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Battlefield Heroes

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Hello Heroes!

I wanted to ask our awesome community for suggestions on what they would like to see for this Saturday's (21st of July) daily deal.

The deal can be a single item or a bundle of items. Do not suggest any rare or exclusive guns (i.e. Golden Weapons, Bronto head, etc) because it won't happen. Smile

On Friday I will go through the suggestions and pick one National and one Royal. Whoever suggested the deals I pick, will get a code for both the National and Royal deals.

Looking forward to what you come up with!

The robot emote.
1st Smile
I'd like to see a basic emote bundle (yes/no/thanks/incoming) Smile

or (preferably), as suggested by myself in a later post :

(18-07-2012 11:47 AM)VicRattlehead86 Wrote: [ -> ]Royals:
  • Hermoso's Hexshot
  • Gunslinger emote
  • Long-shot McGee's Ammo and Holster

  • Maimer's Machete
  • Knife Shave emote
  • Navaja Roja's Double Machetes

Skeleton set!

(but it would be too good to be true ... )
An emote bundles would be nice
National - Ordinary Officer
[Image: 991.png]
[Image: 591.png]
[Image: 592.png]

Royal - Royal Rebel
[Image: 1846.png]
[Image: 1014.png]
[Image: 256.png]
Put the overpriced battle rifle in the deal!
Romeo Blue Set & Red Heartbreakers Set. <3
Royal Leatherhead and National Leatherhad!

Idea of ~Rowan
Wow I have been waiting for this all my life but im stumped D:
Blue hearts underwear.
Red team shirt.
Rose in mouth thingy ;)

Red hearts underwear.
Blue team shirt.
Rose in mouth thingy ;)

Sorry for my bad english.

I hope i win. :D
Teutonic Tourist's Set
Royal Rancher's Set
Nationals: Teutonic Tourist's Set
Royals: Royal Rancher's Set
Teutonic Tourist Set Bundle
(18-07-2012 08:30 AM)Strelok3 Wrote: [ -> ]National - Ordinary Officer
[Image: 991.png]
[Image: 591.png]
[Image: 592.png]

Royal - Royal Rebel
[Image: 1846.png]
[Image: 1014.png]
[Image: 256.png]
A +90% Weapon deal Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin - I'd love those to be back
Hi CaptainShop,
How about if you bring out the "UNRELEASED" items of the RoadRanger/TrackHunter Sets or bring out the "UNRELEASED" items of the SpaceMan/Galatic Sets or bring out the Rare Knight Supply Drops because im not gonna spend anymore more Funds on the Treasure Chests trying to get them Exclamation
Thanks in advance Mr.Poeh.Moelleux
Hello Mr.CaptainShop,
Aces supply drop, and Aviators supply drop would be Great Big Grin
A pistol bundle. Or some clothes sets would be nice.

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