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Battlefield Heroes

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Yep, the new Shotgun is in stores now!
I believe the rest will be released using the "Hero Reward Card" stamps.

[Image: shotguns_national_detailpage.jpg]
[Image: shotguns_royal_detailpage.jpg]

How do you get your hands on these babies?

You can get them in the store NOW - for either Valor Points OR Battlefunds.
And guess what: they are CHEAPER than the previous weapons.

Get yourself an awesome new weapon:
  • 14 days: only 195 BF!
  • 30 days: only 280 BF!
  • Permanently: only 560 BF!

And a lot of clothes have been added too!

A few screenshots (check the rest yourself):
[Image: gggz.png]

[Image: 987n.jpg]

Information from: U-238

Quote:Hello Heroes!

We would like to inform you that we have just introduced a pricing re-structure.
You can now buy and save more when you purchase items with Battlefunds.

So, what’s changed?
  • All Valor Point items have had their Valor Point price increased
  • All Valor Point clothing items and emotes are now also available permanently for Battlefunds
  • Items that are available for Valor Points are still available, now for 1- or 3-day rental
  • Many Battlefund Items have been reduced in price
  • Bandages and Wrenches were simplified: levels 1-4 for Bandages and Wrenches were removed. Everyone uses Level 5 now.
  • Bandages and Wrenches are still available for Valor Points - in increments of 10 uses

  • Bandages and Wrenches are now also available for Battlefunds:

- 50 uses: only 35 Battlefunds!
- 110 uses: only 70 Battlefunds! (10 bonus uses!)
  • Tier 1 “permanent” weapons have been reduced in price and are now only 210 Battlefunds (old price: 385 Battlefunds)

  • Tier 1 “skinned” weapons have also been reduced in price:

- 30 days: used to be 210 BF, now only 190 BF
- Unlimited: used to be 630 BF, now only 385 BF
Do they all have expensive vp prices, ie Stewart's Super Shotty for royals

1 day for 450 vp
3 days for 1350 vp

adventurer's hat also seems to be back (the indiana jones style one)

tbh a lot of the stores prices seem to have changed
Unfair battlefund advantage here we come!
love the sig nFNN ^ Big Grin

i can only see the shotty?
Who is going to buy them for VP? 1,35k per 3 days? So it is 13,5k for a month! Enormous difference between about 200VP now...
Um to me only the new shotgun has arrived..... all other new weapons are MIA.
Are the new pricing with VP a joke ?
Great,they also increased the price of basic weapons,what a joke.What wouldn't they do for money.
pricy xD
Only the Shotty showing up here too.
All of the weapons are expensive in VP, yet cheap in BF for permanent. New shotgun is the only one there, BLOODY EXPENSIVE FOR ANYTHING. And VP items now last for a day or three.

Plus why am I paying BF to buy WIDGETS?
I think this is bull. Every player who cannot afford Battlefunds will suffer from those who bother to purchase them. This is just further ruining the balance between Play 4 Free and Buying Items. To be honest, it now just sounds like "Buy or else not only be limited to TWO pieces of clothing, but get your ass kicked by eight year olds who have memorized their parent's credit cards!"
errr and also a load of new clothing - yay Big Grin
they seem to have removed a lot of the widgets from store also.... i like my smaller bad aids and i certainly won't play BF for them, imo these price changes are going against the VP vs BF should be a fair fight...
Screw EA.
Ok. *deep breath*

WHAT THE ****!

No advantage for BF my ass, no one, no one could afford these weapons for VP for long. The average persons VP would be drained in less than a month from these weapons alone.

With such limited ways of getting VP (I mean, other than missions and leveling, its nothing) do you really expect anyone to be able to buy it with VP?

It might be half justified if you couldn't buy it for BF and/or if there were ways of getting VP outside missions and leveling, but until then, people who buy BF are given far to much of an advantage.
(30-11-2009 12:01 PM)Obode Wrote: [ -> ]Um to me only the new shotgun has arrived..... all other new weapons are MIA.

Same here--only seeing one new shotgun, nothing else.
That does it.
This game has gone to h_ll!!

Ridiculous nerfing, cheaters and now this "weaponary-upgrade".

Utterly crap....
I totally agree they went way to far... the idea is ok, but the days for vp users need to be far more... the 3 day should be 7 day in my opinion..

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