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Festive Fund Sale - December 24th - December 27th - VitalBullet - 20-12-2012 12:21 PM

[Image: BFH-Calendar_24_en.jpg]

Listen up Heroes!

It's time for a festive fund sale to brighten up the end of the year in what is for a lot of the northern hemisphere, a pretty dark and cold time of the year.

From now (2012/12/24 @ 09:00 UTC) until Thursday 27th December @ 09:00 UTC you can get a 20% fund bonus on all (Non SMS) fund purchases and all price points*. So, if you want to pack your wallet full, or you are just looking to top up a little, then now is your chance.

Original Amount:



5000 Funds20% Bonus6000 Funds
12000 Funds20% Bonus14400 Funds
15000 Funds20% Bonus18000 Funds
21000 Funds20% Bonus25200 Funds
50000 Funds20% Bonus60000 Funds
120000 Funds20% Bonus144000 Funds

* The SMS payment option is excluded from this offer.
** SponsorPay offers are also excluded from this offer.

Get your Funds HERE!