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Listen Up Heroes!

It is at long last time to announce the winners of our recent Harlem Shake event. Picking a winner was tricky as it was difficult to pick who managed to grasp what a Harlem Shake is and even after figuring out what that was it was hard to listen to that song for so many hours.

Thanks to the efforts of our Heroes and their outstanding performances however... you made that possible. So without further ado check out the winners of this event below. We have also picked out an honourable mention which we urge you to take a look at too Wink

1st Place:

From SWE-PROo0 & Co

A nice concentrated collective of outlandish Heroes without too many explosions blocking everything that's going on. Lot's of styles, lot's of colour and a lot of characters is delivered in this video. Explosive Slo-Mo endings to tie in with the song are also a good way to finish up the video.

2nd Place:

A quality Harlem Shake that has been chosen because it's not only a solid mix of crazed Heroes and a Jeep driver who seems to be lost but also because this video has done a great job at being a Harlem Shake video while sticking to the single scene rule we first set when setting up this event.

I also had to find amusement in the tank and passenger combo... and how dizzy they both must have been.

From PzyRex & Co

Special Mention

From RoyalOldDutch

Because after sitting through hours of Harlem Shake videos, this one just hit the spot.

Yay. We didn't win Confused
The last one is funny.
FIRST PAGE!!! cool harlem sakes... i wood like more of thees cind of chalenges
Good job guys.
I think the 3rd one is the best >Tongue
Awe poop. Sad We tryed.

Grats to the winners :3
lol the third Smile
(14-03-2013 06:03 PM)PipAntarctic Wrote: [ -> ]Cool!
The last one is funny.

nice results
Third Video was amazing Smile
nice 3 sts
Bad choiches :/
Last one is good though!
Lol, only the last one is good.. The other ones sucks so hard. Bad choises.. Anymays gratz to the winners
Nice first place Tongue
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