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2009/11/30 New pricing! - VitalBullet - 30-11-2009 12:13 PM

Hello Heroes!

We would like to inform you that we have just introduced a pricing re-structure.
You can now buy and save more when you purchase items with Battlefunds.

So, what’s changed?
  • All Valor Point items have had their Valor Point price increased
  • All Valor Point clothing items and emotes are now also available permanently for Battlefunds
  • Items that are available for Valor Points are still available, now for 1- or 3-day rental
  • Many Battlefund Items have been reduced in price
  • Bandages and Wrenches were simplified: levels 1-4 for Bandages and Wrenches were removed. Everyone uses Level 5 now.
  • Bandages and Wrenches are still available for Valor Points - in increments of 10 uses

  • Bandages and Wrenches are now also available for Battlefunds:
    - 50 uses: only 35 Battlefunds!
    - 110 uses: only 70 Battlefunds! (10 bonus uses!)

  • Tier 1 “permanent” weapons have been reduced in price and are now only 210 Battlefunds (old price: 385 Battlefunds)

  • Tier 1 “skinned” weapons have also been reduced in price:
    - 30 days: used to be 210 BF, now only 190 BF
    - Unlimited: used to be 630 BF, now only 385 BF