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Listen Up Heroes!

Often, the time goes by on the battlefield very quickly. Pictures you've taken along the way can preserve memories you will treasure forever. Your first battle, joining a clan, exploring new places and much more. Before you know it, you may have collected piles of photos!

The 3 winners for Week 7 are now HERE:

The new contest for Week 8 is HERE:

[Image: fierrr.png]
[Image: screen004_zpsbf4af850.png]
A Big Boom of VP.
[Image: screen045h.png]
[Image: Y9JutjY.jpg]
Ow yeah ||JRG|| Style Big Grin
-I think this is original enough, the tank slides left with the fire that leaves a trail behind as you can see here so I hope I still stand a chance to win: D

[Image: bfhpros.jpg]

PS: This is made by me, no photoshop this is made by all the things wich can explode in store and from myself!!!
or this, choose!
[Image: screen010q.jpg]

Always ossum Heart

EDIT: Wrong image originally
[Image: pictures_u394_061c1c.png]
This is a really old screenshot. I took it from my old topic:

[Image: screen093.png]
[Image: thekillerjojodeadoraliv.jpg]
Uploaded with

[Image: hereisdeathlvl30.png]
Uploaded with

[Image: deathcar.jpg]
Uploaded with
[Image: 1365610659_screen289.jpg]

Hello, this is my one Smile
[Image: contesth.png]
[Image: 5yemvl.png]
Chill Shot Wink
Here's Mine Angel
[Image: datexplosion.jpg]
Here's mine, just for the lolz...

[Image: tBYxv2v.jpg]

[Image: screen008j.png]
[Image: 5b8fm1.jpg]

Good Luck everyone! Smile
[Image: 12659552.png]

This is mine Cool
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