3ol, for posting his handy weapon’s info in a guide for all to see, giving me the opportunity to upgrade my own guide! You can find his guide here M1kl3ol's weapon guide

I hope you enjoyed this guide, please leave constructive comments or things you might want to see added to this guide in a post. Or hang around and exchange tips/tricks with other knifers. Now to close things off, I leave you with my personal knifing creed.

--'May your mind stay as sharp as your knife'--


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05-01-2010, 09:20 AM | Post: #6
its so hard to be a camando
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05-01-2010, 09:37 AM | Post: #7
(05-01-2010 09:20 AM)sneakypeaky54321 Wrote:  its so hard to be a camando

To some. Learn harder to be the best there is.

[Image: 1] = Epic win
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05-01-2010, 09:45 AM | Post: #8
(05-01-2010 09:20 AM)sneakypeaky54321 Wrote:  its so hard to be a camando

Try to use Stealth.

30.11.09 -Battlefield Heroes, RIP.
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05-01-2010, 09:56 AM | Post: #9
PLease: only usefull posts? What you guys are doing is posting things with no content at all. I don't want any whining,annoying, trolling, flaming people in this place plz. so stop the trolling and actually leave some constructive comments.

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05-01-2010, 10:13 AM | Post: #10
Great guide Raven! Recently i decided to play as a knifing commando instead of a sniping one, cos it felt more like a challenge to me. I learned quite a few things from your guide! Knifing has now really become interesting...
The references to other 'beginner' guides are really helpful too.

Nicely done!

EDIT: I like your title! 'The way of the blade' made me kinda curious... Cool

PS. Little typo: you wrote 'abbility' instead of 'ability' sometimes. You might want to change that... Wink
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05-01-2010, 10:21 AM | Post: #11
I'm waiting for the Elixir update (13 seconds on level 5) before trying 5/5, so I'm sticking to 5/5 PB currently.

Read through the guide, I think it's very decent and complete Smile

Edit: Come to think of it, the santa hat is rather ridiculous. I'm keeping it!

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05-01-2010, 10:22 AM | Post: #12
Hi Raven very intelligent and easy to read guide. Also nice useful links to follow

I always wondered about the hit area how big it was around the commando and others as a number of times noticed I had been stabbed even though knife had not touched or passed through my poor heroes body

PS made post to help me find your guide easily again for future reference

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05-01-2010, 10:34 AM | Post: #13
Nice guide! Very usefull, with some info I didn't know yet!

A few comments:
- when you introduce the rifles, I assume you meant to say that the slow rifles have more/greater knockback instead of less.
- a tip for the levelling commando: getting Mark Target to lvl 5 and spamming it will help you rack up the points, thus allow you to level faster. It may not get you as many kills, so it's a decision each player has to make for him/herself, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
- another random tip: if you're up against a gunner (or soldier/commando, but I usually use it versus gunners since they're hardest to take down) and you're forced to retreat, one thing you can do to come out as the victor is this little trick: Run to the nearest wall and wait just behind it (make sure your elixir-graphic has finished) where your opponent can't see you. Most people can't resist the temptation and start to follow you, especially if you are low on health. Then, when he is just about to run around the corner, jump out and surprise him (and stab the hell out of him ofc!). Sometimes you can get the kill even before he realizes what is happening. I can't guarantee this will always work, but if he's on low health already it just might! It's a last-resort thing though for when none of your abilities are available or too dangerous to use.

That's all I can come up with for now, but I love the guide! Good job!

[Image: bfh1337-2.jpg]

The Way of the Blade - by RaveWoodblade
*shows his interest in a spare Dr.Pepper-code* (xfire = watheej) (This post was last modified: 05-01-2010 01:23 PM by .Stein..)
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05-01-2010, 11:25 AM | Post: #14
I like this guide for the reason that it shows some different tactics of knifing multiple people.Which is hard to explain.I would like to add.
a few tips for knife/pistolers:
1. if you are planning to go in a fight with multiple targets be sure that you know where all the enemies are.for example: if you are at tollhouse in rr make sure you use mark on the area where most enemies hide like behing the pillar with a corner in the inside. if you do not notice that sneaky knifer behind your back it usually means a severe damage taking.
2. Also make sure you wait untill the enemy is walking in a complete straight line before you attack. the garreth custom is useless on a target that is zigzagging around.
3.USE ABILITIES. once your pistol is out of ammo use PB or elixir to either swap weapons or give you a chance to give them that hazed visiblity which lets you stab at them while they have trouble shooting you.

Good guide. Tongue

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obey the flying turtle!

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=c7c8864ffb5f15...053bd69190]

KNIFE-WRENCH! Practical and safe.
[Image: BFH-Ach-645c90379d3fd26f822d86b73dcdd721.png]
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05-01-2010, 12:30 PM | Post: #15
(05-01-2010 11:25 AM)dr.jan.itor Wrote:  2. Also make sure you wait untill the enemy is walking in a complete straight line before you attack. the garreth custom is useless on a target that is zigzagging around.

Sometimes, this is just too likely to never happen. Actually, with a good mastery of the CRP (see Ravewoodblade's notations), it's a lot more effective on strafing opponents than the knife is. Again, this is only if you definately want to finish that foe that is strafing in front of you.

Thanks for re-writing it Rave. I just read entirely into it and it seems rather complete. Have to change my siggie now Big Grin

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[Image: 173hgn.png]
[Image: 1zz5215.png]
[Image: 10sdgmc.png]
[Image: t821yg.png]
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05-01-2010, 01:51 PM | Post: #16
(05-01-2010 09:04 AM)RaveWoodblade Wrote:  As you can see I have spoken with Cyblos, and this turned out to be my best option: delete the old and make a new topic. So let us continue here!

Thanks Cyblos for your help ^^.

Same rule as in my previous guide: I only want somewhat intelligent posts and discussions. No trolling/flaming, QQ-ing about your class (sneakypeaky) generally: don't post things that don't contribute anything.

Woot, that's what I suggested lol.
I hope to see the complete guide soon Cool

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05-01-2010, 06:32 PM | Post: #17
@ Stein: your corner attack is already in the guide, under mark target I believe.

@ DR. Jan itor (omg scrubs lover to? Big Grin) ya, using mark target before attacking is a basic thing most knifers know. It's so basic that I don't even think about it when I do it, so that's why it isn't in the guide. i will add it. Wink

Also, if your opponent is walking in whatever pattern, you can hit them as long as it is predictable. if they walk very schizofrenic and seem to move at random, they can't aim normally. So it is safe to say people never walk like that if they don't know you are there .

This guide is pickup up more steam than the previous one.... maybe because i finally found a good title! Big Grin

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05-01-2010, 07:08 PM | Post: #18
Rave, I placed your guide in my sig, hope you don't mind.
And btw if you use the normal CRP, you can do 120 damage in a clip (30x4=120). You might want to change that XD

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05-01-2010, 09:12 PM | Post: #19
(05-01-2010 07:08 PM)ArseenVinct Wrote:  Rave, I placed your guide in my sig, hope you don't mind.
And btw if you use the normal CRP, you can do 120 damage in a clip (30x4=120). You might want to change that XD

I don't mind: every publicity is welcome ^^ (only good publicity though Tongue)
And i changed it Wink

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05-01-2010, 09:44 PM | Post: #20
Here is another tip,
When you're knifing an enemy, stay close, very close. Try to stay behind him all the time while facing him. Remember, you can't shoot what's in your back. Done this correctly and you win without losing any health or the use of an ability.

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