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Listen Up Heroes!

Often, the time goes by on the battlefield very quickly. Pictures you've taken along the way can preserve memories you will treasure forever. Your first battle, joining a clan, exploring new places and much more. Before you know it, you may have collected piles of photos!

So, to help make all those great memories fresh again, we bring you the weekly screenshot contest!
Every Wednesday we give you a specific theme, to which you can post your proper screenshots* in this thread. We will pick 10 entrys and start a poll the following wednesday, where the 3 winners will be chosen, and each of the 3 winners will receive a special reward! We will also announce a new theme for the following week.

The theme for this week is "Vehicle Mayhem"

Good luck!

* 1 screenshot / user, first entry counts

You can see last week's winner's HERE

Yaaay first time, i became first!
Already got an idea!
Gz to winners!
good .
gonna give it a try hold on my Friend .....

[Image: screen005g.png]
I just give a try Smile

[Image: attachment.php?;amp;c=1]
just to late for the onther one but gonna join.
We were about to make film of. But then... CUT! Where are actors!
[Image: 18232325.png]
[Image: bfheroes201212121816056.png]
hmm i give it a try.
I'm in again. Smile My armored tank :3
[Image: blh10.jpg]
Might as well try!
coolio im in
Here's mine:
[Image: threejeepsinii.png]
[Image: 2ivmjbr.jpg]
My entry Smile
[Image: screen022.png]
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