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Battlefield Heroes

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[Image: std_en.jpg]

Listen Up Heroes!

As you might know, it’s essential to keep an eye on the surroundings of the battlefield. Every little movement could mean your end, and thus the victory of the foe. In order to train your eye for the largest and most spectacular fights of your life, we have devised some special training for you!

See the pictures below. At first glance they are both identical... or maybe not? They differ only in minor details. Can you find all 10 mistakes?

Every week we will choose a new screenshot to modify and become a spot-the-difference-picture. The creator of the screenshot receives a small gift for their contribution. Today we have to thank {BonusLevel}. His screenshot was chosen for our next entry in this series of community events!


[Image: 120313zlu5t.jpg]

Again, some EAsy details!
16:42 GMP +1 12-03-2013

[Image: CCBFHPUZZEL12-3-13_zps4fb49576.png]

Things that i have found:
1. Purple in the helmet (Normal it's red).
2. He losed some thooth. (It's black now).
3?. Idk but i saw something and that wasn't on the another side (I think it's some snow).
4. Missing part of a house.
5. Missing light.
6. I looks to me that the air is whiter now.
7. Light is black and not white.
8. Missing red light in the tree.
9. Missing something white at the boxes.
10?. Idk but i think that are pixels but 1 side there is more grey.
11?. The button is 50% black.
12. Some screw missing in the boat.
13. Idk i think that are pixels again but there is another shadow.
14?. Idk but there is also something crazy, i think it's bigger at one side.
15?. Already something with the pixels i think because there is no shadow and at the another side there is more.

Okay i saw some stuff here, and here it was normal man my paint made it like pixels.. but okay some are wrong (14, 11, 10, 13 and 7 i think)
oh nice!
Nice! Big Grin
1) missing christmas ball
2)missing teeth
3)missing light in one of ship's strings
4) colour difference on helmet (red and purple)
5)wall is missing near lamp post
6) 1 screw is missing in the boat (probably smudged off Tongue )
7)missing snowflake near barrels
8)Another missing snowflake near the boxes in the boat
9)No shadow on ladder
10) Missing finger
I have 7 so far.

E: Make that 8!
Wow I am bad at this :o
Lol, I want the mistaken skeleton face Big Grin
Omg, those are RIVETS, NOT SCREWS!!! Get your metal components right already!!! Dodgy
[Image: 120313zlu5t.jpg]
Nice! Big Grin
1st page Smile
[Image: 120313zlu5t.jpg]

1. the wall building absent
2.light bulb absent tree red bulb absent
4.snow spot absent above the box in the ship
5.white spot absent beside the ship screw( RIVETS) is missing
7.helmet logo change color from red to purple
8.many tooth are missing little finger
10.ladder shadow's missing looks like admin mistakenly crop this picture ,wrongly---we can see shadow near weapon holder.first picture show bigger shadow,but second picture the shadow looks smaller.but i dont encircle it.becoz u said find 10 differences only from these 2 pic.

Thant's it.
this is my Picture hope i win : D
[attachment=85977]this is my Picture hope i win : D
[attachment=85979] this is my Picture hope i win
(12-03-2013 10:34 PM)pwwp Wrote: [ -> ]this is my Picture hope i win
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